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Romance Reunion [Part 2]

Author: medea10 
Fandom: Pokemon
Overall Shipping: Ash x Misty (Pokeshipping), Brock x Marina, Harley x Nando, Dawn x Zoey (Appealshipping), Tracey x Marisa (ArtStudentshipping), May x Drew (Contestshipping), Marcus x Duplica (Theatreshipping), and more.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Summary: A(nother) sequel to the hit sppf shipping fic, Romance 101 & Romance 102. It's a year or so after the last special and the gang is together for a holiday along with a few surprises, revelations, and shocks. All that come with the drama. Watch this family togetherness when the gang spends the Thanksgiving holiday with each other.
New Characters Introduced: Kellyn, Lyra, Khoury, and Barry.


Narrator: The day before Thanksgiving…Gobble! (Outside a grocery store)
Drew: (Yawning) People must be nuts to be up this early.
Brock: I’m raring to go!
Ash: Remember everything on my list. It’s going to be a big meal and I wanna be ready to cook everything.
Delia: Just remember to call either one of us if anything goes wrong.
Ash: I got everything under control!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the store is now opening. Have a wonderful day. (People rush inside)
Ash: TURKEYS! (Ash gets pushed out of the way)
Brock: Amateur!
Delia: Honey, why don’t I handle the turkey? You get the stuffing mix! Brock, you help him out! I’m going in! (Delia rushes in) GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!

Brock: Wow, I’d hate to cross her in a dark alley. Drew, go get some items for May!
Drew: Got it! Hmm…she loves any chocolates with caramel filling so…Ah-ha! (Two hands grab the candy) What the…? I had it first!
Barry: Get your hands off my candy bub! (Kicks his shin)
Drew: Hey, get back here! I had it first! (Barry runs off) What a jerk! Hmm…Oh man! I guess she won’t mind coconut instead. (In another aisle)
Ash: Ah, here we go! I’m getting lucky today. I hope everyone else is getting lucky with their finds.
Delia: Hi honey! Here’s the turkey! Got the biggest one I could find!
Ash: Thanks Mom…um, you know you are bleeding on your arm?
Delia: Oh it’s just a little scratch.
Ash: Is this how crazy people get around the holidays?
Delia: Oh this is nothing, wait another 48 hours and stand in front of a Macy’s! (In another aisle)

Drew: Why do you keep popping out of nowhere? I had my hand on these roses before you.
Barry: Let go or I’m issuing you a fine!
Drew: Let go! (Barry kicks Drew in the other shin) Whoa! (Falls down) Mother fucker!
Barry: Later loser! (Dashes off)
Drew: This is not my day! (In another aisle)
Brock: Okay, next stop will be the cranberry sauce. Hmm…which one should I get? (Looks over) Huh? (Gasps) Su-Suzy? (Thinking) That must be the guy she saw behind my back…and there’s…little Nicholas. (Suzy turns around)
Suzy: Huh? I thought I saw someone I know…Must be my imagination. (She walks away)
Brock: (Sighs) So then…Cranberry sauce!

Drew: Brock!
Brock: Drew…what happened to you?
Drew: I kept running into a black cat of bad luck…with blonde hair! (Sighs) I couldn’t get any of the things that I wanted.
Brock: I know the feeling. Look, I’m sure she’ll like what you got on hand. Just get in line while you can.
Drew: Right. (Sighs) I sure hope it works.
Barry: I want two of those chicken breasts, a pound of the rump roast, and those sausages right over there. Let’s go! Let’s go! 10, 9, 8…
Drew: Hmm… (Sneaks over to the cart and switches the items) Heh-heh, idiot! (Near the registers)

Ash: I think I got everything.
Brock: Ditto.
Ash: Guys, I really appreciate you helping me.
Brock: Well I’ll be there early tomorrow morning helping you in the kitchen.
Ash: You promise not to use the whip on me this time?
Brock: I promise nothing.
Delia: Well you’ll have me helping you out too. (Phone ringing) Hello?
Oak: Hi honey, now don’t be alarmed or anything, but I’m in the hospital.
Oak: Yeah, I was doing a little work in the garage and fell down. I guess it was a good idea that you gave me that Life Alert button for my birthday last year.
Delia: I will be there as soon as possible. (Hangs up)

Ash: What’s going on?
Delia: Samuel fell and he’s in the hospital. Brock, I’m afraid it’ll be just you and Ash in the kitchen this year.
Ash: I guess it can’t be helped. We can handle things in the kitchen.
Delia: I’m glad you’re being very mature about this. I know what to do, I’ll send someone I know to help you out.
Ash: That sounds great Mom. (In the parking lot)
Drew: Thank goodness, I got everything I need so I can head over to May’s, we can forgive each other, and go on with…
Barry: THERE YOU ARE! (Drew turns around) Dirty, stinkin’ thief! Gimme back my stuff! (A little later at the registers)

Ash: If I get any time tonight, I’ll visit him in the hospital.
Delia: Oh you don’t have to do that honey. You have your hands full in the kitchen.
Brock: Guys, have you seen Drew at all?
Delia: Isn’t that him sitting over there? (They walk over) Oh my goodness, what happened?
Drew: Well…it’s a long story! (Groaning)
Ash: Looks like you got a note attached to you.
Brock: What’s it say?
Ash: “I’m fining you $50 plus an extra $25 in emotional damage.” It’s from a guy named Barry.
Drew: The jerk stole the flowers and candy I bought. Now I’m stuck with these chocolates that May won’t even touch and these half-trampled flowers. But…it is better than nothing. (Back at Marcus’s house)

Theresa: Oh man! Where the hell am I?
Winona: It’s your fault with your binge drinking. Where’s the phone? I gotta call Lanette and make sure my kids are okay. (The door opens)
Marcus: Well look who’s finally up!
Winona: Oh my goodness, Marcus, thank you so much for taking care of us.
Marcus: Oh now you’re thankful for me. Not so fun when you spent the night calling me Captain Big-Head!
Theresa: Hmm…I don’t remember calling you that. Well anyways, thank you for taking care of us.
Marcus: Okay, well yesterday was a blast…the parts I want to remember. By the way, Theresa, you owe me $70 for the rug you threw up on. And Winona, Lanette is coming by in an hour to pick you up.
Theresa: Sorry Marcus.
Winona: Let me just gargle the taste of vomit out of my mouth.
Theresa: Next time you’re in town, let’s do this again.
Marcus: Heh-heh, let’s not and say we did!

Duplica: Well either way Marcus, I still had fun yesterday.
Marcus: Well as long as you were amused. (Knock on the door) That could be Lanette. (Opens the door) Nana?
Nana: Marky! (She hugs him)
Marcus: I didn’t know you were coming in for a visit.
Dad: I could have sworn your mother told you about it. Well you get to spend the whole day with her.
Marcus: Dad, I normally don’t ask favors like this, but please take over Nana duty today!
Dad: Son, own up to your responsibilities. Besides, your Nana doesn’t have but a couple of years left on this earth. Spend the time with her while you can.
Duplica: Come on Marcus, I’d love to spend the day with your grandmother.
Marcus: As long as there’s no panty-hose shopping, I’ll be cool with anything. (A little later outside Caroline’s house)

Brock: Well here we are again.
Drew: If I’m not out within 15 minutes, be really happy for me. (He gets out of the car) I sure hope she’ll listen to me. (The door opens) Huh?
Sara: DADDY! (She hugs him)
Drew: Hey, I’m happy to see you too sweetie! Come on, let’s go see Mommy. She won’t kill me if you’re in the same room. (They go inside)
Caroline: Drew?
Drew: Hi everyone! Hello May!
Caroline: Wake, could you take Sara upstairs? (They go upstairs) Now you guys, let’s talk like civilized people. Look May, your husband has come with flowers…

May: Is that what you call them? Half of them look like they’ve been trampled on.
Caroline: And he brought chocolates! They look like the brand you love. (She opens the box)
May: I’m allergic to coconut. (Scoffs) If this isn’t the lamest attempt to…
Drew: You know what?
Caroline: Oh Drew…
Drew: No, let me finish. I’ve tried. Okay, I’ve tried to make things right. I did so last night and this morning. I got this black eye, these bruised shins, and scratch marks on my face, for you! And yet you sit there with that spiteful look on your face. (He goes upstairs)
Caroline: May?
May: What’s that on the ground? (She picks it up)
Caroline: Looks like a note from Drew. (A picture falls out) What do we have here? It’s a picture from your wedding. (At the hospital)

Delia: I told you not to move those old boxes. You’re not a young man anymore.
Oak: Yeah, I guess you were right. Sorry I ruined Thanksgiving.
Delia: Oh don’t worry about a thing. I’m staying here until the doctors let you go.
Oak: But weren’t you going to go over to Ash’s and help him with dinner?
Delia: Oh don’t worry about Ash. I sent someone over to help him. (At Ash’s house)
Ash: You’ve got to be kidding me!
Gary: Your mother said you needed my help.
Ash: Cruel fate! Why do you work against me Lord?
Gary: Aren’t you going to let me in?
Ash: Nope. We’re doing just fine with our meal. Have a nice holiday. See you never! (Shuts the door)
Misty: Ash Ketchum, you let him in! (Ash sighs and opens the door) Come on in Gary, I’ll show you where you can put your things. (In Misty’s bedroom)

Daisy: Hmm…Too tacky! Ew…I would never wear that color. (The door opens)
Misty: Can I help you?
Daisy: I was looking through your old maternity dresses to see if I can find anything to wear.
Misty: Oh for your date?
Daisy: I need something that’ll make him forget that I’m in my third trimester.
Misty: Impossible. But I do have this one black maternity dress I remember wearing. Who knows? You might get a little luck wearing this dress. I sure did.
Daisy: Why do you say that?
Misty: I went into labor in this dress. (Daisy groans) Don’t worry, it’s clean. I’m happy you’re feeling better from days ago.
Daisy: I’m feeling a 100% better. (She strokes her stomach)
Misty: On another subject, did you ever find out if you’re having a boy or a girl?
Daisy: I did. It’s a boy. Once you come in the world, I’ll teach you to be the perfect gentlemen. So that you treat girls right! (Misty smiles)
Misty: (Thinking) Daisy of all people would have been the last person I would ever see change for the better. (Walks into the kitchen) Huh? (Ash and Gary are choking each other) Oh dear God! (Back at Caroline’s house)

Sara: But Daddy, why are you leaving?
Drew: Mommy and I just need some time apart. I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise. (She hugs him) I promise I’ll be back.
Sara: No…No Daddy. You always say that and then you always come late and Mommy gets sad.
Drew: …I’ve been doing that a lot lately…haven’t I?
May: Drew! (He turns around) I want to speak to you. (They leave the room) You see how your daughter is upset? She wants her father back. She sees what’s happening.
Drew: I hate this.
May: Listen…I read the note.
Drew: Oh…I was wondering what I did with that thing.
May: You keep a picture of our wedding in your wallet as a reminder. Isn’t that what you said?

Drew: Yeah, I did.
May: And now that it’s out of your wallet…does that mean you want this to end?
Drew: Of course not. I still love you May! Why else would I have gone through all this trouble today just for you? (Sighs) I guess this last year I’ve been so wrapped up with getting all the money from my job that I didn’t realize it’s been isolating me from my family. I wasn’t being true to my word. To be there for you and Sara! No wonder you want to leave me. (She grabs his hand)
May: Drew, we have to work on this marriage. It’s going to be hard work…but then again, everything about this marriage has been nothing but hard work. But all of it is worth it when I have you and Sara by my side.
Drew: I’m sorry for everything May. (They embrace and kiss) I am a lucky guy to have a wife like you. (A little later in a clothing store)

Nana: Marky, could you hand me that pile over there and come to the ladies room with me?
Marcus: Yes Nana! (Sighs) The pantyhose! The horror!
Duplica: Marcus, see if she’ll go for these ones.
Marcus: No can do. This one will make her itch. (Sighs) At this rate, we’ll be here all day today and a good part of tomorrow. (Back at June’s house)
Marisa: (Sighs) Finally…the last pill of the batch. (Swallows) Well I knew this moment was going to come. Hmm…Maybe it is time in my life to settle down with a baby. Maybe my outlook on children has changed from long ago. I’m married now. (The door opens)
Tracey: Hey, you feeling okay? (Marisa nods) Great.
Marisa: I just took the last pill for the month.
Tracey: Now we don’t have to rush or anything.
Marisa: I just want to let you know something before we touch each other again Mr. Grabby! My family’s history with birthing children is really interesting. As a matter of fact, I come from a long line of members who are notorious for birthing out twins. And this happens to skip a generation. Therefore, I am next in line. Just so you know what you got yourself into. (Tracey laughs) Oh you think I’m kidding about this! (They hug and kiss and fall down on the bed)

Tracey: It’s alright with me.
Marisa: Twice as many diapers, twice as many headaches, and if they are both females, we’re paying for BOTH weddings!
Tracey: Try not to over-think it.
Marisa: And before worrying about that, there’s the nine months of extra bitchiness, I’m going to lose my figure completely, I’m gonna have the weirdest cravings…
Tracey: (Giggling) I think you’ll look quite cute when your belly is sticking all the way out. (Marisa blushes)
Marisa: Idiot! (The door opens) WHAT NOW?
Mondo: Come on guys. We’re going to head out soon.
Marisa: Fine, fine! Just shut the door. (He leaves) Hmm…But the fact that you’ll stick with me even when I’m with child…it means a lot. It broke my heart when Daisy told me what she’s going through and never wanted to hear that story again from any person. I’m lucky to have someone like you. (Tracey smiles and embraces her) Thank you. (Later at Johanna’s house)

Dawn: I made you some cocoa.
Johanna: Thank you honey. (Sighs) Dawn, sit down. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.
Dawn: What’s up?
Johanna: No doubt, Lila has asked you to stay with me. (Dawn nods) Dawn…I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to do. I shouldn’t force you. It was my careless actions that drove you away from this place.
Dawn: I want to stay. Mom, you’ve taken care of me my whole life. I can’t live with this on my conscience knowing you’re inches away from suicide when I’m not around. I can’t make that risk. I can’t risk losing you again.
Johanna: Isn’t it just like me to always depend on someone? My whole life I’ve always felt the need to have someone with me at all times. Whether it be your father or you Dawn, I would always feel comfortable if I’m with someone. Once someone is taken away from me, I start to break down. That’s what happened when the police told me you left and your father was sent to jail on rape charges. (In the kitchen)

Lila: Thank you for helping me with dinner Zoey.
Zoey: It’s not a problem.
Lila: No doubt Dawn told you of her predicament.
Zoey: Yeah. But I’m cool with it. Dawn’s a very special girl to me and at this point, I can’t picture my life without her. Say Lila, have things really taken a turn for the worse for Johanna?
Lila: Honestly, I thought she’d be getting better once Dawn started to get into more contact with her mother again. But I’m afraid she still gets these episodes. The other week she was putting her head in the oven.
Zoey: And the medication?
Lila: Don’t get me started on that! The doctors have been switching her medication every other time she’s there for a check-up. The end results are sometimes never pretty.
Zoey: Poor Johanna. (Later at Ash’s house)

Ash: Open up wide Anya! Good girl! (Looks over) What the hell are you doing? You’re doing that all wrong!
Gary: Please. I’m doing it just the way your mother taught me.
Ash: When did she teach you anything?
Gary: Never mind that and worry about your kid.
Ash: Mind your own business and get back to work. (Misty picks up Anya)
Misty: And you’re too young to see this scene.
Daisy: How do I look?
Misty: Very nice Daisy.
Ash: Have a nice date with Tracey!
Misty: She’s not dating Tracey! It’s his cousin Mondo.
Ash: Right, right, I knew that! Have a nice date with Tracey’s cousin! Oh for God’s sake, give me that. If you’re not going to do it right, go sit in the corner.
Gary: Hey, bite me! (Knock on the door)

Misty: Hi guys. You look very nice.
Marisa: Thanks Misty. You all ready Daisy?
Daisy: Yep.
Ash: I never thought I would see the day where Daisy and Marisa would be in the same room and there would be no cat fight.
Marisa: Well believe it!
Ash: Now if only that would be true when it comes to Rhonda, Lily, and that girl on The View.
Marisa: Damn that Hassleback! (Tracey laughs)
Gary: Hi Marisa! It’s been a long time!
Marisa: Hello Oak. As you can see, I’m happily married to the man of my dreams and I’m pregnant with twins.
All: HUH?!
Tracey: She’s kidding. When she says things like that, she’s kidding. Right?
Marisa: (Laughing) Of course. Seriously Gary, when I have the baby, promise me you won’t try to date it like you did with my cousin…and that girl you cheated on her with.
Tracey: We’re off! (At Brock’s apartment)

Brock: (Sighs) You have no idea how happy I am to see you today. (He kisses Marina)
Marina: Brock… (Giggles) What’s with this new attitude?
Brock: No reason…I guess I was reminded about how truly special you are to me.
Marina: (Giggling) Oh you naughty boy! Watch your back or I’m getting the thesaurus and doing you know what! (Khoury screams) Wasn’t that Khoury?
Brock: Must be another robbery! (Grabs a baseball bat) I’ll be back! (Goes downstairs) Alright pal, we don’t want any trouble but…
Harley: BROCKY!
Brock: Oh dear God you’re back! I mean, Harley, you’re back!
Harley: I was just introducing myself to your cute little assistant and…
Brock: You flirted with him and scared him half to death. Khoury, it’s okay. He’s harmless. (The door opens)
Nando: There you go again, causing a scene.
Brock: Nando, it feels like forever since I’ve seen you.
Harley: (Giggling) Oh that’s because he’s busier than ever! Just like yours truly! (They kiss)
Khoury: What am I watching?
Brock: You’ll get used to seeing this sort of thing. (At a restaurant)

Mondo: And so after that year in Mexico, me and Becky returned to the states. (Daisy giggling)
Marisa: (Thinking) That’s right, laugh to hide the pain.
Daisy: So what happened to Becky?
Mondo: I kept her around for a couple of weeks and then gave her to this nice Italian lady. That night she invited me to dinner with her family. I forget what kind of food I ate, but it was really good.
Marisa: Well, moving away from the stories of the goat…
Mondo: Hey I got more!
Tracey: Please quit while you’re ahead!
Daisy: Oh!

Marisa: Something wrong?
Daisy: The baby is kicking!
Mondo: Really? (Puts his hand on her stomach) Oh my. (Blushing)
Daisy: I guess he’s really active tonight.
Marisa: He? Ah, that means you’re going to have a boy!
Daisy: Sure am.
Mondo: Daisy, if it’s alright with you, I would like to help you and your son out.
Tracey: Wow, he grew up!
Mondo: I’m serious. Look, after you told me your story the other night about how your ex was such an ass, it got me thinking. I can’t live with myself if I couldn’t help you out. You’re like the sweetest chick I’ve ever met.
Daisy: You’re very nice Mondo. I’m happy to have met you. (Marisa smiles) Oh yeah Marisa, what you said earlier, is it true? Are you really expecting twins?
Marisa: (Laughing) Nah, had to say something stupid to Gary.

Tracey: I would have thought you two had buried the hatch…
Marisa: You thought wrong. But truth be told, we are thinking of having our own litter.
Daisy: Well when that happens, congratulations to you. Oh yeah Mondo, will you join us for Thanksgiving dinner?
Marisa: You mean the big feast Ash is throwing?
Daisy: That’s the one.
Tracey: You will be on your best behavior, no crude jokes, no drinking contests, and…
Mondo: Are you my mother? I’d love to join you all.
Daisy: Huh?
Mondo: What’s up?
Daisy: Oh…it’s nothing. I thought I saw something on the corner of my eye. (A little later at Johanna’s house)

Lila: Look, maybe it was a bad idea to ask them. Look Jo, why can’t you just admit that you need the help from the hospital?
Johanna: You may not want to admit it but I’m getting better.
Lila: You’re in denial.
Johanna: You’re dead to me.
Lila: Please Jo… (In the other room)
Zoey: Dawn…wake up! I think I hear yelling in the other room.
Dawn: Yelling? (Glass breaking) That can’t be good! (They run into the hallway) Mom! What’s that noise? (They open the door) OH MY GOD!
Zoey: Miss Lila! Please wake up!
Dawn: What’d you do?
Johanna: It-It was an accident! I didn’t mean to! Oh God! (Grabs her head) Oh no, this can’t be happening. I’m a good person. I’m a good person. (Curls into a ball in a corner)
Dawn: Mom?
Johanna: I’m a good person. I’m a good person. I’m a good mother. I’m a good mother.
Zoey: I think I can make a tourniquet. Dawn, you call 911! (Outside Marcus’s house)

Nana: Goodbye Marky! (Car drives away)
Duplica: (Yawns) Well today sure was…long.
Marcus: You’re telling me! I never thought that bingo would last that long. Hmm…You know I think my parents might be asleep. I can pop in a Nathan Lane movie.
Duplica: I’m wiped out. Besides, we got a big day tomorrow. I want to rest up.
Marcus: Yeah, you do that. (Thinking) I’m never going to get to pop the question at this rate. (A little later in the restaurant)
Marisa: That was a great meal. (Kisses Tracey) Thanks for treating! (Mondo belches) Excuse you!
Mondo: Better out than in!
Tracey: (Sarcastic) Well put Shrek!
Daisy: (Sighs) I need some fresh air.
Marisa: I’ll walk with you. I need to get out too. (They walk outside)

Daisy: Thanks for the evening Marisa. It really means a lot to me.
Marisa: I suppose that is the Christian thing to do…even though I’m not one in any way shape or form. But I’m happy to be supportive in these kinds of cases. (A gun cocks) Huh? (Turns around) DAISY, GET DOWN!
Daisy: Huh? JOSH! (Gunshot)
Marisa: DAISY! (Gasps)
Josh: Useless trash. (Cocks his gun and Marisa gasps)
Marisa: (Thinking) Oh God! This can’t be happening! (Mondo hits him over the head)
Mondo: You son of a bitch! (Kicks him to the ground and the gun leaves his hand) You listen to me pal, I will fucking blow your brains out. But if I do, I’m nothing but a heartless coward like you. (Tracey runs up)
Tracey: What the…?
Mondo: Tracey, take the girls and call the police.
Daisy: My arm! MY ARM!
Tracey: Oh my God, you’re bleeding! (Mondo kicks Josh in the face) Mondo stop, he’s already not moving!
Mondo: I DON’T CARE! Call the police before I fucking kill this mother fucker! (Marisa hyperventilating)
Tracey: Marisa? Are you…? (Marisa shakes her head no) Come on, let’s get out of here! (A little later at the hospital)

Zoey: Lila’s in stable condition. The glass your mother threw knocked her out and the doctors are doing all they can. (Silence) Dawn…
Dawn: She’s not well…I thought she was getting better… (Tears up) They want to put my mother in an institution…and maybe it’s for the best if this is how she’s going to be. Who’s to say she won’t do it again? What if it were me in Lila’s position?
Zoey: That’s why it’s important to be there for your mother. Your mother is ill and she needs family support. You are the only family she has. Seeing her once every couple of months can’t be good for her or you for that matter. (A nurse walks up)
Nurse: Dawn Berlitz? Your mother asked to see you. (She gets up)
Dawn: I’ll be back Zoey. (In another part of the hospital)

Tracey: Marisa, you haven’t said a word once. (Silence) Are you okay?
Marisa: I was so scared. If I didn’t pull Daisy down…she and the baby surely would have died.
Tracey: That took great courage. And that you were able to escape that with a little bit of her blood splattered on your face. I’m sure Daisy is grateful to you for saving her life.
Marisa: What are the doctors saying?
Tracey: She was shot in the arm, but of course she’ll manage. And the baby is doing fine, so there’s no need to worry. (Marisa sighs) As I recall, this isn’t the first time you saw someone being shot.
Marisa: When I saw it happening, I feared the worst. That I was going to witness another death, like I did when Wallace got shot. I don’t ever want to see it happen again. (The door opens)
Mondo: Oh hey! Daisy woke up, just so you know. (Marisa walks inside) Oh boy, what a night!
Tracey: That was really risky what you did Mondo!
Mondo: Yeah, I guess I kind of turned into Samuel L. Jackson. You’re married to an amazing woman. Remember that Tracey. (Inside the room)

Marisa: Hi Daisy.
Daisy: Hey! I guess I owe you big for this one. You saved my life.
Marisa: I did what anyone in my position would have done. (Tears up)
Daisy: Huh? Why are you crying? I’m fine.
Marisa: I can’t help it! I should be feeling relieved that you’re safe and that your unborn baby was unharmed. I should be feeling good about saving you. But I’m not! I was scared and I’m still scared. Now all I can do…is cry my eyes out.
Daisy: Please…don’t do that! I’m fine! The doctors are going to keep me overnight and Josh is in police custody. (Gasps) Uh-oh!
Marisa: Why uh-oh?
Daisy: Ash is a cop and when he finds out, he’s sure to tell Misty! (Voice from outside)
Misty: WHERE IS SHE?! (The door opens)
Daisy: Right on cue!
Misty: Daisy, are you okay?
Daisy: I’m fine, take a chill pill. (In another room)

Dawn: Mom, I hate seeing you like this.
Johanna: Dawn, we can be together, just the two of us. It can be like that you know. Once you move back here…
Dawn: I’ve made a decision. I’m going to let the doctors put you in the institution. (Johanna gasps)
Johanna: Why do you want to give me up like that? Don’t you care about me anymore?
Dawn: I do Mom. This decision is never easy. That’s why it’s best that you get the surveillance you desperately need. I’m afraid of any damage you’d take out on anyone else. Lila is still knocked out cold. I also realize that I’m the only family you have at this point. That’s why…Zoey and I are moving back here. (Johanna gasps) We’ve talked it over and we’ll start the move right after Zoey’s semester finishes. Please Mom, I want you to get better so you don’t snap again. (Outside Daisy’s room)

Misty: I really appreciate you for doing what you did Marisa. Honestly, I’m glad this didn’t happen five years ago, otherwise she’d be in a boatload of trouble.
Marisa: No, I would have done the same even then. No need for more killing in the world. But I owe Mondo a big thank you. If he didn’t come in and beat the crap out of that guy, he would have shot me or done worse to Daisy.
Tracey: We better give Daisy some time to rest. It’s been a long night. (He opens the door) Hey, we’re going to head… (Daisy and Mondo kissing)
All: Huh?
Mondo: So I’ll see you tomorrow.
Daisy: Bye-bye!
Mondo: (Singing) I’m walking on sunshine! Whoaaaa! be continued on following post...
Tags: ash, brock, dawn, marcus, marisa, misty, romance reunion, tracey, zoey
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