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Romance Reunion: Aftermath - Chapter One

Author: medea10

Fandom: Pokemon

Chapter Shipping: Appealshipping (Dawn x Zoey) and Lanette x Bebe

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Rating: R

Character Recap: Since last time, Dawn and Zoey moved back to Pallet so that Dawn can be there for her mother Johanna. Dawn now works in the mental hospital where her mother is monitored.

Chapter Summary: On a take on the California Prop 8 story, this story involves Dawn and Zoey taking on the recent Proposition 23 that will determine whether or not gays will be allowed to marry. Meanwhile, Winona hooks up with a mysterious man that pisses Lanette off.

New Character's Introduced: Ursula and Tyson

Narrator: I knew the writer was a liar when she said ‘The End’ that last time. Oh well, I still get paid. On with the show! Hello viewers, we are ONCE AGAIN back for more fun and drama. These the writer promises are the final 5 chapters. She swears on her father’s grave. But I think her fingers were crossed. Well today features Dawn and Zoey. Not only them but Winona and Lanette appear as well. Estrogen filled chapter this is! Enjoy folks!

Dawn: (Voice over) As far back as I can remember, television, movies, schools, churches, politicians, and just about everyone else in your day-to-day life seem to say the same thing when it comes to love. That life isn’t complete until you find your prince charming if you’re a girl. But what about those who don’t want a prince? In the last decade, the gay community has risen further than before and have made great strides to overcome discrimination in their communities. Slowly but surely, we’re making our voices heard. One subject that’s constantly being tossed around is gay marriage. A couple of years ago, gays were able to marry in our state. But in later years, politicians decided to put a stop to it by defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. But in January of this year, our voices were heard.

Reporter: Topping the news at this hour, we’ve been following the monumental decision made. Civil unions will now be administered in this state legally…
Dawn: (Voice over) However, it wasn’t long before the radical conservative groups came out of the wood-works and before you know it, we’re going to have a special election in June to decide whether or not we deserve the right to marry. (Outside the university)

Zoey: Remember students, your vote will count. Every vote counts! Voting Yes on Prop 23 is a slap in all of our faces. Not just the faces of the gays, but everyone here. For people to say that you don’t deserve to marry the one you love is discrimination! That would be like taking away this guy’s right to marriage just because he chooses to wear a white hat. (A tomato hits Zoey’s face)
Ursula: Oh put a sock in it! This is all just wasted effort and you know it.
Zoey: What did you just say, Ursula?
Ursula: You heard me. It’s clear in the bible that marriage is between one man and one woman. Not only that, but aren’t you forgetting the Defense of Marriage Act that’s still being defended.

Zoey: Listen you ignorant little snot, the DOMA is now being questioned and just like the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for the military, it will fall too. Because there are people who believe that it’s immoral to keep gays away from marrying the ones they love.
Ursula: Inferior people. You might as well allow sex offenders, prostitutes, and murderers the right to marry too while you’re at it. (Zoey clinches her fist)
Zoey: That’s it!
Dawn: ZOEY! (She grabs her hand) Don’t! (Zoey inhales and exhales)
Zoey: You’re not worth my time Ursula. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more important matters to deal with. (Ursula walks away) Dawn, thanks for holding me back in just the nick of time. I swear I was this close to clobbering her.

Dawn: Here, let me wipe off the juice in your hair. Just stay strong at least until graduation. You don’t want to get into a huge fight and ruin your chances of getting your degree. (A little later in a hospital)
Johanna: Poor Zoey. It sounds like she’s having a rough time on campus now.
Dawn: (Sighs) I know she’s holding in a lot of anger especially with these final days approaching. You should have seen her Mom. If I didn’t stop her, I think she would have beat this girl up.
Johanna: Well it’s a good thing you were there Dawn. So honey, if Prop 23 is defeated, does that mean we’ll be hearing wedding bells in the future?
Dawn: Perhaps. (Blushes) I guess we’ll see what happens. (That night in Lanette’s apartment)

Man on TV: By voting Yes on Prop 23, you’re giving your children a better future by not teaching them about trans-gendered people. Do it for the children.
Lanette: Boo! (Throws a can at the television)
Bebe: (Sighs) You know, there’s a trash can right next to you.
Lanette: Wasn’t aiming for the trash in that shot!
Bebe: Break another television and you’re paying for the next one.
Lanette: Fine, fine! (Stands up) I’m going out for some fresh air. If I listen to any more of those stupid ads, I’m going to break something. (Walks out the door) Huh? Who are you?
Tyson: I beg your pardon?

Lanette: What business do you have with Winnie next door?
Tyson: Just picking her up for our date.
Lanette: Date? (The door opens)
Winona: Oh Tyson, good to see you. Come on in! Oh hello Lanette! (She runs up to her) Huh?
Lanette: Okay Winnie, why haven’t I heard about this guy? And you’re casually inviting him inside? I want answers now! (Inside the apartment)
Winona: This is Tyson and we’re kind of going on our third date. Tyson, this is my long-time friend Lanette.
Tyson: Oh, you’re Lanette. It’s nice to finally meet you.

Lanette: Oh, the pleasure is all mine! So how did you two end up meeting?
Winona: Ash introduced us. Apparently he and Tyson shoot hoops at the rec center every now and then.
Lanette: Oh super! So tell me about yourself Tyson.
Tyson: Well I just got my B.A. in Political Science and am currently doing an intern over at the Senator’s office.
Lanette: Impressive. Well I won’t interrupt your date, call me later Winnie. (She leaves)
Tyson: She seems…unique.
Winona: Maybe we should do a double date one day.
Tyson: Oh, she has a boyfriend?
Winona: Not exactly. More like a girlfriend.
Tyson: Oh…so she’s one of those. (Later in Zoey’s apartment)

Reporter: With just a few weeks until the June election, the polls are still too close to call when it comes to the controversial Proposition 23. But both sides are fighting like its life or death. (Dawn turns off the television)
Zoey: That was hard to get out of my head.
Dawn: That took a lot of guts to not go postal on that girl.
Zoey: Well if I know anything about karma, she should get her due soon. What are the polls saying now?
Dawn: Still too close to call. Say Zoey…um…never mind!
Zoey: Okay. (Goes to the computer) Huh? Harley and Marisa both want us to call them. Odd that those two would want to call out of the blue! (Moments later)

Harley: I’m very proud of you Zoey. Dawn told me that you’re on the No on 23 campaign trail big time.
Zoey: Yeah, well I don’t know if I’m reaching that many people with my words.
Harley: Well don’t give up. No matter what they may throw at you, stay strong. If you don’t fight for your rights, who will? Certainly not the politicians you vote for! Keep me posted on the campaign trail.
Zoey: Will do Harley! (Hangs up) That’s very encouraging.
Dawn: Well, call Marisa too. (She dials the phone)
Marisa: Hello?
Zoey: Marisa, hi!
Marisa: Hey, I was wondering when you were going to call. Dawn told me all about what’s going on out there.

Zoey: So I’ve heard.
Marisa: But that’s great Zoey. Listen Zoey, you’ve heard the horror stories from my state when we voted on the same ballot.
Zoey: I would have thought your state would have been smarter than that.
Marisa: Tell me about it. Anyways, it looks like it’s been written like ours. No means yes and vice versa. When spreading the truth, be sure that your audience is aware so that they don’t vote yes thinking it means it’s for gay marriage.
Zoey: Right.
Marisa: I’m very proud of you.
Zoey: Thanks. (They hang up) Well that definitely raised my spirits after today.
Dawn: I thought so. (Zoey hugs her) What’s that for?
Zoey: Thanks Dawn. I love you so much. (The next morning outside Lanette’s apartment)

Bebe: I’m going to shower off and then we can go get some breakfast.
Lanette: Great, I can already taste those Mimosas.
Bebe: Try not to go overboard. (A door opens) Oh hello Winona!
Winona: Morning ladies!
Lanette: Oh? Date number three must have gone well. I’m assuming he spent the night, eh?
Winona: Stop thinking like that! Tyson is picking me up for some breakfast.
Bebe: Hey, we were about to grab a bite to eat too. We could join you if you’d like!
Tyson: Sorry ladies, but I’d like to spend the time alone with Winona.
Winona: Oh…well maybe another time guys. (They walk away)
Lanette: Fine, hog her to yourself, prick! (A little later on the campus)

Brianna: Want some lunch? I’m treating!
Zoey: No thanks, I’m not too hungry.
Brianna: You have to eat something Zoey.
Zoey: I’ve got too much to do and only so much time to go around. Why don’t you and your boyfriend go without me? (Brianna picks up a flyer)
Brianna: Only less than a month to go. So if this proposition goes down, does that mean you and Dawn are going to tie the knot?
Zoey: What do you mean ‘if’?
Brianna: I’m just saying it could go either way. Zoey, you know how divided this place is and it’ll end up like Maine and California.

Zoey: Not if I spread the gospel to everyone I possibly can. Marisa gave me the key when I talked to her last night and that’s people are stupid and won’t read the measure. So at the very least remind them that no means yes.
Brianna: That’s only a small margin Zoey. And I hate to admit it but there are people who still stick to their principles of marriage being only between a man and a woman.
Zoey: I refuse to accept that.
Brianna: Well you still didn’t answer my question. Are you and Dawn planning on getting married?
Zoey: We…haven’t really talked about… (Blushes) …I mean, we…
Brianna: Look at you blushing like a little school girl. Zoey, you’ve been in this relationship for years now. Do you have any idea how many of our high school classmates got married since we graduated? You and Dawn should definitely tie the knot especially if you get that right.
Zoey: Don’t say if…I don’t like that word right now. (Later in Lanette’s apartment)

Reporter on TV: Just about a month before we vote on the controversial Proposition 23. I’m speaking to some of the main contributors of the Yes on Prop 23 campaign.
Lanette: Oh my God! BEBE, GET OUT HERE!
Bebe: What’s wrong? (She walks out) Oh my!
Lanette: That guy! That guy who’s dating Winnie!
Bebe: Ssh, I wanna hear what he’s trying to say!
Tyson: Naturally, this is for the children. I mean if we let this proposition fail, we’ll have to start teaching our children about transgendered individuals. Not to mention when they learn about where babies come from. Would you want to explain to your son or daughter where babies come from when the parents are two fathers? (Lanette throws the remote at the wall)
Bebe: Damn it Lanette, we don’t have money to give to the landlord if you make a hole in the wall.

Lanette: I swear to God, she’s dating a creep!
Bebe: Look, we have no control over what douchebags Winona chooses to date.
Lanette: You don’t understand Bebe! It has taken me years to try and sway her over to the side of understanding. And now this son of a bitch is going to undo that!
Bebe: There’s no proof that he’s influencing Winona to hate gays or vote against our best wishes. (Lanette opens the door) Where are you going?
Lanette: For a walk, I need to clear my mind before I punch a hole in the wall. (Stephanie runs into her) Whoa! Stephanie, what are you doing out of your apartment?
Stephanie: Auntie Lanette, I’m playing Hide N’ Seek!
Lanette: Oh okay, dear. I won’t stop you from your fun. (Tyson runs up)

Tyson: Stephanie, I said you could play the game but play it inside the apartment. Now why don’t you go hide inside!
Stephanie: Okay! Bye Auntie Lanette! (She runs away)
Lanette: So Winnie’s letting you watch over the children?
Tyson: Yeah, she’s got a night shift and I offered to watch the kids. They’re really good kids.
Lanette: Oh, well if that’s the case Tyson, don’t forget to give Wallace his ear drops. I mean I should know, I’ve been kind of an aunt to him for years now.
Tyson: With all due respect…Lane, let me handle my business and keep your nose out of mine and Winona’s. I mean, what do you know about children? From what Winona has told me, you don’t have children and you were the youngest child.

Lanette: There’s a difference between what Winnie tells you and what I really am in real life. But it sounds to me like you’re talking down to me. You think you know everything when in reality you’ve only known Winnie for what, a couple of weeks? Keep stepping junior!
Tyson: All you people are the same! You want to play hardball with the big boys?!
Lanette: That’s the way I like to play it Tyson. Why don’t you just say what you want to say? The kids aren’t around!
Tyson: Alright fine, I think that people like you shouldn’t even exist. Yes, I am aware that you are gay. I think that gay is immoral. And when the people speak on Election Day, that’ll be one more step for creating a better community for me, Winona, and the kids!
Lanette: I’m about to vomit in your face, you’re that sickening to me. Now why don’t you take your right-wing, pompous, Daniel Baldwin haircut the fuck off my welcome mat because you sure as hell aren’t welcome here!
Tyson: With pleasure. (He walks away)
Lanette: Son of a bitch! (Punches the wall) Ow, damn it!

Dawn: (Voice over) As we approach closer and closer to Election Day, the polls were evenly split in both favors. There’s no telling what’ll happen in a few weeks. And with that in mind, even the happiest occasion like Zoey graduation was overshadowed by the everlasting fight we’re enduring. (In an arena)
Brianna: Congratulations Zoey!
Zoey: Thank you. So when should we expect you to walk down the aisle to get your diploma?
Brianna: (Nervous laugh) Oh some day, but hey let’s not go there now!
Dawn: We’re going to treat you to a big feast tonight in honor of you graduating!
Brianna: YAY! (Later at a restaurant)

Zoey: (Sighs) Man, those last few weeks were such a struggle!
Dawn: But you made it!
Forrest: I’m glad you invited me guys!
Brianna: Sure, we can always use someone to pay the beer tabs!
Forrest: What makes you think I have the money to pay for that?
Brianna: Your new job at the car dealership speaks loud and proud to me.
Forrest: Fine. Only because it’s for Zoey…whenever the hell you graduate you can pay for your own booze! (Zoey looks over at the bar)
Dawn: Zoey? Are you okay?
Zoey: Yeah… (Drinks her beer) Peachy! (A little later at Winona’s apartment)

Lanette: So tell me, how are things going with Tyson?
Winona: He’s wonderful Lanette! He’s great with the kids, he takes me places, and quite honestly I haven’t been this happy since I was with Steven. (Lanette sighs) Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rush into things. We’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks.
Lanette: So Ash hooked you two up?
Winona: Well Ash only knows him from playing basketball and he introduced us. We met again during an Easter Sunday service and I guess that’s where we hit it off.

Lanette: I guess that makes sense. Listen…Winona…
Winona: Huh? (The door opens) Oh Tyson…welcome home.
Lanette: Home? I thought you weren’t rushing into things. And yet he has his own keys to the place and you’re saying ‘welcome home’!
Winona: Relax Lanette, he’s staying here for a week while his apartment is being fumigated. (Lanette gets up) Leaving already?
Lanette: Yeah, I have a big day to prepare for. Talk to you later…Winnie! (A little later at the restaurant)

Forrest: Oh yeah, Riley just sent me this picture!
Dawn: That’s great he’s getting to travel around the world with his father.
Forrest: Conway sent me something the other day if you’d like to… (Dawn bangs her fist on the table)
Dawn: Forrest…Don’t ever say that name in my presence again!
Brianna: Don’t anger the beast Forrest!
Dawn: Hey, where’s Zoey? She left for the bathroom a while back and she hasn’t come back yet. I hope she didn’t drink too much already.
Brianna: I wouldn’t worry. She doesn’t normally drink a whole lot, right? (Glasses breaking) Huh? Uh-oh, somebody’s got into a fight! (Dawn gets up) What’s up? (Dawn runs away) Hey Dawn! (In another area)

Zoey: You fucking bitch! (Punches Ursula in the face)
Ursula: Faggot! (Punches Zoey in the face) You’ve gotten in my way for far too long. (Breaks a bottle and comes after Zoey)
Dawn: ZOEY! (Ursula stabs Dawn in the arm and she screams)
Zoey: Dawn! You… (Grabs Ursula by the hair and punches her repeatedly) You hurt Dawn! YOU HURT HER! (Dawn grabs Zoey’s fist) Huh?
Dawn: (Tears up) Please stop it Zoey! Stop it! Stop it! (Zoey lets go of Ursula’s hair and she walks away)
Zoey: I’m…sorry. (She grabs Dawn and they run out the emergency exit) Come on!
Dawn: Where are we going? (They run down an alley) Zoey? (Zoey leans against the wall and falls down) Zoey!

Zoey: I’m sorry you had to see that Dawn…and that you got injured in that process.
Dawn: Oh…I hadn’t even realized my arm injury. (Zoey pulls out a handkerchief)
Zoey: This’ll do for now. (Ties it around her arm)
Dawn: What the hell possessed you to turn into a beast on that girl?
Zoey: (Sighs) All semester, she’s been…tormenting me. And I held back all this time just so I wouldn’t risk getting thrown out of college for fighting. But tonight…I saw her and my rage built up. I know we shouldn’t let the words others say get us down…but one can only take so much before being pushed over the edge.
Dawn: So it had nothing to do with how much you drank tonight? (Zoey gags) Thought so! Go do your business in that trashcan. (Zoey throws up) Honestly Zoey, it’s your graduation night and here you are drinking, fighting, and throwing up in trashcans!

Zoey: (Coughs) Believe me, this is not what I wanted.
Dawn: (Sighs) Never thought I’d have to lecture you like this.
Zoey: Dawn…there’s something I wanted to ask you tonight…before all of the drama came to a head. Listen Dawn…when the proposition goes down…I want you by my side.
Dawn: Well you know I’m going to be with you on election night.
Zoey: Not what I meant! I meant as my fiancé. (Dawn gasps) I want you to be my wife.
Dawn: You’re actually proposing? (Blushing) I think you had too much to drink.
Zoey: No, I’m dead serious about this. I’ve wanted to propose to you for some time now. So what do you say Dawn?
Dawn: Zoey…Yes, I will. I will marry you! (She hugs Zoey)
Zoey: Ugh…Gotta throw up again! (The next morning at the hospital)

Johanna: (Gasps) SHE PROPOSED?!
Dawn: Yeah, last night she did.
Johanna: That’s fantastic!
Dawn: Now don’t jump the gun or anything, she only proposed. Until the proposition is turned down, that’s as far as we go.
Johanna: Honey, what happened to your arm?
Dawn: Oh, it’s just…nothing. It’s nothing to get you worked up over. No need to worry. (The door opens)
Johanna: Zoey, what on earth happened to your eye?
Zoey: Oh, it’s just…nothing.
Johanna: It is not ‘nothing’! Tell me what happened!
Both: No need to worry!
Johanna: Okay, now you’re both making me a nervous wreck.
Zoey: Well if it makes you feel better, we didn’t do this to each other.
Johanna: It doesn’t. (Moments later outside the room)

Zoey: I don’t like explaining to folks about my black eye. I’d hate to think what my mother would say.
Dawn: She’ll probably have the same fears my mom just had.
Zoey: Okay Dawn, I’ll be back to pick you up later. I’m going with the campaign on another mission.
Dawn: What’s the task today?
Zoey: (Sighs) Door to door.
Dawn: Oh geez, that sounds…awful.
Zoey: I know it does but if it makes a difference in one person or two people, it’s a start. I want to get through to as many people as possible. Here Dawn, it wouldn’t kill you to pass these pamphlets around to the other patients here.
Dawn: Good luck out there. (Later in front of Winona’s apartment)

Tyson: You want my opinion? Let me have one of those pamphlets. (Rips it up, throws it on the ground, and steps on it) Now you know my opinion, now get lost! (Slams the door)
Zoey: Yeesh, what a jerk. (Sighs) Well I’m off to a fabulous start. (Lanette walks up)
Lanette: Don’t mind him, he’s just mad because the wizard didn’t give him the brain he was promised. (Zoey laughs) You look familiar.
Zoey: Yeah…you too. Oh now I know! Weren’t you at Misty’s house for Thanksgiving?
Lanette: Oh my, that’s right! Now what was your name again?
Zoey: It’s Zoey.
Lanette: Ah, that’s right! I’m Lanette. What are you doing here?
Zoey: Giving people the truth about Prop 23 so at least they would have the knowledge going into the voting booth.
Lanette: Zoey, I respect you big time for this. I’ll tell you what, how about I help you today?
Zoey: Oh I wouldn’t want to trouble you or…
Lanette: It’s no trouble at all. With me around we could get things done twice as fast. (Later in a coffee store)

Zoey: (Sighs) Long…long…long day. (Phone ringing) Huh? Hello?
Dawn: Zoey, where are you?
Zoey: Oh dang, was I supposed to pick you up from the institution?
Dawn: No, I’m already home. I was checking to see where you were.
Zoey: I just finished my work for the day. I’m just getting something in my system.
Dawn: Not alcohol, right?
Zoey: (Sighs) No Dawn. (Hangs up) Great, now she thinks I’m an alcoholic after what happened the other night. Huh?

Lanette: Here you go.
Zoey: Oh let me at least reimburse you for that.
Lanette: Don’t worry about it. I’m treating you today. Besides, I’m picking up something for Bebe while I’m here. Speaking of which, she should be done at the gym so I should swing by to pick her up. Come on, I’ll give you a ride.
Zoey: Oh you don’t have to do that.
Lanette: Non-sense! It’s getting late and I don’t want you roaming around this downtown area by yourself.
Zoey: I guess not. Thanks Lanette. (A little later at in a gym)

Bebe: Hello?
Lanette: I’m outside, come out whenever you’re ready.
Bebe: Thanks Lanette. (In the car)
Zoey: Thanks again Lanette.
Lanette: It’s no problem. You know we should double with you and Dawn one of these days. Bebe and I have been looking for another couple to hook up with.
Zoey: Hey, is that her?
Lanette: Yeah…huh? (Outside the gym)

Bebe: What the hell? (Gets punched in the face and gets thrown to the ground) HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!
Lanette: OH MY GOD! Stay inside Zoey and call the police! (Gets out of the car) BEBE! Get away from her! (The doors of the gym open and several people come out) You’re in for it now you punks. (The thugs run away in opposite directions)
Zoey: Holy crap…this is nuts. (Gets out of the car) Is she okay?
Lanette: She’s unconscious! It was an ambush! Don’t worry Bebe, the ambulance is coming. I’ll be by your side! (A little later in the hospital)

Doctor: She’s in stable condition. But I’m afraid she’s not responsive at the moment.
Zoey: Any idea when she might come to?
Doctor: Hard to tell.
Dawn: Excuse me Nurse, you have to tell me where my girlfriend is! Her name is Zoey…
Zoey: Dawn?
Dawn: THERE YOU ARE! I was so scared when you called from a hospital. I thought something had happened to you.
Zoey: Not to me. It happened to someone else. (Lanette crying) Hey Lanette, she’s in stable condition. That’s something to be thankful for.
Lanette: (Sobbing) I can’t lose her. I can’t…I’ll have nothing if she’s gone. (Outside the apartments)

Winona: Kids, why don’t you go back to the apartment, I have to talk to Aunt Lanette about something. I’ll be by in a sec to start dinner. (They walk away) Lanette? (Knocks on the door) It’s me. Are you there? Hmm…
Tyson: Winona?
Winona: Oh, you’re back. Where’d you go?
Tyson: I had some business to conduct elsewhere. That and I picked up some snacks for the kids. What’s going on?
Winona: I just got home. I was just going over to see if Lanette wanted to join us for dinner.
Tyson: Hmm…Let me ask you something Winona. What is it that you like about this friend of yours?
Winona: Well, we’ve been friends for many years. I think she’s funny, she’s very reliable, and trusting. And she’s very good on protection!
Tyson: Hmph. (The next morning in Winona’s apartment)

Winona: Now I want you two to finish your breakfast and then wash up.
Both: Yes Mommy.
Tyson: Great breakfast Winona. (She dials the phone) Who are you calling?
Winona: Just checking on Lanette. I stopped by her place this morning and no one was there.
Tyson: Maybe she went away on a trip.
Winona: Not without telling me first. Hello Lanette?
Lanette: Oh…Winnie, it’s you.
Winona: I was trying to get a hold of you since last night but no one was home. Hey, what’s the matter? You sound like you’ve been crying.

Lanette: That’s because I was crying. Bebe…she was ambushed in front of the gym last night and beaten up pretty bad. It’s been well over 12 hours since the incident and she hasn’t woken up yet.
Winona: That’s terrible. Who would do such a thing to Bebe?
Lanette: There are some sick people out there. It’s too early to think it’s a hate crime that was committed, but you never know. Look, I’m going to get going so I can check in with the doctor. (Hangs up)
Tyson: What’s going on?
Winona: Bebe got roughed up last night by a pack of thugs. Come on, we’re going to at least pay a visit to the hospital. Kids, hurry up and get ready. (A little later at the hospital)

Lanette: That was very nice of you two to bring flowers.
Zoey: It’s the least we could do.
Dawn: Has there been a change in her condition?
Lanette: Barely. When I find the bastards who did this to my Bebe, I’ll make sure they never walk again. (The door opens) Winnie!
Winona: Oh my God, this is horrible! Lanette, I’m so sorry this had to happen.
Tyson: What’s her condition?
Lanette: She’s in stable condition, but…she hasn’t even regained consciousness since the incident so that makes me worried.
Dawn: We better get going Zoey…Zoey? Zoey?
Zoey: (Silently) That’s…him. That’s him.

Dawn: Who?
Zoey: I saw him. (Points to Tyson) Last night! (Lanette gasps) When the people of the gym came outside and the gang dispersed…I know I saw his face. (Lanette growls) And that’s the only face I could describe to the police.
Dawn: That’s a pretty big accusation Zoey, are you sure you’re not mistaking…?
Zoey: I’m sure. All of the other guys were wearing masks I remember, but there was one that passed by the car I was in and he wasn’t wearing a mask…and he looks like him. (Lanette growls harder)
Lanette: You son of a bitch! (Slams him against a wall) Was this your doing? TELL ME NOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT!
Winona: Stop it Lanette!

Lanette: Stay out of this Winnie, this doesn’t concern you. Just this scumbag who is your boyfriend! Now answer me Tyson, was this your doing? (Silence) Fine, your silence tells me all. You’re a coward! Bebe’s life is in danger and it’s all your fault!
Lanette: Wake up Winona! This guy hates gays and you heard Zoey. He was there at the scene of the crime. I never liked you the second I laid eyes on you. You make me sick in more ways than one. (Lanette raises her fist) Not even God can forgive you for what you’ve done. (Winona grabs her fist)
Winona: That’s enough Lanette! Now let go of my boyfriend.

Lanette: You…can’t be siding with this asshole!
Winona: When I see the proof I’ll believe you. But slamming Tyson against the wall and beating the crap out of him isn’t going to solve anything nor will it bring Bebe back to full speed. Go outside Tyson, I won’t be long. (Tyson walks out of the room) Look, I’m not siding with…
Lanette: Get out. It’s obvious that you side more on the man who stemmed from a month long relationship than the friend who has been by your side since the single digit age. I can’t even stand the sight of your face right now Winona.
Winona: Lanette, please don’t be like…
Lanette: I SAID GET OUT! (Moments later outside the hospital room)

Dawn: Are you sure it was that guy that was with Winona?
Zoey: I gave my testimony with the police last night and they had a police artist sketch what I told him.
Dawn: Yeah well I think you did more harm than good with this one.
Zoey: Oh lay off! (Later at Misty’s house)
Misty: That sounds awful.
Winona: This matter got more complicated than ever. (Sighs) I know that it couldn’t have been Tyson on that scene.
Misty: Well can you verify where he was last night around the time of the incident?
Winona: Well he…he was…he told me he was picking up some snacks for the apartment.
Misty: It could be the truth…or just a lie to cover up a big thing like that. (She gags)

Winona: Misty? Are you okay?
Misty: Oh yeah…just a little…flu bug I’m fighting. If you’ll excuse me… (She runs out of the room)
Winona: I thought it was too early for flu season. Hmm…maybe she’s pregnant again! (Turns on the television)
Reporter on TV: A gruesome gang up last night has this once populated area near the Figures Gym, desolate. A 28 year old girl is in the hospital listed under stable condition. Police have no suspects in custody as of yet but are on the lookout for a white man, who’s approximately 5’ 9” with short brown hair and a black mole underneath his left eye. Here’s an artist’s sketch of the suspect in question. If you see someone who looks like…
Winona: Oh my God…that…is… (Misty walks back)
Winona: It couldn’t be…it just couldn’t be! (A little later at the hospital)

Ash: Thanks again Lanette. I know how hard this must be for you.
Lanette: It’s okay Ash. (Soft groaning) What the…?
Ash: Is she…? (Bebe opens her eyes)
Lanette: Bebe, are you awake? It’s me Bebe! I’m here.
Bebe: (Silently) Lan…ette…Where am…I?
Lanette: Try not to talk sweetie. You’re in the hospital, you were jumped by a gang of hoodlums.
Bebe: Wait…I remember…a face…and a…finger snap.
Ash: A face and a finger snap? What the hell does that even mean?
Lanette: Give her some time Ash, she just woke up from a beating. (Phone ringing)

Ash: Oh that’s mine. Hello? Oh Misty, sorry hon but I’m on duty and it just so happens that Bebe…you what? Oh I see! So you and Winona saw the police sketch and you both think it’s Tyson? (Bebe gasps)
Lanette: What is it? What’s wrong?
Bebe: Tyson…I saw his face. I remember…he snapped…his fingers and…then…
Lanette: Ambush! So that son of a bitch was the puppet master. Zoey said she saw him when he ran passed the car and Bebe just said so just now. Arrest him Ash! Arrest him now!
Ash: Right! (Pulls out the walkie-talkie) Joel, this is Ash. The victim from the gym brawl woke up and identified one of the muggers from last night. I need back up at the Skyview apartments. (A little later in Winona’s apartment)

Winona: Hello? Tyson are you here? (Turns on the light) Tyson? Phew, okay, where’s Ash’s phone numb…? (Door slams)
Tyson: What are you doing Winona? (She gasps and turns around)
Winona: Tyson, don’t scare me like this! Tyson, please be honest with me…were you behind the ambush on Bebe?
Tyson: Don’t you see? I did it for the good of the community. The fewer homosexuals, the better the community.
Winona: What you did was assault and battery! Not only that but you did that to a close friend. I cannot forgive you for that! I want nothing to do with you!
Tyson: (Chuckles) Oh Winona, you amuse me. But… (Strokes her cheek) …you’re just not quite ready to be my girl.
Winona: Don’t you dare touch me! (Slaps him in the face)

Tyson: If that’s the way you’re going to be… (Pulls out a gun)
Winona: Tyson…please…don’t…
Tyson: Don’t what, Winona? You think I wouldn’t hesitate picking this up and blowing your brains out so that when your kids come home they find they’re mother’s brains scattered across these lovely pictures?
Winona: If it makes you stop…I’ll help you escape…and I will cover you in front of the police.
Tyson: You might just be useful after all. But just so you’re not lying, why don’t you do so now? (Winona opens the door slowly and they walk down the hall) You know dear, once I make my great escape, I’ll send for you and the kids. We can start our new life in Utah. (Winona gives a nervous laugh) Take me to the… (Gets hit in the head with a baseball bat)

Winona: Tyson? (He falls down)
Lanette: You’re not going to Utah, you creep. (Winona hugs Lanette)
Winona: You saved me! I thought I would never see you again Lanette. With the way Tyson was speaking and then the gun in his…
Lanette: He had a gun? (Looks down) Oh shit, let’s just get you two separated. (Takes the gun) No, I actually came back with Ash. He should be up in a sec, so we should get rid of this white trash in no time. So I’m to assume he was going to use you as a hostage or make you take him to another state.
Winona: He…he had a gun pointed at me. So I…
Lanette: It’s okay, he’s getting what’s coming to him. I know I wasn’t able to protect you from the first maniac with a gun…but we learn from past mistakes I suppose. (The police run up) There he is officer!

Dawn: (Voice over) With the arrest of Tyson, the entire town learned of the hate crime that was attempted. Within the days of all this, the group Zoey was a part of allowed her to make a big speech on the news on tolerance. In the last minute attempts to try to educate voters on what could happen if we allow Proposition 23 to pass. But will it be enough to sway voters when it comes to civil unions?

Reporter on TV: Well folks, Election Day is finally among us. Voters young and old were up bright and early casting their votes today on the controversial Proposition 23. This is the third state in the last 5 years to do a vote on gay marriage. And if gay marriage happens, we will be the seventh state to allow civil unions to proceed. The polls leading up to this day have been equally divided so at this point it could favor in any direction. (Television turns off)
Lanette: Okay troops you heard the lady on TV, did we all vote today?
Bebe: We just came back. You were with us. Remember?
Lanette: Oh yeah that’s right.
Dawn: Come on, that speech you gave last week should have swayed more people to vote no on this prop!
Zoey: I don’t know about that. (Knock on the door) I got that! (Opens the door)

Winona: Hello ladies, room for one more?
Lanette: Sure thing Winnie! Come on in!
Dawn: Say I’m curious, are you and Bebe planning on getting married soon after all this is over?
Bebe: Well we’ve been engaged for about three years now.
Zoey: Really?
Lanette: Yeah, I’ll never forget it. We were visiting my sister and Bebe popped the question.
Bebe: No it wasn’t. We were at my parent’s house when I asked you.
Lanette: Oh…was that it? (Nervous laugh) What about you two? How’d you pop the big question…if it’s happened?

Zoey: Well actually it was recent. It was about two weeks ago during the night of my college graduation.
Dawn: I’m surprised you remembered what you said that night after how much you consumed.
Zoey: Oh shut up. (All laughing)
Dawn: Oh yeah, you never told me what happened to that girl you fought that night.
Zoey: Ursula? I don’t know. I didn’t see her since that night. Despite her being an ignorant snot, I really hope the best for her and hope she comes to her senses one day.
Dawn: (Voice over) The hours leading up to the polls closing…those were some hopeful times. So much hope on our futures. Bebe’s life with Lanette. Mine with Zoey. Though so close…we were so far away…

Reporter on TV: Good morning Pallet, its Wednesday morning. After an all-nighter, Channel 5 has projected that Yes on Prop 23 has won 53-47 percent.
Dawn: (Voice over) After all the hard work we’ve done, after all of the dents we thought we made all across Pallet and the state as well, our rights are once again denied. Because of this proposition…the conservative right wins again. Because of this proposition…I saw Zoey shed tears for the first time. Because of this proposition…good people like Bebe and Lanette have to wait even longer to marry the one they love. Because of this proposition…all of my thoughts and dreams of the perfect wedding are crushed. (In the hospital)

Johanna: I heard the news this morning Zoey. How are you feeling?
Zoey: I’d be lying if I said I was feeling good. It still feels like a punch in the stomach.
Johanna: I know you and Dawn were looking forward to getting married. (Zoey sighs) Listen…why don’t you move to another state and get married there?
Zoey: I’ve thought about that and so has Dawn. Honestly, that would be the simple solution. But…for Dawn’s sake it’s best to stay here and watch over you Johanna. And even if we could get married in another state, we wouldn’t be recognized as a real married couple here. But for now…we’re going to continue things as they were. But I have hope that we’ll one day get the rights that were stripped from us last night. Well Johanna, I gotta get to work, I’ll see you later.
Johanna: Oh Zoey, as far as I’m concerned…you can feel free to call me Mom, if you’d like.
Zoey: Thanks…Mom. (She leaves the room) Oh…Dawn?
Dawn: Hey, I heard what you said to my mom. (Zoey smiles and hugs Dawn)

Zoey: (Singing) Everyone’s a little bit unsatisfied.
Dawn: (Singing) Everyone goes ‘round a little empty inside.
Zoey: (Singing) Take a breath, look around, swallow your pride.
Dawn: For now!

Lanette: (Singing) Nothing lasts, life goes on, full of surprises.
Bebe: (Singing) You’ll be faced with problems of all shapes and sizes.
Winona: (Singing) You’re going to have to make a few compromises.
Lanette: For now!
Bebe: For now!
Wallace & Stephanie: For now!
Winona: Why are you two singing?
Wallace: Because you guys were!

Zoey: (Singing) But only for now, for now there’s life!
Dawn: (Singing) Only for now, for now there’s love!
Zoey: (Singing) Only for now, for now there’s work to do!
Dawn: (Singing) One day for happiness, but only for now, for now discomfort!

Bebe: (Singing) Only for now…
Lanette: Inequality!
Bebe: (Singing) Only for now…
Lanette: Heartbreak!
Bebe: (Singing) Only for now…
Lanette: GLENN BECK!
Bebe: Okay, you can stop.

All: Only for now!
Bebe: Each time you smile…
All: Only for now!
Lanette: It’ll only last a while…
All: Only for now!
Winona: Life may be scary…
All: Only for now!
Zoey: But it’s only temporary…
Dawn: (Voice over) Everything in life…is only for now. (Sighs) For now, we fight on.


Tracey: A young lady who spent her whole life determined to never have kids…and now will become a mother. Nine months of preparation will lead her to one of the greatest days of her life. Next time on Aftermath!

Song(s) used:
*For Now from Avenue Q
Tags: bebe, dawn, lanette, romance reunion, winona, zoey
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