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Romance Reunion [Part 1]

Author: medea10 
Fandom: Pokemon
Overall Shipping: Ash x Misty (Pokeshipping), Brock x Marina, Harley x Nando, Dawn x Zoey (Appealshipping), Tracey x Marisa (ArtStudentshipping), May x Drew (Contestshipping), Marcus x Duplica (Theatreshipping), and more.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Summary: A(nother) sequel to the hit sppf shipping fic, Romance 101 & Romance 102. It's a year or so after the last special and the gang is together for a holiday along with a few surprises, revelations, and shocks. All that come with the drama. Watch this family togetherness when the gang spends the Thanksgiving holiday with each other.


Narrator: You’ve got to be kidding me!
Medea: I’m as surprised as you are.
Narrator: You really have to stop with these freakin’ sequels. You’re becoming as bad as Disney or the creator of Shrek!
Medea: It’s to satisfy an ego. Besides, it’s just one special and nothing after this! Pinky swear!
Narrator: Do I get to do cutaways like normal?
Medea: Fine, puppet! And here’s your check for this special!
Narrator: It’s addressed to “Imma Sucker”.
Medea: That’s what I’ve always put on your checks.

Narrator: Fair enough. AND WE’RE BACK AGAIN! Loyal viewers, because the writer is an egomaniac and continues to beat a dead horse and hasn’t had an original idea since halfway through the Bush presidency, we are back. Ah, where did we leave off? It’s been so long. (Reads through the script) Ah here we go! Misty gets pregnant, Marisa and Tracey get married, Dawn is reunited with her mother, and Brock’s getting his life back on track. (Groans) Medea, this seems like such a happy ending. Why ruin that happy ending by making a sequel?
Medea: Because I said so.
Narrator: Whatever you say…Disney! (Smack sound) Ow! Well folks our story begins a little over a year where we left off. The leaves are turning that brownish color and that bastard Jack Frost will soon be nipping at your nose. And Ash has decided to have a little reunion with old friends. Oh God, you should have learned from past experiences that this is going to be nuts.

Ash: I’m glad you guys are going to come. I’ll talk to you later. (Hangs up) May and Drew said they’re going to drive down for the holiday.
Misty: Ash, I’m rather surprised that you came up with the idea. Usually you hate getting everyone together for a holiday, party, or birthday.
Ash: And the me from five years ago would agree with you! But I think all of my friends have matured that we can all act like mature adults.
Misty: Now as for the Thanksgiving feast, I do have this recipe Brock emailed me that I would like to try.
Ash: Misty, let me handle this. I got this!
Misty: Are you sure?
Ash: Misty, I don’t want you to lift a single finger in the kitchen. Besides, you want to take all of the pictures of Anya for her first Thanksgiving.
Misty: Okay, next order of business is to ask you if any of our friends are going to stay here.

Ash: Not to my knowledge. The only thing we’re going to supply is the food for when everyone comes over Thanksgiving Day.
Misty: You still never really told me why you wanted to do this.
Ash: Well I kinda had this at the back of my mind for a while now. It’s been 10 years this year that most of us met each other. Sure it only started with just you, me, Brock, Marisa, Marcus, Winona, and Sakura. But our little circle of friends expanded, and I kinda wanted to celebrate.
Misty: Ten years? Wow. I hadn’t even realized it’s been that long since we were all in high school. Hard to believe!
Ash: And in four years we’ll be at Pallet High celebrating our ten year reunion!
Misty: Oh dear…Well we’ll have our own little reunion now. (In New York City)

Duplica: Which outfit Marcus?
Marcus: Just wear any old thing. It’s just a casual dress event.
Duplica: Wrong answer bub! Now which one?
Marcus: You’ve gotta be kidding me. Did you forget what kind of people you’re going to be around?
Duplica: But I at least gotta wear something…pretty. I mean especially if we’re being invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. And that goes double for you! You’re not going to wear slacks and a flannel shirt.
Marcus: Buzz kill!
Duplica: (Sighs) I’m going out.
Marcus: Where to?
Duplica: Oh just somewhere Marcus. I forgot I had to pick up something across the way. I’ll be back in a while. (She leaves)
Marcus: Oh thank God. (In San Francisco)

Tracey: Okay, I checked online and it’s going to be about 40 degrees when we get there.
Marisa: Huh? Geez, you get used to the Bay Area weather and you don’t wanna adapt anywhere else.
Tracey: Just don’t forget your scarf. You don’t want to get laryngitis again! (Phone ringing) Hello? Oh Marcus! This is a surprise. I’m sure we’ll see you back in the Pallet area soon enough.
Marcus: You’ve got it. New York can’t keep me away from the people I love and love to hate. (Marisa grabs the phone) So tell me! Have you finally planted your seed in Marisa’s belly yet?
Marisa: You are so dead the second I see you. (Marcus gives a nervous laugh) So what’s up with you? You don’t normally call out of the blue unless something is up.
Marcus: Oh…I just wanted to…check in on you two.
Marisa: We’re fine. Now what’s up?

Marcus: Gee, aren’t you right to the point? (Sighs) Dilemma time! Little buddy, I want to ask for Duplica’s hand in marriage. (Marisa gasps)
Tracey: Marisa?
Marcus: Little buddy? Are you still on the other end?
Marisa: Ye-yeah…Um…Excuse me! Tracey, do me a favor and leave the room for a moment? This conversation should only stay between the brother and sister.
Tracey: Okay, I get it. (He leaves the room)
Marisa: Marcus, are you sure you’re ready for this big step?
Marcus: Well, we’ve been going out almost three years on the dot and I think now is the right time.
Marisa: Well my blessing is indeed given.
Marcus: That’s a relief. If you’re this nice, I’ll have no problem laying the news on my parents.

Marisa: Oh I can see it now! I know your mother will cry for days, but will be happy for you no matter what. And your old man will crack open a beer in your honor! And then the wedding…
Marcus: Ah yes, but first things first is that Duplica has to accept my proposal.
Marisa: I’m sure she’ll say yes. And then the wedding…OH! Marcus, are you going to invite any other members of your family?
Marcus: Oh…You’re talking about my cousins, aren’t you? Come on, they’re not that bad.
Marisa: I just remember being at a wedding your parents invited me to. And at the reception, two of your cousins mooned the poor bride and groom right in the middle of the reception.
Marcus: (Giggling) That was pretty funny…I mean highly inappropriate! Vulgar even! When we get to that point, I’ll make a note to not invite the vatos. Listen little buddy, this means a lot to me and I want the right time to pop the question. You’re the first and only person I’ve told so I’m going to hold you to this.
Marisa: You’ve got it. See you in a couple of days! (Hangs up) You can come in now. (Tracey walks in)
Tracey: So what was so secretive?
Marisa: Marcus found a strange lump on his butt-cheek and…
Tracey: Okay, sorry I even asked! (The next morning in Ash’s kitchen)

Ash: (Annoyed) Mist…I’d like a few answers here.
Misty: (Hesitant laugh) Like what sweetie?
Ash: Why is your sister Daisy here?
Misty: Well…she needs a little place to stay and wants to be near family.
Ash: Why are the carton of eggs, milk bottle, and cereal box all empty?
Misty: Well…she is eating for two.
Ash: Why did she come to us?
Misty: Well…she’s family and we just can’t really turn away family.
Ash: What about breakfast?
Misty: THINK ABOUT SOMETHING BESIDES YOUR SELFISH GUT! (Anya crying) Oh no, baby alert! After I tend to the baby, I’ll go shopping. (She leaves the room)

Ash: (Sighs) Now let me see if I can make some kind of breakfast. Hell, if I have plans on creating a big Thanksgiving dinner, I can always use some practice with a simple breakfast. I have…a packet of ketchup, a jar of capers, and…oh this orange. (Groans) Yum.
Daisy: Ash?
Ash: Oh Daisy.
Daisy: I’m sorry for eating your breakfast.
Ash: Huh? Oh, you must have heard me just now. I’m sorry Daisy. I’m not mad at you one bit. I just get a little irritated when I get hungry. I shouldn’t have said what I said.
Daisy: Thanks. (Sighs) I’ll go to the market if you’d like me to.
Ash: Really? That’s really…out of character of you…but I guess people do change when they are with child. Lord knows Misty did the same. (Misty walks in)

Misty: Did I hear right? Daisy, you want to go shopping?
Daisy: Yeah, I’d like to be somewhere besides cooped up in a house all day.
Misty: Well I don’t want to stop you. Are you able to drive? Do you want me to join you?
Daisy: I’d rather be alone. Thanks sis.
Misty: Well here’s the list. And here’s my card. (Daisy leaves)
Ash: This is weird. Misty, Daisy seemed dejected. She sounded like the world was crashing down around her. And on top of which, you actually trusted her with an actual credit card. Now what’s really going on?
Misty: It’s not good. I mean it was shocking enough when she found out she was pregnant. But now she’s going through hell because Josh left her. He takes his stuff and leaves her. She’s already pushing toward her third trimester and this happens. She should be planning on the baby’s arrival and not this drama.
Ash: I guess it’s alright if she stays a couple of days. As long as it’s not permanent, I’m up for it. I’ll tell you what, I’ll let the two of you share the master bedroom and I’ll sleep on the couch.
Misty: That’s so sweet, thank you.

Narrator: That night in the bedroom.
Misty: (Groans) It’s so cold in here. Daisy! Why did you turn on the fan?
Daisy: Misty, I’m trying to get my beauty sleep. Besides, I got really hot.
Misty: (Thinking) She puts on the fan when it’s damn near 30 degrees outside. What the hell?
Narrator: Two hours later.
Misty: (Groaning) What the…? Daisy! Stop hogging the blanket! (Daisy groaning) Come on, stop being a blanket hog!
Daisy: Misty, I’m cold.
Narrator: Two more hours later. (Munching sounds)
Misty: Huh? What are you doing?
Daisy: I’m hungry. Do you want some cookies Mist?
Misty: Daisy, don’t eat in the bed. You’ll attract bugs!

Narrator: Sunday morning.
Ash: Open wide Anya! (Misty walks out) Morning! (Misty growls) Rough night?
Misty: The roughest. You’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no.
Ash: (Singing) You’re in then you’re out. You’re up then you’re down. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. What happened?
Misty: Oh she’s just having a fit when it comes to the temperature. I wouldn’t mind it so much but I was just very tired last night. And I know I’m in no liberty to speak since I put you through the same hell when I was pregnant.
Ash: Well tonight if she starts with her temperature fit, you can sleep with me on the couch.
Misty: Hmm…Why didn’t I think of that last night?
Ash: Well she shouldn’t be staying here much longer I would assume. Until then, I would just grin and bear it. (Opens the cabinet) What the crap happened to the cookies I just bought?
Misty: Daisy ate them. (Ash groans) I’ll do more shopping if you want. (A little later at the airport)

Marisa: Do you know who’s going to pick us up?
Tracey: I don’t know. Just keep an eye out for my mother or one of my cousins.
Marisa: Hmm…I don’t see any… (Mondo waves to them) You’ve got to be kidding me!
Mondo: Hey lovebirds! It has been a while!
Tracey: They sent you?
Mondo: Hey, I can be responsible. I was made a supervisor down at the KFC.
Marisa: And you’re proud of that accomplishment?
Mondo: Just because I’m not in the entertainment industry doesn’t make me any less of a person.
Tracey: Guys, let’s not fight.
Mondo: Quick question, do you have any bags in the baggage claim area?
Both: No.
Mondo: Perfect! That way we can drive away before security finds my car in a place it shouldn’t be. Let’s go!
Marisa: Is he serious? (A little later on an airplane)

Duplica: (Yawns) Marcus, it’s going to take a while before we reach our destination. Why don’t you sleep for a while?
Marcus: Oh great idea. I’ll get right down to it. (Stomach gurgling)
Duplica: What was that?
Marcus: Oh…I guess the Jack-In-The-Box at JFK didn’t agree with me. If you’ll excuse me! (In the lavatory) Ugh…that’s the last time I eat there. (Groans) Mmkay…Now that I’m alone, I better plan these things thoroughly. You want to and you feel you’re ready to propose to Duplica. But what’s the best and romantic way to do it? This seems perfect! We’re up 30,000 feet in the air. That’s romantic…I think. Yeah, that’ll work. I do sweet talk, she’ll be happy, and boom I pop the question. (Gets off the toilet) I’m ready! (Opens a little box) I’m ready! (The ring pops out and lands in the toilet) Huh? (Screams) Oh crap! (Outside the lavatory)

Man: Did I just hear screaming?
Stewardess: I’ll check things out. (Knocks on the door) Are you alright in there?
Marcus: Fine. Just a little stomach problem! Nothing to worry about! Okay, you can do this. It’ll be like…sticking your hand in the pickle jar…a very dirty pickle jar…in the dirtiest bar in Manhattan. (Gulps) Here I go! (Puts his hand in the toilet) Ew, gross, sick, ew, ew, ew, ew, EWWWWWWWW, yuck, yuck, ew, THE RING! (Pulls out quickly) Okay, time to clean you off! (A few minutes later)
Duplica: That took long. Are you feeling okay?
Marcus: Now I am. I’m feeling much better.
Duplica: Well good. Soon we’ll be back with your family and we’ll have a fun Thanksgiving.
Marcus: Glad you’re positive about that. Say Duplica. (She sniffs)
Duplica: Do you smell something? Ew…that’s a bad odor.
Marcus: I don’t smell a thing. Oh! Excuse me dear, I have a little more business to attend to in the can. (Walks away) Gotta use more soap! (Outside June’s house)

Mondo: Here we are! Casa de Sketchit!
Marisa: Thank God, I think I’m gonna be sick.
Tracey: How did you get your license anyways?
Mondo: I slept with the driving instructor. Why do you ask? (Inside Tracey’s old room)
Tracey: Here we are!
Marisa: We haven’t been here since our wedding. Kind of a nice nostalgic feel to it! (They lie down on the bed)
Tracey: You know, we could fool around if you want.
Marisa: And risk having Mondo open the door and watch us? No thanks.
Tracey: Oh come on, where’s your sense of adventure?
Marisa: I drew the line when we went skinny dipping in Napa. You’ve been on me a lot lately! Is there some sort of motive to your extra love making?
Tracey: Not at all. I just want to…

Marisa: I have to go to the bathroom.
Tracey: Huh? Something the matter?
Marisa: Mondo’s retarded driving made me sick to my stomach. That’s all. (She leaves the room)
Tracey: Could she be…Nah, it’s just my imagination. (A door opens)
June: I’m home! (Tracey runs out of the room)
Tracey: Mom! (They hug)
June: You finally made it in. So I guess Mondo did a task right for a change. (Mondo grumbles) How was your flight?
Tracey: Can’t complain.
June: Where’s Marisa?
Tracey: The bathroom. Mondo driving like a maniac made her a little queasy.
June: Understandable. He always drives like he’s a racer in Nascar. (A little later in Ash’s house)

Ash: Okay, I think I got everything for my shift. (Walks by the room) Huh, Daisy?
Daisy: Please pick up. Josh? (Clicks) Josh? (Starts crying)
Ash: Oh man, this is brutal. (A little later at the police station) And it was just so depressing to see her cry like that. I’ve never seen her this way.
Lunick: Refresh my memory, what does she look like?
Ash: You remember the blonde bridesmaid at my wedding right? Hmm…I think I have a picture of her in my wallet. Ah, here we go.
Lunick: (Whistles) Oh baby! I’ll help her forget about her ex.
Ash: Just so you know, she’s seven months pregnant.
Lunick: Oh…Burn. No thanks buddy.
Ash: But you just said…
Lunick: Sorry bud, I got a little code to my dating women. That code is to bailout if the girl already has kids or is pregnant. Out of my hands! You know, what you could do is introduce your sister-in-law to the new rookie we got on the squad.
Ash: You mean Kellyn? Well I don’t know…
Lunick: Come on. He’s a shy boy just ready to break out of his shell. Why just the other night when we were at the bar, he told me he was looking for someone. Just invite him to your house for a free meal and introduce him to her and boom she is out of your hair. (Later at Marcus’s house)

Dad: My boy and his girlfriend are finally home. Let me treat you to a beer! (Laughs)
Marcus: Heh-heh, thanks Dad.
Mom: I’m so happy to have my baby back home. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you. Every time I pass by your room I just…
Marcus: Mom, Mom, Mom! Please, no waterworks at the table.
Duplica: Your family just misses you Marcus. You can’t blame them for loving you. (Marcus smiles)
Marcus: Well now that I have you all here…
Mom: Oh, me first honey! I have bought the cutest present for your return. You have to try on this sweater I bought for you. (They leave the room)
Dad: Go easy on the boy! (At June’s house)

June: Well, you’ll be happy to know I took the entire week off so we can spend the week together before you return to the city. Marisa, how about tomorrow you and I go get a massage. I know this wonderful place an hour away. It’ll take the stress right away.
Marisa: That sounds great.
Mondo: And while the girls are getting pampered, I can take Tracey to where I go during the day.
Tracey: Do I have to?
June: Just don’t take my son anywhere too ridiculous.
Mondo: You can trust me completely Auntie!
Tracey: You know, feel free to jump in at any time. (Marisa groans) What’s wrong?
Marisa: I’m just feeling a little sick. My stomach really hurts.
June: Oh I have some antacid in the kitchen if you like.
Marisa: If it’s alright with you, I’m just going to take some aspirin and call it a day. (She leaves the room)

June: I sure hope she’s not catching anything. She looks a little pale.
Tracey: I’m going to check on her.
Mondo: I say she’s pregnant. (Both gasp)
June: Is this true Tracey?
Tracey: WHAT?! Well…I kind of suspected she might be…but there’s no way of telling for sure.
Mondo: I do. I overheard your little sex talk earlier. “Skinny dipping in Napa” as I recall.
Mondo: Hey is it my fault the walls are paper-thin?
June: Well Tracey, if it turns out that your wife is pregnant, what are you going to do?
Tracey: (Smiles) Be with her of course. This is something I’ve been hoping for.
June: Huh? You mean, you’re ready to have a baby? (Tracey nods) Well that’s a big change. Well I’ll talk to her tomorrow and I’m pretty sure she’ll confide in me to talk about this. (A little later at Ash’s house)

Ash: We’re home!
Misty: Welcome home! Oh, we have company!
Ash: Yeah, this is Kellyn. He’s new on the team.
Kellyn: Nice to meet you.
Misty: Dinner will be on the table in a sec. Could you go in the other room and check on Daisy? She took a nap a little while ago and I haven’t checked on her since then.
Ash: Come on Kellyn. (They go in the bedroom) Daisy, dinner is ready! (She groans) You feeling okay? (Daisy gets up from the bed) There we go!
Daisy: I hope you don’t mind me going to bed after dinner.
Ash: That’s no problem. But first, I’d like you to meet my new friend on the force, Kellyn.
Daisy: Hi. (Walks away)
Ash: See, she likes you already. (At the dinner table)

Misty: So Kellyn, you’re the newest cop on the force.
Kellyn: Yeah, they hired me on the spot. I guess you can call it luck that there was one spot open.
Ash: True, true, we all miss Solana on the force, but you’re a welcome change. Plus Misty was never comfortable with some of the females I work with.
Misty: Look, I’m sorry but after that one incident I could just not be around her.
Ash: Part of that blame goes to Lunick.
Misty: You should have kept your nose out of his business.
Ash: SUE ME! (Anya giggles)
Kellyn: I guess she finds it funny when you two fight.
Misty: She always laughs when her papa makes an angry face.
Ash: It’s not that funny looking. (Whispers to Kellyn) Hey bud, strike up a little conversation.

Kellyn: Well um…okay. So Daisy, what’s your favorite movie?
Daisy: Kind of a random question.
Ash: (Whispering) Good, get the ball rolling!
Daisy: Well…I guess it would have to be Clueless with Alicia Silverstone.
Misty: Still? I thought you were addicted to Sex and the City! (Silence) Daisy?
Daisy: That’s the movie…Josh took me to…and we…we… (Tears up)
Ash: I don’t think I need to hear where this is going.
Daisy: Sorry, I don’t feel like eating anymore. (She gets up and walks away)
Misty: Daisy wait! (She leaves the room)
Kellyn: Maybe I should go. Thanks for the free dinner Ash and I’ll see you tomorrow. (Kellyn leaves)
Ash: Well this was a complete disaster. (Later on the couch)

Misty: Sorry, I didn’t know that was going to make her cry like that.
Ash: At this point I think anything that reminds her of Josh will make her cry. Or so I assume! Man, I was hoping tonight would go smoothly. That’s why I brought Kellyn in.
Misty: Ash, you should learn that rebounds are never a sure thing. Especially when you’ve been in a relationship for as long as they have!
Ash: Well, how long has she been going out with Josh?
Misty: Let me think about that one…I think almost five years. On and off again, but roughly around that time. But I know for the last year, they’ve been together so it’s definitely Josh’s baby in there.
Ash: We still need someone to make her feel better. I hate seeing her like this.
Misty: Well Brock has always had his eyes set on her.
Ash: Don’t even try it Misty. Brock is finally getting his life back on track with Marina. Don’t ruin a good thing.
Misty: I’m all out of ideas then. (They sigh) Maybe I can pawn her off on Violet and Dorian. (A little later in Tracey’s bedroom)

Tracey: (Thinking) A baby? The big question is if we’re up to the challenge. And the even bigger question would be if she really is expecting. (He starts stroking Marisa’s back) Still…I’d be happy either way. Will it be a boy or a girl? What would we name it?
Marisa: Tracey?
Tracey: Oh I’m sorry. Did I wake you? I can stop if you want me to.
Marisa: Don’t worry, it’s actually soothing.
Tracey: Are you feeling a little better?
Marisa: A little.
Tracey: Need me to get you a midnight snack?
Marisa: No thanks. I don’t feel like gaining… (Yawns) …anymore weight.
Tracey: (Thinking) Maybe she’s pregnant and doesn’t know it!

Narrator: Monday morning.
June: We’ll see you boys in a couple of hours. Don’t wreck the place while I’m gone!
Mondo: You can trust me! (June glares at him) You can trust me completely! (June continues to glare) Heh-heh!
Tracey: I’ll be on him like an ankle bracelet.
June: Have fun you two! (They leave)
Mondo: Yep, she’s pregnant.
Tracey: How can you tell?
Mondo: She definitely put on weight since the last time I saw her. (Tracey hits him) What did you do that for? (Horn honking) What’s that? (They look out the window) We’ve got company! (They go outside)

Tracey: Marcus!
Marcus: Hey, hey!
Tracey: Is it just you today?
Marcus: Yeah. My mom wanted to take Duplica shopping so I didn’t want to stop them. So where is my little buddy?
Tracey: I’m afraid she’s out too. My mom took her to a spa to get a rubdown.
Mondo: Which she’ll be needing seeing as she’ll be carrying that extra weight around soon.
Marcus: Huh? (Tracey pounds Mondo)
Tracey: You just can’t shut that big trap of yours! Idiot!
Marcus: Well I got my dad’s car today so let’s take a stroll around the old stomping grounds. (In a car outside L.A.)

Dawn: Thanks again for letting us catch a ride with you guys.
May: It’s not a problem. We could use extra drivers with this road trip.
Drew: When was the last time you ladies came back home?
Zoey: We came back a couple of months ago to visit Johanna.
May: How is your mother Dawn?
Dawn: Much better.
Drew: Okay girls, our first stop will be in Tempe, Arizona. And then tomorrow we’ll drive all the way home.
Dawn: Sounds good to me!
May: And Sara, when we get back home, you can play with little Wallace again.
Sara: Ew…No way! Boys are icky! (Drew laughs)
Zoey: I like her already.
Dawn: Let’s not corrupt her so early. (A little later in a bar)

Mondo: Cheers!
Marcus: Does anybody else think it’s too early to start drinking?
Tracey: Since when do you care about the time you ingest your alcohol?
Marcus: I don’t. And Tracey, you really shouldn’t be drinking. The last time I was with you at a bar, you kind of lost it.
Tracey: I was under a lot of stress at that time! You cannot blame me for that.
Mondo: What? And the thought of Marisa with child doesn’t scare you to death? (Tracey hits Mondo)
Marcus: I know you told me not to take whatever this guy says seriously, but is she really…expecting?
Tracey: I wish I knew. She hasn’t told me and yet I have the strongest feeling that she really is pregnant.

Marcus: I must say Tracey, you’re handling this news a lot better than I ever imagined. Every guy I’ve ever known has panicked at the idea of becoming a father.
Tracey: Well…I kind of wanted a baby for a while now.
Mondo: Ah, that explains the skinny-dipping in Napa! (Tracey hits Mondo) Ow!
Marcus: I guess she let her guard down about having a baby after she got married to you. But never did I think you two would do some kinky acts to get one.
Tracey: Well enough about my life, what about you? You and Marisa must have had a serious discussion the other night over the phone. Care to enlighten me with the subject?
Marcus: Sure thing buddy. You see, I have this wart on my right butt-cheek and…
Tracey: You’ve gotta be kidding me! Is that what you were talking about? (Marcus nods) I don’t think I want to know the rest.
Marcus: Glad you feel that way! (A little later at the spa)

June: I love a good rubdown. How about you? (Marisa yawns)
Marisa: This is just what the doctor ordered!
June: I’m glad you’re feeling better. Come on, I’ll treat you to a little smoothie. (At a table) So how have you been?
Marisa: I’ve been okay. I mean, I’ve just been under a lot of stress due to writing deadlines when I’m on a project. But other than that, it’s all good.
June: Listen dear, I was talking to Tracey last night and…we kind of got concerned when you fell ill last night.
Marisa: Oh that. I don’t feel comfortable bringing this subject up.
June: It’s okay Marisa. I was in your position at your age. I just want you to know that I will be with you no matter what.
Marisa: Huh? Well that’s awfully nice of you to say that when I’m suffering a side-effect from the birth control.

June: You know I’ll…wait what? Birth control?
Marisa: Yeah. Sometimes I get weird side-effects to the pill. I get migraines, intense stomach-aches, unexplained weight gain, and on and on! Rather inconvenient, but the doctor wanted me to be on it.
June: So…it was just birth control side-effects?
Marisa: Of course. You didn’t think it was something else, did you?
June: (Nervous laugh) No, no, no, not at all! I never thought…
Marisa: It’s okay. My mom thought I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. Honest mistake.
June: I feel stupid. (Sighs) I can rest easy now. I mean Tracey and Mondo were both talking about babies last night and I almost had a heart attack. (Later at Misty’s house)

Misty: I’m home! I hope Anya didn’t give you any trouble.
Daisy: No…she was good. (Sighs)
Misty: Say, how about we go out to dinner tonight Daisy.
Daisy: No thanks. Excuse me for a sec. I’m going to go to the bathroom. (Knock on the door)
Misty: Who can that be?
Marcus: (High voice) Housekeeping!
Misty: What the…? (Opens the door) MARCUS! (They hug) Oh my God, I’m so happy to see you! And Tracey! Great to see you here too! And you…I don’t think I know you.
Tracey: This is my cousin Mondo. You might recall him at the wedding doing the Robot dance to My Cherie Amour.
Misty: So where’s Marisa?
Tracey: Out with my mom.
Marcus: Same goes for Duplica. (Gasps) Is this the baby?

Misty: Yep. Everyone, say hello to Anya!
Marcus: Oh, look how cute she is. She has her mother’s hair and her father’s eyes. (Clears throat) We can hope that she won’t have the brain like her daddy!
Tracey: Marcus! (Misty giggles)
Marcus: Well seriously, it was awfully nice of you two to invite all of us for Thanksgiving dinner. I have been craving Brock’s cooking for the longest time.
Misty: Actually Marcus, Ash said he was going to do the cooking.
Marcus: Are you sure?
Misty: He’s a good cook.
Marcus: Yeah but Mist, there’s a difference between good and mind-blowing!
Misty: If it makes you feel better, Brock’s been teaching Ash how to cook for two years now. In fact when I was pregnant, he would prepare a new recipe almost every day just for me.
Tracey: That was awfully nice of him. (Toilet flushes and the door opens)

Misty: Are you feeling okay?
Daisy: Meh. Huh? Tracey?
Tracey: Daisy? (He looks down) Whoa! (Marcus shoves Tracey out of the way)
Marcus: Daisy Waterflower, it is always a pleasure to see you. My goodness, how time flies when you’re having fun! But we must be go… (Mondo pushes Marcus out of the way)
Mondo: Don’t be rude Marcus! Yo baby, the name is Mondo! I’m Tracey’s older and way handsome cousin.
Tracey: You’ve got to be kidding me! (Marcus strikes Mondo in the head)
Marcus: Oh God, look at the time. We must be going ladies! We have to bring Mondo back to the mental institution. Thanks again Misty. Congrats on your bun in the oven Daisy! Let’s go, go, go! (In the car)

Tracey: Nice save Marcus. Now not a word about this to Marisa! I don’t feel like spending a night in the doghouse.
Marcus: Well you never know. Marisa could have let the whole thing blow over. She is older and wiser from five years ago.
Mondo: You dolts. I was trying to introduce myself to that blonde babe.
Tracey: Dude, that’s my ex-girlfriend.
Marcus: Plus have you seen her? She’s eating for two!
Mondo: So what, Marisa still looks hot even if she’s starting to show.
Tracey: Do you enjoy suffering brain damage? (Raises fist)
Mondo: I’ll shut up. (Back at June’s house)

Tracey: We’re back!
Marisa: Oh great!
Marcus: LITTLE BUDDY! (He hugs her) Oh my little buddy!
Marisa: I missed you too Marcus!
Tracey: Were you taking a nap?
Marisa: I’m trying to get rid of this headache. Nothing’s getting rid of it.
Mondo: Yep, she definitely has it!
Marisa: What do I have?
Marcus: Oh you don’t have to hide it from us anymore!
Mondo: We know you’re with child!
Marisa: Are you sniffing glue? (Tracey hits Marcus and Mondo) Thank you honey! (Groaning)

Tracey: Sorry, but these two never learn to keep their mouths shut.
Marisa: What do you mean by “with child”?
Mondo: He thinks you’re pregnant.
Tracey: Well now that the cat is out of the bag, would you like to set us straight? (Marisa laughs)
Marcus: I think it’s a bad sign when the comedian starts to laugh at us.
Marisa: Oh my God, does everyone think that I’m pregnant? NO. There’s no possible way I could be pregnant.
Mondo: How do you explain the weight gain? (Marisa kicks him)
Marisa: How dare you! Hmph. It just so happens that I’ve been on birth control. I’ve just been suffering through these side-effects. (Tracey sighs) You seemed relieved.
Tracey: In a way. But the thought did make me a little excited I will admit. (Marisa groans)

Marcus: Aw, come on little buddy! Just get off the pills. It’ll end your suffering and you’ll make Tracey a happy man! You’ll have your own little bundle of joy! (Mondo grabs a pillow and shoves it up Marisa’s shirt)
Mondo: Can you feel the love?
Marcus: Ah, we’ll hear the pitter-patter of little ones in no time!
Marisa: I can’t see my feet!
Marcus: That’s the spirit! (June opens the door)
June: I’m back. I have more…Huh? (Dead silence)
Tracey: I can explain.
June: No need to! (Walks back outside)
Marisa: You two are stupid beyond belief! (Takes the pillow out of her shirt)
Marcus: We were just clowning around little buddy.
Tracey: That’s enough Marcus. And you two should know I’ll be happy with her if she’s pregnant or not. (Marisa grabs her head) Huh? Mar… (Marisa falls down) MARISA! (A little later in Tracey’s bedroom)

Marisa: I must have scared you all.
Marcus: I nearly jumped out of my skin.
Marisa: Sorry, these headaches are no joke. (Sighs) Maybe once this month’s supply is up I’ll stop for good. Hmm…But that would run the risk of me becoming pregnant for real. Such the dilemma!
Marcus: You really don’t want to have a baby.
Marisa: I’ve always been against having babies. But…there are just some days where I want to have one. Actually, I’ve been having that feeling a lot more these days. But…I don’t know if I’m ready to take that leap.
Marcus: Well, I won’t rush you. Take your time with that decision.
Marisa: Where’s Tracey?
Marcus: Outside talking to his mother.
Marisa: So Marcus…did you pop the question?
Marcus: Oh boy. That’s a hard one. I’ve already tried asking her twice and failed both times.
Marisa: Take her out to lunch tomorrow and pop the question there. I figure you’ve already bought the ring.
Marcus: I’ve swam through a sea of feces for this ring.
Marisa: I don’t think I want to know. Just do it Marcus. The worst thing she can say is no. Plus it’s tradition for the boy to ask the girl for her hand in marriage. Drew did it. Ash did it. Tracey did it twice. You can do it.

Marcus: I’ll let you get your sleep. (The door opens) I’m heading out Trace.
Tracey: Thanks again Marcus. (He leaves) Oh man, you really scared me to death.
Marisa: I’m fine. Just an unbearable headache! (Sighs) I’m just going to cut my losses and end these pills when these last ones are over. I’m surprised you’re not pissed I never told you I was on the birth control.
Tracey: Nah, that pill is your business. But once the pills end and we fool around again, will you be able to accept the consequences if you end up pregnant?
Marisa: Why is there so much pressure being put on me to have a baby? Not everyone who’s married needs to have kids. I am so sick of this shit!
Tracey: I’m sorry Marisa. I never should have said anything to my mother. Or to Marcus for that matter! (Silence) Marisa?
Marisa: Sorry, my head is really full right now.
Tracey: I’ll let you sleep some more. (Later that night)

June: Tracey, you have a visitor.
Tracey: Me? (He walks to the door) Daisy?
Daisy: Hi Tracey. I just came to drop something off. You were in such a hurry that you left your jacket at Misty’s house.
Tracey: Oh thank goodness. I thought I left it at the bar. Thanks a lot Daisy. Would you like to come in?
Daisy: Thanks.
Tracey: I want to apologize for this afternoon for what happened. Marcus was trying to avoid drama his own way and my cousin…well…he’s an idiot. (Daisy giggles)
Daisy: I actually thought he was funny. Almost reminded me of how Josh…used to be…
Tracey: Oh…So are you two still…
Daisy: No.
Tracey: I see. (Back in the bedroom)

Marisa: (Yawns) I must have really been knocked out. (She opens the door) Huh? (Thinking) What the hell is she doing here? This is a nightmare. (Groans) Of all the… (Back in the hallway)
Tracey: Well remember, if you ever need anyone to talk to, my phone is always on.
Daisy: Thank you.
Tracey: I better check on Marisa. I’ll see you around. (He goes in the room)
Daisy: Bye. (She walks to the door)
Mondo: Yo!
Daisy: Yo, yourself!
Mondo: Kind of an awkward conversation between the two of you.
Daisy: Yeah well, what are you usually supposed to say to an ex-boyfriend?
Mondo: Hey, sorry about before. I guess Marcus had a fire in his undies or something, so we barely got a chance to talk. Would you like to sit down? You look a little uncomfortable.
Daisy: Oh…sorry, I have a bit of a backache. But thank you! (In the bedroom)

Tracey: Hey…you asleep? (He puts his arm around her) Marisa… (She kicks him out of the bed) What the…? I guess she’s having a wild dream again.
Marisa: (Thinking) Jerk. (Back on the couch)
Mondo: Ah, so you’re the legendary Daisy I’ve heard so much about.
Daisy: Hadn’t realized I was legendary. But then again, I’ve always had some sort of reputation. Not that I’m proud of it or anything.
Mondo: Hey, that’s okay! I have the reputation for being a numb-nuts! Hey, just between the two of us, do you miss being with my cousin?
Daisy: A little. I regret cheating on him. But the truth of the matter is I have to let him go. He’s married now and has decided to be with…Marisa. Who am I to stop their happy romance…again?
Mondo: You two ladies share some history, don’t you?
Daisy: Not the best moments.
Mondo: Has anyone ever told you that you have a pretty face?
Daisy: (Giggles) Plenty of boys but…thank you very much.

Narrator: Tuesday morning! (Somewhere in Arizona)
Dawn: We’ll be there in a couple of hours. May and Drew are driving us to the house.
Johanna: That’s great. I’ll be sure to have some lunch ready for you and Zoey. (Zoey runs up)
Zoey: Dawn, we’re about to leave.
Dawn: Okay. Mom, I’m going to get off. See you in a few hours. (Hangs up)
Zoey: We have a problem.
Dawn: No need to worry Zoey, I packed extra pads in my yellow bag.
Zoey: NOT THAT! I’m worried about May and Drew. They’ve been fighting all morning. I had to take Sara out of there so she didn’t have to hear the words they’ve been itching to say.
Dawn: Do you know what they’re fighting about?
Zoey: Not a clue. I just know that I saw May cutting up Drew’s underpants.
Dawn: I thought I heard them in the other room last night, but I thought they were just having strange sex.
Zoey: Listen, you don’t want to get caught up in their mess. So we’re just going to keep the peace in the car and hopefully prevent a world war from going down. (A little later in the car)

Dawn: Say…how about we play the license plate game?
Sara: How do you play that?
Dawn: Shout out the name of the state you see printed on the back of every car. Watch me for example! I spot California!
Zoey: I see Texas!
Dawn: There’s another Texas!
May: (Scoffing) Does that little whore live in Texas?
Drew: Put a sock in it May.
Dawn: Um…Oh look, there’s a New Mexico!
Zoey: You try Sara. (A car passes by)
Sara: Um…Con…Con…Ti…
Zoey: Spell it out.
Sara: Con-nect…Cookie!
Dawn: Close enough!

May: What was her name again Drew?
Drew: Let’s not talk about it now May.
May: Why? You seemed to recall this woman’s name last night.
Zoey: Damage control!
Dawn: Hey guys!
Dawn: Yes ma’am!
Zoey: Dawn, put these in Sara’s ears. Sara, would you like to listen to your Spongebob CD?
Sara: Yay Spongebob!
Zoey: Hurry up Dawn. I don’t want this to scar her for life.
Dawn: And a talking sponge with his gay starfish isn’t scarring? (Back at June’s house)

June: How are you feeling this morning?
Marisa: Well my headache is at least gone…
June: Well you gave us a bit of a shock last night. Tracey was worried sick, he didn’t leave your side once.
Marisa: You sure about that?
June: Absolutely! Except once last night when someone came to visit him. (Tracey walks out) Oh, good morning!
Tracey: That must have been one rough dream last night. You kept kicking in your sleep.
Marisa: Really now! (The door opens)
Mondo: Morning all!
Daisy: Good morning. (Their jaws drop)

Tracey: You creep!
Marisa: I thought I’ve seen it all!
Mondo: It’s not what you think!
Tracey: I thought you left after I left the room.
Mondo: Yeah, well she kinda spent the night with me.
Tracey: You are pretty unbelievable!
Mondo: What do you care? She’s your EX and you have your wife over there. Remember her?
Tracey: I know my wife when I see her.
June: Breakfast is served! You’re welcome to stay if you’d like!
Daisy: Oh thank you! (Marisa stands up)
Marisa: I’m not hungry. If you’ll excuse me!
Tracey: Hey Marisa… (She glares at him) Uh… (Thinking) Uh-oh, that’s the look of death. (She walks away and slams the door)
June: Now what was that about?

Tracey: So tell me, what went on last night?
June: Tracey, we’re eating. No talks of this at the breakfast table please.
Mondo: Hey, it isn’t bad or anything. Daisy came to drop something off for Tracey and that’s when I came in the picture. We started to talk and before we knew it, it was past midnight. So I couldn’t very well send her home then. I let her spend the night in my bed while I slept on the floor. (Dead silence) Why are you guys staring at me like that? Don’t tell me you don’t believe me!
Tracey: What happened…really?
Daisy: What Mondo said was true.
Tracey: I find it very hard to believe that this idiot showed any kind of chivalry. And the fact that you’re showing Daisy more compassion than you ever did for Cissy.
Mondo: Who?

Tracey: Never mind. (Gets up) I’m going to check on Marisa. (Knocks on the door) Marisa, can I talk to you? (Opens the door) Look, I’m sorry about…Huh? Marisa? Where’d you go? The window is open! (He runs out of the room) She escaped.
Mondo: Who did?
Tracey: Marisa! She’s gone!
June: She must have gone for a little walk.
Tracey: She went out the window.
Mondo: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest!
Tracey: Shut up. (Phone ringing)
Daisy: Oh that’s mine. (Picks up) Hello?
Misty: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! You were supposed to be back home last night after dropping off the jacket. If you did something to screw up Tracey’s life so help me God I will never forgive you.
Daisy: Whoa, hold the phone, I didn’t do a thing to Tracey! I’ll be back home in a little bit. Just let me have some breakfast before I do that. (Hangs up) Just my baby sister! (A little later at a restaurant)

Marcus: Ah, how I missed this place!
Duplica: Just don’t go overboard with your fajitas!
Marcus: Hey, I can’t get a good one in the city. I’m taking advantage today. (Tap on the shoulder) Huh?
Theresa: I thought that was you.
Marcus: Theresa!
Theresa: Howdy stranger!
Winona: It’s been a while too!
Marcus: Winona! So what are you guys doing here?
Winona: We’re both off for the day so we decided to spend the day hanging with each other.
Theresa: We’re enjoying each other’s company.
Marcus: Well we don’t want to disturb you. Come on hon, let’s grab a table.
Duplica: Would you two like to join us?
Theresa: Sure thing. We can catch up and drink some mimosas. (A little later at June’s house)

Tracey: I’ve tried her phone but no luck.
June: You’re making a big deal out of nothing. She probably just went on a little walk to cool her head. After her migraine last night, that would be best.
Tracey: Where the heck could she have run off to? (A little later in Misty’s house)
Misty: Coming? You better have a good explanation for… (Opens the door) MARISA!
Marisa: Surprise! (They hug)
Misty: I was planning on visiting you today since I missed you yesterday. Did Tracey come with you?
Marisa: Mr. Sketchit did not!
Misty: So you know about him seeing Daisy yesterday. Look, it was just a quick hello. It’s just that she’s staying here and he happened to be here.
Marisa: Yeah well I didn’t feel happy about seeing her at the house. God only knows what was going on while I was asleep.
Misty: I doubt if Daisy would be interested in your husband. She’s got her own problems.
Marisa: Well that would explain the little pudge in her stomach. But away from that whole unpleasant feeling, I would like to meet baby Anya.

Misty: Oh she’s sleeping in her… (Anya crying) Never mind, she’s up! (They go in the other room) Anya, we have company. (Marisa gasps)
Marisa: She’s beautiful.
Misty: Do you wanna hold her?
Marisa: Um…sure. (Marisa picks Anya up) Wow. I never thought I would ever do this.
Misty: So there’s no talk of you having any kids in the near future?
Marisa: Long complicated talk! But I’m starting to let my guard down if you want to know the truth.
Misty: I know you’ll be a great mother one day. (Marisa blushes)
Marisa: Hmm…have a baby or stay on murderous birth control pills? Dear, this decision is such a tough one. (Misty giggles) So where’s Ash?
Misty: Work. He’ll be back later. (Knock on the door) It’s about time! (She opens the door) I want an explanation from you right now! Where the hell have you been?

Daisy: I was out. Is that a crime?
Misty: It is when you have my car for almost 12 hours. I was worried about you. You don’t call me, you don’t tell me if you’re alright, and you don’t tell me where you are!
Daisy: I’m fine now, aren’t I? (Marisa walks away) Marisa? (She goes in the nursery) Tracey’s worried sick about you. (Sighs) Excuse me for a second. Marisa, please let me speak to you. (She opens the door)
Marisa: Busy with the baby. Do not disturb. (She shuts the door)
Daisy: (Sighs) I know you and I have never gotten along, but could I speak to you woman to woman? (She cracks the door) Thank you. (Back at the restaurant)

Duplica: Are you serious? That’s a hoot!
Theresa: Oh but long story short, it was still a fun date. (Marcus sighs)
Winona: You’re awfully quiet over there Marcus. Something on your mind?
Marcus: Not really. Just a little… (Phone ringing) Oh that’s mine! Hello?
Tracey: Marcus, have you seen or have talked to Marisa?
Marcus: No. I haven’t seen her or talked to her since yesterday. Why?
Tracey: Well she saw Daisy and she…
Marcus: Well the marriage was nice while it lasted.
Tracey: Please don’t say that. I’m going to try and find her. (Hangs up)
Marcus: Drama, drama, drama!
Theresa: Hey, the bar opened up. Who wants me to treat them to some Mojitos?
Marcus: Oh no thanks ladies. Duplica and I are going to…
Duplica: Oh sure. I can stay for some!
Winona: Alright, now we’re talking! (Outside a gas station)

May: Get out. (Drew walks out of the car) Thank you. (Drives away)
Dawn: This just took an ugly turn.
Zoey: Thank God Sara’s asleep for this. (May stops the car) May?
May: I’m sorry for my attitude you guys and putting you through so much.
Dawn: Drew’s heading towards the car. (May starts driving again)
Zoey: Please tell me you’re going to come back for him…May?
May: I don’t care what that son of a bitch does now.
Dawn: I’m scared Zoey.
Zoey: Coming back, let’s just hitch a ride from anyone but them. (Back at Misty’s house)

Marisa: I’m sorry to hear about Josh. Honestly, any man who would walk out on their seven month pregnant girlfriend is a scumbag to begin with.
Daisy: I just thought…Josh was the one. I don’t know what to think anymore.
Marisa: Well…maybe it takes people a little longer than others to find “the one”. And as much as it pains me to say it, if it weren’t for you, I probably would have never gotten close to Tracey. I guess I should apologize for giving you the cold shoulder earlier and thinking you and my husband were doing something behind my back.
Daisy: If I were in your shoes, I would have suspected something too. After what I did all those years ago! I’m sorry for causing a rift in your relationship. I know it’s something that should have been said years ago, but…
Marisa: No, I’m glad you said it. Now there’s something I want to ask you. What the hell were you doing with Mondo last night?
Daisy: We were just talking and he let me sleep in his bed. Awfully nice of him!
Marisa: Yeah, I guess Mondo has a nice side to him every now and then.
Daisy: He’s a nice guy. (In front of Johanna’s house)

Dawn: Thanks for the ride.
Sara: Bye-bye! (The car drives away)
Zoey: They allow heterosexuals to have kids no matter how dysfunctional and we are still not allowed to adopt in several states. What the hell?
Dawn: Let’s find a greyhound bus coming back. (The door opens) MOM!
Johanna: Oh girls, you’re finally back! (They all hug) Come on in girls, we made lunch.
Lila: Long time no see Dawn!
Dawn: Hi Lila. I see you’ve been taking well care of my mom in my absence.
Lila: Yeah…it’s nice to see your mother happy like this. Dawn, there’s something I’d like to speak to you about in private. (In a room)

Dawn: You want me to move back here?
Lila: I’m sorry I never told you sooner Dawn. I thought it was best for you to hear this from me face to face instead of over the phone. The doctors and her councilors believe that’s the best way to go. In the last few years, she’s progressively gotten worse. And one of the best ways for someone in her shoes to get better is with family by her side. And for three years, it’s just been me. You and I both know that’s not good enough.
Dawn: I don’t know. And I don’t know if she’d be up to move in with me and Zoey. I don’t want to leave my life in Washington behind, but then this is my mother we’re talking about here. I don’t know what to say.
Lila: Please just think about it Dawn. (Back at Misty’s house)

Marisa: I should be heading back. I know I must have worried everyone again.
Misty: I will see you in two days. (Knock on the door) Huh? (Opens the door) Tracey?
Daisy: Tracey?
Marisa: Tracey?
Tracey: There you are!
Narrator: This looks like the end scene of that one Brandy song where the boy sees the two girls in the same room and… (Medea squeals)
Narrator: (Quickly) We now return to this special already in progress.

Marisa: What are you doing here?
Tracey: Mondo wanted to come here to see Daisy…again! I have been worried sick about you, where the hell did you run off to?
Marisa: Kind of a stupid question to ask when you see me sitting here! (Sighs) I saw you and Daisy last night and kind of got jealous all over again. And then I saw her this morning and got more enraged.
Tracey: And now?
Marisa: (Sighs) Now I realize she isn’t all that bad…and that I was a complete jackass who once again got jealous over nothing.
Tracey: Well I’m just glad you’re safe and you’re not giving me the glare of death. (Marisa nods)

Mondo: Yo Daisy! How’d you like to go out to dinner tomorrow?
Misty: What the…?
Daisy: You want to take me out?
Mondo: Sure. We’ll have some fun. You can get a good meal and Tracey can treat us.
Tracey: Why the hell am I paying for your fun?
Mondo: Come on, I helped you and Marisa get closer. Now I want you to do the same for me.
Tracey: As I recall, you made things worse.
Mondo: So what do you say?
Daisy: Sure. I’d love to go out. (Outside the house)
Marisa: Me, dining with a former enemy! What kind of mad world is this?
Tracey: It just means you’re growing up. Think you can pass it off to my cousin? (A little later at the bar)

Marcus: (Annoyed) Fabulous! All three are totally shit-faced! Duplica, come on, we’re going back home.
Duplica: (Drunken) Marcus, has…has anyone told you that you have the biggest head ever? (Winona laughs)
Theresa: How’d your mother ever squeeze that out?
Marcus: Ha, ha, very funny ladies. Come on, we’re going home now! (Duplica gets up)
Duplica: Whoops! I got the rubber legs! (Marcus picks her up)
Marcus: Good grief! You girls stay right here! I’m going to tie this one to the front seat!
Theresa: Aye, aye Captain Big-Head! (In the car)
Marcus: You just had to say yes to them! You just had to say yes!
Duplica: Ma-Ma-Marcus! You gotta stop being such a mud in the stick!
Marcus: Honey, I think you mean stick in the mud.
Duplica: (Laughs) That’s funny! A stick where there’s mud inside! Heh-heh…
Marcus: Let me grab the other ones!

Narrator: Two drunk girls later!
Marcus: As soon as I drop you in the car, I want you to find your phone so I can call your babysitter.
Winona: Okay…now where did I put my…
Marcus: Stop squirming! Wait until I put you in the seat! (Rapid horn honking) What the hell? (In the car)
Duplica: (Horn honking) Ra-Ra-Ah-Ah-Ah! Roma-Ro-Ma-Ma-Ma!
Theresa: GaGa-Ooh-lala! Want your bad romance!
Marcus: Unbelievable! (Opens the door) Stop wearing out my horn! That’s for emergencies only!
Theresa: Let’s do Poker Face next!
Marcus: Okay think Marcus. You have three drunk ladies in your car…this is surprisingly like that weekend at Girls Gone Wild. Okay, I’ll have them crash at the house and when they sober up, I will send them on their merry way. Well Theresa and Winona anyways! Best that I don’t bring Winona back home. Don’t want to bother scarring her children. (In a car outside of town)

Brock: Oh how the mighty have fallen. So you finally call me for advice!
Drew: I’m not proud of my fall from grace, but I’m desperate.
Brock: Well Drew, I didn’t want to think you two are close to a divorce, but her shoving you out of the car and leaving you out in the middle of the desert isn’t a good sign.
Drew: Well thank you for picking me up.
Brock: Drew, feel free to stay at my place as long as you need this separation.
Drew: I just need to get my act together! I mean this year was kind of bad from the get-go. I missed several important occasions that might have started a flare with May. And then I think the straw broke when I called her a different name during sex last night.
Brock: Yikes! Well that’s why I’m here! The love doctor is in session! (At Caroline’s house)

May: Mom, I need to talk to you about divorce.
Caroline: (Chokes) Wha-what? Oh my! What did Drew do? Or is it something he isn’t doing anymore?
May: (Sighs) This past year has not been a good one. It’s just the little things piling up, not agreeing, always arguing, and last night had the edacity to call me another woman’s name during sex. Maybe I overreacted, but something has to be done otherwise this marriage isn’t going to work.
Caroline: I thought you two were seeing a councilor.
May: We were but he kept putting it off again and again due to his schedule. And because of my schedule we stopped going!
Caroline: Well then make time! Honey, I know I wasn’t the biggest supporter of your marriage to Drew at the beginning. But after a while, I started to see that you kids were able to make everything work out fine. You two have stable careers, a wonderful daughter, and were able to keep things together. Plus you don’t need me to tell you how stressful a divorce is on a child.
May: Just because Max couldn’t keep it together and wound up drinking bourbon at an early age doesn’t mean Sara will go down the same road.
Caroline: Just as a precaution, try talking to Drew. (Inside a vet clinic)

Brock: I’m back everyone!
Lyra: Brock’s back!
Khoury: Hey Brock, we took care of the last customers for the day.
Brock: Good job.
Drew: You work here now?
Brock: Drew, I want you to meet my two assistants here. This is Lyra and Khoury. Mr. Fuji left for the day right guys?
Khoury: Yeah. Just us! He put us to clean up.
Brock: Well I’ll be upstairs in the apartment so if you need anything, just holler. (They go upstairs)
Lyra: Did you see the guy with the green hair. (Whistles) Ooh baby, what a hunk! I gotta talk to him! Ooh, I wonder what kind of girls he likes. Tall girls, short girls…he’s kinda short for my taste, but he’s cute!
Khoury: Hey, give it a rest and help me with this bag! (In the apartment)

Brock: Here we are!
Marina: Welcome back Brock! I’ve got…DREW! DREW ROSE! Oh my goodness it’s been so long since I’ve seen you! (She hugs him)
Drew: Hi…Marina!
Brock: So glad to see you too honey! (Marina gives a nervous giggle) Now could you give us a little time alone Marina? I have to tell Drew what to do. (Marina leaves) Okay, what you need to do is admit you were wrong.
Drew: That’s it?
Brock: Wait. I’m making a list of things you need to do in order to get on May’s good side again. We’ll get a head start on things tonight.
Drew: What’s the first thing on the list? What the…?
Brock: Don’t worry, I’ll play the guitar to make things go smoothly. (Knock on the door) Who can that be?

Lyra: Brock! We brought some hot cocoa for you and your guest.
Brock: But there’s only one cup here Lyra.
Lyra: Oh, whoops! I must have forgotten one for you. Here you go Mr. Drew. I hope you like it.
Drew: Um…thanks!
Lyra: So Drew…is it Drew? Short for Andrew? How long are you in town for?
Brock: Lyra…he’s married!
Lyra: Huh? (Laughs) Oh I wasn’t doing anything like that! I was just being hospitable to our guest. Well I must be going! (She goes downstairs)
Khoury: How’d it go?
Lyra: He’s married.
Khoury: Well better luck next time! (A little later at Marcus’s house)

Mom: Huh?
Marcus: (Sighs) I can explain. Well…not really. Look, the point is, I just need my friends to crash here for the night…or at least until they sober up.
Dad: What happened?
Marcus: Duplica and I were going to have a nice brunch when we ran into some old friends. Then they all got drunk and now they’re in my room singing Lady GaGa songs!
Mom: Any puke that comes from any of them, you are cleaning.
Marcus: Yes ma’am! (Walks in the living room) Might as well get some last minute advice! (At June’s house)

Marisa: (Pants) Oh man!
Tracey: That was a work out. I am beat! (Panting)
Marisa: So glad the house was empty for this. (Phone ringing) Well at least they waited until we were done. Hello?
Marcus: Hi little buddy!
Marisa: Marcus! You seem down. Did things not go as well as you planned?
Marcus: They went worse from what I was planning. Now I have three drunk women in my room singing Bad Romance.
Marisa: How did that even…Never mind! I don’t wanna know!
Marcus: Well the brunch idea failed. Got anything else?
Marisa: I don’t know Marcus. I really can’t think of anything else for you. I’ve done what I can do so the rest is up to you my little lamb!
Marcus: A lot of help you are! (Sighs) Fine, I’ll let you go back to doing what you’re doing.
Marisa: That’s alright. Tracey’s knocked out after sex so I won’t be doing anything for a while.
Marcus: What the…? Ew! (Hangs up the phone) Dude! (A little later at Brock’s apartment)

Brock: Let’s go! Your marriage needs to be saved! (They go downstairs) Oh hey guys! Would you like to help me out?
Khoury: Do we get paid overtime? (Lyra elbows Khoury)
Lyra: We’d be happy to help.
Brock: Great. I want you two to play these tambourines.
Khoury: What are you going to do with that guitar?
Brock: You’ll see in time. Let’s go! (In a bedroom at Caroline’s house)

Sara: Mommy, when’s Daddy coming back?
May: I don’t know dear. Daddy and I got into a little…argument. So we just need a little break from each other.
Sara: Will I see Daddy tomorrow?
May: I don’t know sweetie. Just try and get some sleep. Good night sweetie. (Turns out the light and goes into her room) If it’s not one thing, it’s another… (Tap on the window) Huh? (May opens the window) What the…? (Guitar playing)
Brock: If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

Drew: (Singing)
I got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside, I got the month of May
I guess you say
What can make me feel this way
My girl, my girl, my girl
Talking about my girl… (May leaves the window)

Brock: I think it worked you guys! Great work assistants!
Lyra: Why, why, why couldn’t he be singing this to me?
Khoury: Give it a rest, will you?
Drew: She looked angry leaving the window. I don’t know if this worked.
Brock: Trust me Drew, I betcha right now she’s running downstairs to come meet you at the door and give you a big smooch on the lips! (Bucket of water is thrown and hits Drew)
Brock: Ooh. (May slams the window shut)
Drew: Well so much for this plan.
Khoury: That was brutal.
Lyra: So what’s your next plan Brock?
Brock: We sleep. Great minds are at their best when they get enough sleep.
Drew: Well I should just face the facts, my marriage is on it’s last stand.
Brock: Now that’s not gonna help you. I’ll tell you what! I’m going to the market early tomorrow morning to help Ash with his shopping. You can come and buy flowers and candies and anything else May will love. Just be creative. (In a dark room in Johanna’s house)

Zoey: Dawn? Why are you here in the dark? (Dawn weeps) What’s the matter?
Dawn: Zoey…my mom is getting worse. She needs me. I’m the only family she has now. She wants for me to stay here. (Zoey hugs Dawn)
Zoey: I’ll go wherever you go. Remember that.
Dawn: But what about your graduation? And our life back home?
Zoey: Dawn, to love someone is to be there for that person. Through the good and the sad, the happy and the bad! My philosophy is to go with the flow. That’s why I took you away that night when we left here years ago. Plus I’ve learned that people with disorders and mental illness respond better when they are with close family who loves and cares for them. Johanna doesn’t have anyone else except you. You’re the only family she has left. And if it means that I postpone my graduation so your mother is functioning, so be it.

...To be continued tomorrow...
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