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Romance Reunion [Part 3]

Author: medea10 
Fandom: Pokemon
Overall Shipping: Ash x Misty (Pokeshipping), Brock x Marina, Harley x Nando, Dawn x Zoey (Appealshipping), Tracey x Marisa (ArtStudentshipping), May x Drew (Contestshipping), Marcus x Duplica (Theatreshipping), and more.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Summary: A(nother) sequel to the hit sppf shipping fic, Romance 101 & Romance 102. It's a year or so after the last special and the gang is together for a holiday along with a few surprises, revelations, and shocks. All that come with the drama. Watch this family togetherness when the gang spends the Thanksgiving holiday with each other.
New Characters Introduced: Kellyn, Lyra, Khoury, and Barry.


Narrator: Happy Turkey Day!
Medea: Keep it down, I’m watching Sarah Palin try to murder a turkey.
Narrator: Heartless. (In Marcus’s bathroom)
Marcus: Will you…? (Puts the toilet seat down) Will you…? (Locks the door) Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Would you join…? Marry me baby! (Singing) Marry the man today! Trouble though he may be! (Outside the bathroom)
Mom: (Yawns) What’s going on in there?
Duplica: It sounds like he’s singing in the bathroom again. (Knocking on the door) Honey, are you almost done in there?
Marcus: Um sure, gimme a second! (Thinking) Shut up Marcus. Okay, maybe I’ll have some time alone when at Misty’s…oh wait, all of our friends are there. Fat chance of the alone time! Gotta think of another way around this! (At Brock’s apartment)

Brock: (Yawns) Time to get ready! (Shower running) Oh? (Opens the door) Oh Marina?
Harley: Huh?
Harley: Jealous. (Back in the other room)
Brock: Must clear mind! Must clear mind! Um…Kittens, Hillary Clinton, 2 girls 1 cup, a nun, a very old nun…
Nando: What’s he going on about?
Marina: Who knows? He probably took one of his allergy medications and now he’s all loopy. (The door opens)
Harley: Oh Brock, I’ll be out in a few minutes. Be a dear and knock next time you need something from me. (Brock screams)
Brock: MY EYES!!! (A little later at Caroline’s house)

Sara: GOBBLE! GOBBLE! (Jumps on the bed)
May: Well someone’s energetic today!
Sara: We eat a turkey today!
May: That’s great honey. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you wake up Grandma and we’ll be on our way to Ash’s house.
Sara: Goodie, goodie, goodie! (Runs out of the room)
Drew: (Yawns) I didn’t even know she liked turkey.
May: Remember last Thanksgiving when Dad came over and cooked?
Drew: Oh yeah. Oh…you’re actually talking to me now! That means I didn’t screw up last night.
May: You’ve got a long way to go before you get back in my good graces. But it’s a start. Next step is going back to couples therapy.
Drew: I was afraid you were going to say that! But I’ll be happy to do it. (A little later at Ash’s house)

Ash: Excellent! The bird will be perfection by 4 o’ clock!
Gary: Fine with me! Time for some football.
Ash: I don’t think so! You had that little accident with the egg-beater, so you’re going to do the cleaning. If you need me, you know where to find me. (Misty hits him over the head)
Both: Yes ma’am! (Phone ringing)
Misty: Hello? Oh hi Daisy!
Daisy: I just wanted to let you know that my doctor is letting me go in a couple of hours.
Misty: What? Isn’t that a little soon?
Daisy: There really wasn’t much damage done to my arm. Mondo will be over to pick me up later and I’ll see you then. (Knock on the door)
Misty: I’ll talk to you later. (Opens the door) Brock!

Brock: I came to check in on our master chefs!
Ash: Thank God you’re here. I’m going to kill him.
Gary: Is it my fault you don’t know what you’re doing unsupervised?
Brock: Boys, why can’t you get along?
Ash: Brock, for as long as you’ve known us, we fight! We have fought over everything since the day we met. From the clothes that we wear down to the football team we support. Is it my fault that the jerk supports the Dallas Cowboys?
Gary: Better than being a Broncos fan!
Ash: Get him out of my sight or I’m going to choke him with the telephone cord.
Brock: Come on guys, let’s get along. Oh by the way Ash, I talked to Morrison and he said he’s going to be here in about 30 minutes. (Ash screams) What’s wrong?
Ash: I can’t keep that tub of guts full.
Brock: You don’t understand Ash! Morrison is… (Knock on the door) That’s probably him already.

Ash: Great, there goes the food supply. (Opens the door)
Morrison: ASH! (Ash’s jaw drops) I haven’t seen you in ages!
Ash: Morrison…you…drop…weight…and…
Misty: (Whistles) Look at that 12pack! (Ash growls)
Morrison: Oh come on now! I’m only at a 6, tops!
Ash: So when did you…?
Morrison: Oh I’ve been working out!
Brock: Obviously!
Ash: Stupid question! Are you hungry as of this moment?
Morrison: Not at the moment! I’ll eat in a few hours.
Brock: Consider that as a silver lining. Let’s get back to work boys! (In Tracey’s bed)

Tracey: You awake? (Marisa turns over) Ready to get up?
Marisa: Meh…I’m feeling lazy.
Tracey: Wanna fool around some more?
Marisa: Hmm…Well, we’re both still naked. (They go underneath the covers)
Tracey: Let me put on some music! (Clicks the remote) Okay… (Party in the USA playing)
Marisa: Wow, this is really killing the mood. Get Cyrus off the stereo!
Tracey: Hold on, hold on! (Clicks the remote) There we go! (All This Love plays)
Marisa: Okay, much better! (In the living room)

Mondo: (Yawns) Time for some munchies! (Doorbell rings) Who can that be?
Marcus: Hey dude!
Mondo: Hey yourself. So who’s your lady friend?
Duplica: I’m Duplica!
Mondo: No doubt you’re here to see the happy couple.
Marcus: Just as long as they are still a happy couple.
Mondo: They’ve been pretty happy for the last 24 hours so I’ll take that as a good sign. Come on, they’re probably watching television in Tracey’s room. (Mondo opens the door)
Marcus: HOLY… (Marisa throws a pillow)
Mondo: Ugh… (Shuts the door) So, who wants a beer? (Back in the bedroom)
Tracey: Maybe we should get up!
Marisa: Someone’s dead! (A little later in the living room)

Duplica: Well…it’s very nice seeing you two again! Heh-heh!
Marisa: I’m so sorry you had to see that.
Duplica: It’s no problem. It’s nothing…I haven’t already seen before. Married people do it!
Marcus: I walked in on my parents doing it too!
Marisa: (Sighs) Well that was low even for me.
Mondo: Well I did read somewhere that pregnant women are hornier for some reason and as a result, Tracey will be one happy gentleman.
Tracey: Don’t make me hit you again!
Duplica: So does this mean you are expecting?
Marisa: Not yet. (Marcus grabs her)
Marcus: But she will be soon enough! Um, Marisa…I would like to speak to you about the wart.
Marisa: Wart? OH! The wart!

Tracey: The less I know about what’s on Marcus’s butt, the better I’ll feel. (Marisa and Marcus go outside) You stay right here Mondo!
Mondo: What? I was just going to eavesdrop.
Tracey: SIT! (Duplica giggles) Well now that we’re alone, you can tell me how you and Marcus are getting along.
Duplica: We’re great!
Tracey: And has there been any kind of discussion of marriage? (Duplica blushes) I guess you have thought about it. You don’t have to answer the question if you don’t want to. Marcus is rather private about talking the matter with me.
Duplica: Well one day!
Mondo: Hey when you guys tie the knot, you guys can invite me!
Duplica: I barely even know you. (Looks out the window) She’s yelling at him.
Tracey: She’s just using tough love…I think. (Back at the vet)

Marina: You’re back?
Brock: I forgot something. Hey where are Harley and Nando?
Marina: Oh they left right after you left for Ash’s place. Harley said he was going to visit an old friend and was carrying a bouquet of flowers.
Brock: Flowers? (At a cemetery)
Harley: Hey Tucker. Well surprise, surprise, I’ve come to visit you. I’ve kept true to my word. I can’t believe you’ve left us over a year ago. (Tears up) I miss you dearly buddy. (Wipes away a tear) Look at me getting all weepy. (Moments later outside the car)
Nando: All done?
Harley: Yeah.
Nando: Oh? It looks like you’ve been crying. Typical of you! (Giggles)
Harley: Oh you’re such an ass. (Nando kisses Harley’s forehead)
Nando: What am I going to do with my Harley-bear? Let’s head over to Ash’s place. (A little later outside of Ash’s house)

Mondo: I’ll be by later with Daisy.
Tracey: Take your time. (Mondo drives away)
Marcus: You saved your arch rival’s life last night? My God, I thought I’ve heard it all.
Marisa: Sometimes you’ve gotta let things go. Even 10 year grudges!
Duplica: Brutal! (Knocking on the door)
Marcus: We’re ready to eat! (The door opens)
All: Huh?
Morrison: Well isn’t this a surprise! I haven’t seen you all in a long time.
Marcus: Is that really you Morrison?
Marisa: I think I need a new prescription.

Morrison: Yeah it’s me. Come on in, Ash is in the kitchen.
Marcus: Yoo-hoo!
Ash: Hi guys! Come on in, take a seat, take a seat!
Marcus: I gotta take a few pictures for the occasion!
Marisa: Hold it! I’ll take the pictures. I want you to take care of that little…
Marcus: Ah, good idea! Say Duplica, would you like to go to the backyard with me?
Duplica: Outside? Oh but it’s so cold out.
Misty: I’m making some margaritas. Do you want any?
Marcus: NO!
Harley: Hello there!
Marisa: HARLEY! (They hug)
Harley: Oh you are looking fabulous every time I see you!
Marisa: I’ve been dying to see those pictures of you at that one party last month!
Harley: Oh you mean the costume party? I’ve got them right here. Here we go! Nando went as Madonna from the late 1990’s. Notice that gothic look to her. And I went as…
Tracey: Lady GaGa? (Nervous giggle)

Harley: Got a problem there bub?
Tracey: No problem here. But Marisa…
Marisa: (Singing) Let’s have some fun this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick…
Tracey: She loves her.
Nando: (Scoffs) Madonna rip-off!
Harley: Don’t start with me, Fernando. (The door opens)
Drew: Happy Thanksgiving!
Harley: Drew-boy! Oh how I’ve missed you!
Sara: Can I go outside to play Momma?
May: Okay, Marcus and Duplica are outside so they can keep an eye on you.
Marisa: (Silently) Oh no! (Puts hand over her face)
Tracey: Something wrong? (Outside)

Duplica: Do you think it’ll snow?
Marcus: It might. Thanks to Global Warming, we’re getting weird seasonal changes all over the globe. It’s only a matter of time before we’re wearing shorts in Siberia. (Duplica giggles)
Duplica: Oh you say such stupid things sometimes!
Marcus: Don’t act like you don’t love it. (Sighs) Duplica…I have been wanting to…
Sara: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (She hugs Marcus)
Marcus: Do I know you?
Duplica: Aw, aren’t you precious?
May: Sorry about that Marcus.
Marcus: Heh-heh! I knew that face of hers looked familiar. (Back inside)

Drew: I see you two are as chipper as ever.
Tracey: Pretty much.
Drew: How is this even possible?
Tracey: Sex and lots of it!
Drew: And yet nothing has popped out of Marisa! I’m impressed.
Tracey: Yet. She’s now off the pill so it could happen.
Drew: Word of advice to you, don’t say the wrong name during sex.
Tracey: No shit, Sherlock. That’s like rule #1. (Looks over) What the…? (Walks over) What are you doing?
Marisa: Oh me? I’m just looking out the window. You know, it might just snow tonight.
Tracey: Are you spying on Marcus and Duplica?
Marisa: Do you want not to have not sex tonight?
Tracey: Yes…no wait, no…um…could you repeat that? (She glares at him) You want me to stop asking questions, don’t you? (Back outside)

Duplica: (Singing) Down by the banks of the hanky-panky…
May: She’s great with kids.
Marcus: Don’t get any ideas May. We’re not ready for babies. Besides, she’s good with any kid over the age of five. Diapers creep her out.
May: Okay, I’ll end that topic there. So any wedding talk? (Marcus blushes) Oh?
Marcus: Kind of private.
May: Understandable. I’ll just get my info from Marisa.
Marcus: Yeah good luck with that. (Back in the kitchen)

Ash: (Sighs) Perfection! (Brock claps)
Brock: I am impressed by the look of the bird. But of course the final portion will be the taste.
Ash: I’m confident I pulled this off flawlessly.
Gary: Well now that you’re through with this, you don’t need me anymore. I’m going to head to the hospital and spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa.
Ash: Hmm…Do you wanna stay for the dinner Gary?
Gary: You’re inviting me to stay?
Ash: Sure. I mean, if you want that is. Take it or leave it.
Gary: Sure, I’d be happy to. (He walks into another room)
Brock: That was awfully nice of you considering just five minutes ago you threatened his testicles with an eggbeater.
Ash: Misty bribed me to say that nice crap.
Brock: I guess some things will never change. (A little later at the hospital)

Mondo: Hi, is Daisy Waterflower still checked in?
Nurse: She sure is. Her sisters are visiting her right now. (Inside the room)
Lily: Now why did you have to go and do something so stupid?
Violet: Now stop it Lily. We can’t blame Daisy for the stupid decision she made. She didn’t listen to me when I told her not to trust Josh. (Daisy sighs)
Lily: Well the police have him in custody. Now you have to go through all of these trial procedures and the fact that the baby you have in there actually belongs to that psychopath.
Violet: Now Lily…
Lily: I’m only being truthful. (The door opens)
Mondo: Hello in there!

Lily: Who do we have here?
Mondo: I was about to say the same thing. I came to pick you up Daisy.
Daisy: Thank God.
Violet: Who the hell are you?
Mondo: I’m a friend of Daisy’s. (They gasp)
Lily: Damn, you work fast!
Daisy: It’s not like that Lily! He’s the guy who helped me last night. He saved my life.
Violet: Well if that’s the case, we are forever grateful for helping our dimwitted sister.
Lily: Take good care of the head-case! We’ll see you later sis! (They leave)
Daisy: Catty bitches! (Gives the finger) I am so happy you came when you did.
Mondo: So is everything okay?
Daisy: Yeah. The baby is doing fine and so am I despite what happened to my arm.
Mondo: Anything else?
Daisy: I haven’t heard anything from the police so I don’t know what’s going to happen next with Josh. (On another floor)

Dawn: We’ll stop by later tonight to visit you Lila.
Lila: Oh don’t worry about little old me. Enjoy the holiday girls.
Zoey: Need anything else before we leave you?
Lila: No thanks. Girls, how’s Johanna?
Dawn: The doctors want her to be in an institution. They all agree that she’s unstable to be out in the public.
Lila: (Sighs) That bad, huh? I guess I was in a bit of denial myself for thinking she was on the mend.
Dawn: There’s more…we’re going to move back so that we can be close to her. (Lila smiles) If she’s going to go through this hell, it’s not going to be alone. Not anymore.
Lila: And you’re fine with that Zoey? (She nods) I was afraid of what your decisions were going to be…but I guess I misjudged you girls. (A little later at Ash’s house)

May: Why are you bringing me in?
Marisa: It’s getting cold and…
May: You’re stalling or you’re hiding something. What’s going on that you want me away from Marcus?
Marisa: Because…I want to talk to you…about…having a baby. (May gasps) Don’t get any ideas because I’m not pregnant yet. (The door opens)
Winona: Hi guys! Now Wallace, why don’t you play nicely with May’s daughter! You remember Sara, don’t you?
Wallace: Can we watch a movie?
Winona: Hey Mist, where do you keep your DVD’s?
Misty: There’s a stack by the television that’s full of Disney. Pop one in.

May: First of all, I’m glad you and Tracey want to have a baby. It is a wonderful experience, especially if you’re sharing the moment with the person you love.
Winona: You kids enjoy!
May: Hey isn’t that Ash on TV?
Ash: This is it! This is the moment! (Camera points to Misty) Misty, do you want to say something into the camera? (Misty screams) Oh, she’s excited!
Ash: Let’s make some baby magic!
May: Winona, what the heck did you put in?
Lanette: Wow, the video tape of Anya’s birth!
Winona: I’ll put a stop to it. (Stops the machine) That’s something for another day.
May: Now where was I? Oh…Marisa? (In a corner)
Marisa: I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready.
Marcus: Little buddy. (She turns around) I couldn’t do it.
Marisa: You what?! I gave you the…
Marcus: I know but…Something is just stopping me from doing it. I don’t know. Maybe the aliens have finally taken over my body and are controlling me like a marionette. (She slaps him in the face) Ow!

Marisa: Now you listen to me, I want you to stop pussy-footing around this. The aliens are not in control, you are you big dummy! I remember when I was younger you would always tell me to face forward and ask the important questions. Be abrasive! If you can’t step up, then you’ll lose the prize. Be a man and step up! (Smiles) Plus you never know unless you ask the question. The outcome may surprise you.
Marcus: (Sighs) Well you’re the real slap in the face I needed. Thanks little buddy. You’re right! I’m going to do it. I’m going to cease that goal. I’m going to…
Marcus: Chow time!
Misty: Everything looks wonderful. You’ve really outdone yourself!
Brock: Well he did learn everything from the master.
Harley: You don’t mean to toot your own horn? (Knock on the door)
Misty: Dawn and Zoey, just in time!
Zoey: Sorry we’re late. We’ve just been dealing with a few things with the family. (They sit down)

May: Dawn, did everything go smoothly with visiting your mother? (Dawn nods)
Zoey: Sorry May, she’s just a little tired today. More importantly, did you and Drew settle things like mature adults?
Drew: Yes we did now let’s never speak of this again!
Ash: You guys had another fight? Man you guys have one of those tilting marriages.
Drew: Mind your own business. (They laugh)
Harley: Drew can’t help what he does. He does have that reputation.
Drew: Better than your reputation of being a man-whore.
Nando: Ain’t that the truth!
Harley: Don’t act like you don’t like this man-whore.
Misty: Let’s put an end to the man-whore talk and say grace. (The door opens) Huh? You’re back! (Everyone turns around)

May: Daisy?
Winona: This could turn ugly. (Marisa smiles) Huh?
Marisa: Everything check out okay?
Mondo: Yeah, the doctors are confident she’s going to be okay. Ooh, nice bird!
Tracey: Take your seat Mondo. We’re about to do grace!
Mondo: My bad!
Ash: (Clears throat) We thank you for gathering all of us together for this one occasion. Even though we have new lives, we never forget what’s important and that is our friendship. Bless the food and bless the people I’m surrounded to share this meal. Amen.
All: Amen.
Winona: That was very pretty Ash.
Gary: You just copied most of it from what Grandpa said last Thanksgiving. (Ash growls)

Misty: Calm down.
Winona: So Marisa…how are you feeling?
Marisa: Happy. Why do you ask?
Winona: Um… (Looks at Daisy) No reason in the world.
Marisa: (Sighs) Okay listen, there’s no hurt feelings here. We’re friends now. (Daisy nods)
Winona: Totally unexpected! You actually made friends with one of your long time enemies.
Marcus: Hey does this mean you’ll make friends with that Hassleback chick from The View?
Marisa: (Smiling) She can burn in Hell.
Duplica: Scary.
Nando: This is very good. My compliments to the chef!
Harley: Come on Brock! You can’t tell us that you had nothing to do with this meal!

Brock: Honestly, this was all Ash and Gary.
Gary: Well mostly Ash. I just…
Ash: Got in the way! But you did help me out since Mom’s taking care of Samuel. And so I have to thank you for your help.
Marcus: Oh, that’s so sweet. (Leans over to Tracey) How long do you give that?
Tracey: I give it five minutes.
Ash: But seriously guys, I’m glad we were all able to meet for this special occasion. Our first year of high school may be long gone, but it was the start of everything. I met my wonderful wife, kept some old friends, met some new, and I’m so happy to have met you guys.
Marcus: Ah hell, it’s been a pleasure being friends with you too! (All agreeing) I mean, you needed all of us to catch you when you screw up royal.

Ash: What’s that supposed to mean Marcus?
Brock: Well you do have your moments.
Drew: Dumb blonde moments…for someone who has black hair.
Harley: You know what, this is the first time we’ve all been in a room together and not have an actual fight break out.
Nando: Oh come on honey, we’re all civilized people here.
Marcus: You must have suffered amnesia because in almost every occasion, some kind of drama followed us. Like at the Christmas party when Erika came drunk.
Ash: That’s nothing, what about when we celebrated Marisa’s 17th. I got knocked out by a big behemoth.
Marcus: But I suppose it’s because we’ve matured throughout the years.
Marisa: Despite a few of you who don’t act your age.
Marcus: Well isn’t that the munchkin calling the midget short?!

Winona: Hey Ash, mind if we do something I do in my family here?
Ash: By all means.
Winona: It’s simple! We just go around the table and say what we’re thankful for.
Misty: Great idea Winona. Who would like to start?
Brock: How about I do the honors? Well I’m thankful for life that I’m blessed with now. Yesterday morning, I had a little blast from my past…and not in the good sense…
Harley: (Whispering) Must have been an ex.
Brock: Anyways…It really put my life in perspective. That now I have everything I can possibly ever hope for; a wonderful job, a sweet and caring girlfriend, and friends who are there when I need a hand. And then there’s Harley! (Laughing) Seriously Harley, I’m very lucky to have a guy like you as a friend, no matter how much crap I give you.

Harley: Oh Brocky-poo!
Brock: Don’t ever call me that again.
Harley: Well I guess I’ll go next. I am thankful for my health, my career, the Logo Channel, leather pants, Lady GaGa songs… (Nando groans) Yeesh, you are such a drama queen. I am thankful for Nando. He has been there through my good moments and my bad ones too. Anyone who can put up with my mood swings deserves my eternal thanks.
Winona: Well, I am thankful for my two kids. Wallace and Stephanie are the loves of my life and the little piece of two important people I lost. And of course all of you! For most of my important moments in life, you all were there to help. From school functions to helping me through child birth, I love you all and wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.
Lanette: Nah, you’re pretty much stuck with us Winnie!
Marcus: One thing I’m thankful with Winona is that I’m thankful she can hold her liquor. (Winona gives a nervous giggle)
Winona: Yeah, sorry about the other day. I guess things got out of hand.
Marcus: Isn’t that an understatement?

Dawn: (Clears throat) Well…I used to hate this holiday for several personal reasons and Zoey hated it for it’s historical reason.
Zoey: No matter how you sugarcoat it, Thanksgiving is still a racist…
Dawn: We know. As I was saying, this year being with you guys made me feel more happier. And I want to take this opportunity to say that Zoey and I are moving back here. Three years away from here has made me realize that I can’t turn my back on this place. I’m thankful for the good people of this town. The people I forgot existed, but you all are good people and I wish the world had more of you guys.
May: Oh it’s a shame you guys are leaving Washington, but hey at least you’ll be back to check in on your mother. (Dawn smiles)
Dawn: Yeah, I think it’s what is best.
Drew: I’m thankful for May and Sara. I know this past year it felt as though I was distant from you guys, but I promise you that I will find a way to keep my priorities straight. And to always remember that you guys are first above all else! (May smiles)

Tracey: I’m thankful for my wife, the one person who I can depend on for making my day brighter. And I’m thankful for the family we’re about to begin! And as strange as it sounds, I’m thankful for my dysfunctional family and that includes my pain in the neck cousin.
Mondo: Love you too Trace! (Marisa and Tracey kiss) Hey, save it for the bedroom you two!
Daisy: Well if you don’t mind…I’m thankful for my little sister. Even though there are times where we don’t get along! Like when you’re hogging the covers…
Misty: That was you.
Daisy: Oh! Well…when you eat all of the food…
Misty: Again, that was you!

Daisy: Well either way, you were there for me and I’m thankful for everything you’re doing for me…and your soon-to-be nephew. Marisa, if this were 10 years ago, I’d be singing a different tune. But I’m definitely thankful for you. And after you saved my life, I’m forever in your debt. And I would just like to say that I apologize for any crap I gave to you. I know I’ve done things that now looking back I regret. I’m thankful you’re the way you are.
Marisa: Thank you Daisy. (Marcus clears his throat)
Duplica: Mind if I go next?
Misty: Go right ahead! (Marcus pulls out a box)
Duplica: Well then…I’ve only lived in this town for less than a year. But it was the most memorable year of my life. That was where I met Marcus…and all of you. I’m thankful for getting the chance to meet everyone. Marcus, I’m thankful for everyday we’re together in the big city. And I would like to do something bold…Marcus, will you marry me? (Pulls out a box)

Marisa: Whoa! (Marcus’s jaw drops)
Duplica: I know it’s the man who is usually supposed to do this but… (Marcus falls back in the chair and faints) MARCUS!
Harley: Call 911!
Marisa: He just fainted, you idiot! (Fans a piece of paper) Wake up Marcus! Wake up Marcus!
Duplica: Maybe I shouldn’t have been so bold!
Marisa: Wake up Marcus!
Ash: What should we do?
Brock: Blow on him!
Tracey: Splash some water on him!
Marisa: Wake up you idiot! (Marcus opens his eyes)
Marcus: I WILL! (Duplica gasps)
Tracey: Hey Marcus, what’s that in your hands?
Marcus: Well, I was trying to work up the courage for the past week trying to ask Duplica’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately all of my past attempts failed due to my gut, Delta Airlines, an evil toilet…
Marisa: Evil toilet?
Marcus: …My parents, my drunk friends, my Nana, my parents again…

Duplica: Well I’m glad you’re feeling okay. I thought you were acting a little strange the last few days.
Marisa: Now didn’t I tell you to propose to her?
Tracey: Oh so that’s what you guys were talking about!
Marisa: Yeah Tracey, you didn’t think we were talking about the wart on Marcus’s ass, did you?
Duplica: You mean you were trying to get him to pop the question?
Marisa: Well he called and told me he was going to do it and I’ve been yelling at him to get it over with. Glad it all worked out for the best.
Winona: Cheers to Marcus and…err…Duplica…That isn’t your real name is it?
Duplica: No. My real name is Delilah.

Marisa: So Marcus, would you rather we sing Tom Jones at your wedding or Plain White T’s?
Nando: (Singing) My, my, my Delilah. Why, why, why Delilah! (Marisa giggles)
Marcus: Neither.
Harley: He’ll probably sing the Plain White T’s song at the ceremony himself. (All laughing)
Marcus: You cannot be further from the truth!
Brock: We believe you Marcus. By the way, would you like to borrow my guitar to practice on?
Marcus: Hey Brock, do you wanna borrow some Rogaine to cover that bald spot you got at the top of your head?
Brock: YOU LIE!
Misty: Relax Brock, he was joking. (Gary sighs) Something you’d like to say Gary?

Gary: …Not really…I can’t really think of much to say what I’m thankful for.
All: Huh?
Gary: Well there is one…but…I guess I shouldn’t say it…
Ash: Come on, it’ll probably be better than Harley’s.
Harley: (Sarcastic) Oh ha, ha, ha!
Gary: Fine. I’m thankful for…well you Ash. (Ash drops his turkey leg) Well…I’ve known you for years and I know we never got along. But when your mother married my grandfather, for the first time I saw a different point of view. I see the way you handle your life and it makes me think about my own life in comparison. I mean, you’ve got a steady career, a wife that loves you, a child, and a place of your own. That’s something I want to achieve for my own one day. I do look up to you after all. And even though all of our conversations end with us at each other’s throats, in reality I’m thankful you’re there…even when you annoy me.

May: This day…is full of surprises. (Winona nods)
Misty: Wow Gary…that was truly…something else. I’m sure Ash will respond…once his jaw goes back to its original position.
Ash: Gary…I’m seriously touched you would say that. I guess I should do it now. I am thankful for you all. I am thankful that everyone could make it today…except for Sakura.
Marcus: Oh wait. (Pulls out a picture) Here we go. (Falsetto) I’m Sakura! Carry on Ash!
Ash: That’s creepy Marcus! You’ve been there with me through the good and the bad, the happy and sad. Through Marcus’s plays, Harley’s tantrums, May and Drew’s break-ups, Brock’s love issues, Marisa’s mood swings, Winona’s children, Gary’s…moments, Dawn’s bad hair days, Morrison’s uncontrollable gas and bottomless pit stomach…

Morrison: Hey, I controlled my food problem.
Brock: Yes, but your gas is just as bad as it was from back then.
Morrison: Yeah, it’s probably that Activia yogurt I eat.
Marcus: Is this really something we should be talking about at the table?
Ash: Like I was saying, I’ve been through it all with you and then some. It was because of all of you I was able to do things I never thought I would do. If it wasn’t for Marisa’s love of being a snoop, I might not have learned of the exciting career as a cop. If it wasn’t for Drew’s advice followed up by his examples in life, Misty and I may not be together today. All these and more, I am thankful that I got the chance to meet you all. (Raises a glass) Most of us have been friends for 10 years now, let’s toast to keeping our friendship alive and thriving.
All: Cheers! (Scenes from the distant future)

Harley: Now you take good care of him Marina!
Marina: You can count on me!
Lyra: Thanks for teaching me those sweet dance moves you guys!
Nando: It was our pleasure. That’s our job after all! (Lyra humming a Lady GaGa song and dancing) Although I really wish Harley didn’t sing those annoying tunes while doing it.
Harley: Put a sock in it Fernando! Well we’ll see you another day. Oh and before we go… (Blows a kiss to Khoury)
Khoury: That guy creeps me out!
Brock: Yeah he does…but he’s a great friend.
Ash: (Voice over) Though we may go our separate ways, lets never forget what bonded us together. We look after each other… (In a doctor’s office)

Mondo: Wow, that kid is just ready to burst out. (Daisy giggling)
Doctor: Not long until you’re a mother Daisy. You feeling anxious?
Daisy: Very. (Mondo kisses her forehead)
Mondo: Come on babe, wait until you see how I decorated the nursery.
Ash: (Voice over) Ever so caring… (In an institution)
Johanna: So have you and Zoey settled?
Dawn: Well we still have several boxes that we haven’t unpacked yet, but we got out what’s most essential.
Johanna: Very good. (Looks up) Snow? (Smiles) I remember how much you loved snow as a kid. (Picture snaps) Huh?
Zoey: Found the camera!

Dawn: Great! (Zoey runs up to them) Maybe later tonight you can find my curling iron.
Zoey: (Sighs) You’re much better off without it.
Ash: (Voice over) Once you’ve been through the worst of it all, the good can shine through… (In Tracey’s apartment)
Tracey: Well?
Marisa: It’s…blue! I’m pregnant!
Tracey: THAT’S GREAT! (He picks her up and twirls around)
Marisa: Uh-oh… (Runs into the bathroom and vomits) Damn you, Tracey!
Tracey: I love you too!

Ash: (Voice over) It’ll take a lot of initiative to make something work, but I have faith in you all… (In May and Drew’s bedroom)
May: Sara’s soccer game is this Friday.
Drew: Hmm…I’ll be there at 3:00pm cheering her on. (May kisses him on the cheek) I’ll just rearrange my meeting to my lunch hour.
May: And don’t forget our appointment with the marriage councilor tomorrow.
Drew: Wouldn’t miss it for the world!
Ash: (Voice over) Through the good and the bad, we’ve been there to comfort and support in any way we can. (At a cemetery)

Wallace: Look Dad, I lost a tooth in my mouth. The Tooth Fairy came and gave me a whole $5.
Winona: Your father is very proud of you.
Lanette: Yep. (Picks up Stephanie) Do you wanna visit your father Steph?
Stephanie: Okay!
Winona: Come on, let’s go visit Steven.
Ash: (Voice over) We’ve hooked up friends with other friends…and sometimes a few hook-ups happened that even I couldn’t see coming… (At the diner)
Theresa: One cheeseburger with no onions, Jose.
Jose: Si ma’am!
Theresa: More coffee? (Gary lifts his head up)
Gary: Oh um…sure.
Theresa: Oh…right. More coffee, right here! (Nervous giggle)
Gary: So what was your name again?

Ash: (Voice over) But luckily we still have Facebook!
Marcus: Oh yeah, I am looking handsome in that tux. Let’s see what the peanut gallery has to say on the matter. (In Harley’s room)
Harley: (Laughs) I guess he’s ready.
Nando: I think he looks rather cute in that monkey suit.
Harley: (Sighs) Whatever you say! (In Dawn’s apartment)
Dawn: Oh my God! You have to see Marcus’s tux!
Brianna: Oh let me see! (Laughs) Oh he’s the same goofy guy I remember.
Zoey: Hey, keep it down will you? I’m trying to study.
Dawn: Fine, take a study break! (In Marisa’s apartment)

Marisa: (Laughs) No freakin’ way are you wearing that color Marcus!
Tracey: Hasn’t he ever heard of traditional black?
Marisa: I honestly think his father put him up to that. Oh? Looks like Mondo posted another picture of Daisy’s son.
Tracey: He’s been a real picture whore recently. So then…Ready for me to take a picture of your growing tummy?
Marisa: Don’t make me kick you!
Tracey: Come on. (In a park)

Brock: I got you now Morrison!
Morrison: Oh you think! (Shoots a basket) Number one!
Brock: I’m just getting warmed up!
Morrison: You’re getting rusty old man! (Ash and Misty walk up)
Brock: Oh you’re in for it now!
Morrison: Oh yeah, time to whup your butt in front of your wife and kid.
Ash: Think again bud! (Misty and Brock sit next to Marina)
Brock: Oh God, they’re gonna be at it for hours!
Misty: It gives them some exercise. I don’t want Ash to turn flabby. (Anya giggling)
Marina: Are you gonna go back out there?
Brock: Nah, I would need a fourth.

Marina: Well then… (Gets up) Let’s go Brock. HEY YOU TWO! Brock and I challenge you!
Ash: Huh? You mean…I’m going against you two?
Morrison: And I play on Ash’s side?
Ash: Has that ever happened?
Morrison: I don’t think so. But we got challenged by a girl. You’re on!
Misty: Oh boy, your father is at it again Anya.
Anya: Daddy!
Misty: (Gasps) You spoke! Your first actual word!
Ash: She said what?! (Runs over) Her first word! I’m her first word! Aw, that’s my girl.
Brock: Oh Ash!
Ash: Kiss Daddy for good luck Anya!
Morrison: Double or nothing guys! Let’s go!

Ash: (Voice over) Fun, insightful, reliable, goofy, quirky, and a little odd, you are all my friends. From New York, to San Francisco, to Reno, to Los Angeles, and back here, we all share a red string of fate. No matter what happens, we’ll stay the best of friends. Sure it seems silly, but hey after all the crap we’ve put each other through, we can remain just the same. I love you guys.

Narrator: So that’s it?
Medea: That’s it.
Narrator: I don’t believe you.
Medea: Well…because I’ve run out of ideas to make this continue.
Narrator: Well for the fourth time, we are saying our goodbye. We are glad you have enjoyed our story. And I’m happy to get another paycheck!
Medea: Well yes, I’m glad I got to fill your lives with glee again. And as a final note before we leave you! I wouldn’t have been able to create this story without the help of some good friends. It’s been almost 10 years since the day, just like Ash and the gang in this story. What I’m trying to say is, keep those friends close. You never know, they just might surprise you. Take care of yourselves.

(c) medea10 productions 2006-2010
Tags: ash, brock, dawn, marcus, marisa, misty, romance reunion, tracey, zoey
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