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Romance Reunion: Aftermath - Chapter Two

Author: medea10
Fandom: Pokemon
Chapter Shipping: ArtStudentshipping (Tracey/Marisa)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Character Recap: Since last time, Marisa and her mother moved west to California. And soon after, Tracey followed Marisa, they get engaged, and finally married. Well over a year after their wedding, Marisa finally caves in to the idea of having children.
Chapter Summary: Almost 9 months pregnant, Marisa struggles through the final few weeks as she has to be forced to be put on bed-rest and surrounded by loved ones. Okay, maybe not all bad, but sometimes they can be a little smothering or uncomfortable to be around.
New Character's Introduced: Ada.

Chapter Two

Narrator: And now for this musical number. (Singing) Baby, baby, baby, oh baby, baby, baby, Marisa’s having a baby, baby, baby, oh baby… (Gunshot sound) What the hell? Who interrupted my sing…Oh! Hi boss!
Medea: Hi puppet! (Smiles) You know I applaud singing on my program. But if you sing Bieber on my program again, you’re fired!
Narrator: Right boss! I’ll sing the song that you kindly prepared for me. Remind me which one it is again!
Medea: All This Love by DeBarge.
Narrator: That old thing? (Sighs) Fine, you’re the creator. This musical number is dedicated to the new addition to Tracey and Marisa’s family. (Singing) And all this love is waiting for you…

Laura: (Gasps) I love this place! I gotta take more pictures!
Michelle: Well if you came here more often…
Laura: In this economy? You’re lucky I made an appearance now.
Michelle: Fine, you’ve made your point.
Laura: Well I think it was time to finally visit this place. I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco.
Michelle: Well since you’re here for a few weeks, I’m sure you’ll see more than you anticipated.
Laura: Here’s hoping. Well, let’s go see the mother-to-be! (In a building)

Marisa: (Sighs) Okay guys, there’s the rewrite. (All agreeing)
Director: Fabulous work as always Marisa. Okay folks, read this over and we’ll start rehearsal first thing in the morning. Remember to take your herbs and get your rest!
Marisa: (Groans) Oh boy!
Ada: Sore back again?
Marisa: When they said the last trimester was going to be uncomfortable, they weren’t kidding.
Ada: Hey, think of the positives. You only have a few more weeks and then you’ll have your baby. I can’t wait to see he or she!
Marisa: Enthusiastic much? (Knock on the door) Yes?
Director: Hi Marisa, your mother’s here.
Michelle: Came to get you! And also brought a special visitor!

Laura: Remember me?
Marisa: Laura! (Laura runs over and hugs her)
Laura: Wow, you weren’t kidding about the…
Marisa: Watch it pint-size!
Laura: Yes, but you’ve got that new mother glow. (Gasps) YOU’RE HER! (Points to Ada) You’re the star of Living Like Lucy!
Marisa: (Sighs) See, this is why I don’t tell you about what I do. Ada, this is my star-struck cousin Laura. She’s harmless. Laura, this is one of the stars of the show, Ada.
Ada: You’ve got one funny cousin, I gotta say.
Laura: Are you sure you’re not confusing her hilarity with her sarcasm?
Ada: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Michelle: Need a ride home today Ada?
Ada: No thanks ma’am, I’m riding my bike today. (Leaves the room)
Laura: So where’s Tracey?
Marisa: In Denver for a few days. He’s visiting his father.
Laura: And you sent him to the wolf by himself?
Marisa: In case you haven’t noticed Laura, I am currently unable to fly.
Michelle: Okay girls, let’s get going. I’ve got a surprise for the mother-to-be.
Marisa: I don’t like your surprises. (In the apartment)

Laura: So what’s the surprise?
Michelle: You two will see in a sec.
Marisa: If you put my cat in a pet-sized tutu…
Michelle: No, it’s nothing like that. (Opens the door) SURPRISE!
Marcus: LITTLE BUDDY! (He hugs her) Whoa, big-little buddy!
Marisa: What the heck are you doing here?
Marcus: Well I’m here to help you out for a few weeks.
Laura: Wait, I thought you have strict theater schedules. Not to mention a fiancé at home and a wedding to prepare for.
Marcus: All of it postponed for the time.

Marisa: Okay I want answers from you.
Marcus: All simple really. (Flashback to a couple of weeks ago)
Duplica: Marcus, dinner’s ready. Huh?
Marcus: Oh man, I really wish I was there. Well Trace, just give her my prayers and hope she passes all the tests she needs to. (Hangs up)
Duplica: What’s going on Marcus?
Marcus: It’s Marisa, she’s in the hospital. I really hope that she and the baby are okay.
Duplica: Oh…Marcus I know how hard it is being so far away from your close friend during this time.

Marcus: Well…I knew the score when I moved out here. I’ll call her first thing in the morning.
Duplica: Marcus, I wanted to give you this during dinner.
Marcus: Is that a ticket for your father’s production?
Duplica: No sweetie, it’s a plane ticket for you to go to San Francisco. (He gasps) I thought it was best to be with your friend when she gives birth.
Marcus: You are the best ever! (End of flashback) And here I am! And now that I’m here, I’m going to watch you like a hawk and take care of you until the baby arrives. What the heck are you doing standing up? You should be off your feet as much as possible.

Marisa: Okay, okay, I’m sitting down.
Marcus: I don’t want you to scare me anymore. And I’m sure Tracey doesn’t want something like that to happen again either!
Marisa: Huh? Oh, you mean when I was in the hospital last month? It’s okay and everything is going fine. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so why don’t you take your paranoid self over there to hear what’s going on!
Marcus: Alright I will.
Laura: On another subject, are you sure it’s wise to keep working as of the moment? I mean doing all that writing under a pressured deadline must be stressful.
Michelle: Good point, your due date is coming very close.
Marisa: Hey guys, it’s okay. I got everything under control! (A little later in the bedroom)

Tracey: Sounds like we got some noisy company at the house.
Marisa: You don’t even know the half of it. I feel like I’m in high school again being surrounded by all of them again.
Tracey: At least they’ll keep you company while I’m gone. But other than that, how are you holding up?
Marisa: My cup size just went up because my breasts are so swollen. I knew this was going to happen if I dug into my temptations. (Tracey giggles) I’m glad you find all of this amusing.
Tracey: Sorry hon, didn’t mean to laugh.
Marisa: So when are you coming home again?
Tracey: I’ll be back tomorrow night. Just stay tough until I return. And try not to toss Marcus out of the window!
Marisa: Fine. Love you too. (Hangs up)

Marcus: Knock, knock. Came to check on you!
Marisa: That’s fine. I just got off the phone with Tracey and he said he’ll be home tomorrow evening.
Marcus: Good. (Sits on the bed) Anything I can get you? Need something extra to snack on while I’m here?
Marisa: No thanks, I’m not hungry. I’m just very sore.
Marcus: How about a foot massage?
Marisa: Oh, that sounds like heaven! (He starts to rub)
Marcus: So tell me little buddy, what’s the sex of the baby?
Marisa: That’s a secret Marcus. I’m not going to tell you. Only Tracey and I know and good luck trying to get the answer.

Marcus: I’m still Godfather right? I didn’t get bumped off the totem pole right?
Marisa: You’re fine. You’re still going to be the Godfather. Now you still haven’t told me the official date of the wedding.
Marcus: You’ll get that answer from me…when you tell me the sex of your kid.
Marisa: You creep!
Marcus: December 31st, back home.
Marisa: In four months, huh? That should be enough time to drop the pregnancy weight. I will definitely be there.
Marcus: Your mom told me that Tracey’s been gone for about 5 days. Hasn’t it been lonely?
Marisa: I will admit it has been, but he calls me at least twice a day just to check on me. (Marcus smiles) I’m very lucky to have him. (The next morning in the living room)

Marcus: Oh…Duplica…you know I like it there. (Shoulder gets tapped)
Laura: Man, he’s out of it! (He opens his eyes) The cat was licking your face! You dreamed it was Duplica!
Marcus: That’s the last time I fall asleep eating cookies. Okay kitty, go find your owner and lick her face!
Laura: She’s in her room getting ready. (In the bedroom)
Marisa: (Sighs) Well this is embarrassing. Oh man, I can’t even stand up on my own. (Knock on the door) Come in!
Marcus: You ready for your appointment?
Marisa: Yeah. Um, before you leave, could you possibly…help me stand up?
Marcus: Seriously? Okay, here we go! (She stands up) Phew, wide load. (She growls) Just kidding! Hey don’t take it too hard, I remember May and Winona being unable to stand up on their own by this time. (Later in the doctor’s office)

Laura: (Yawns) Man, they’ve been in there a long time.
Marcus: You sound tired?
Laura: I’m still a little jet-lagged from yesterday’s plane ride.
Marcus: I know the feeling too. I’m surprised you’re not staying over with your aunt.
Laura: Apparently she has company coming in too and occupancy there is thin. (The door opens)
Doctor: Are you Marcus?
Marcus: That’s me. So what’s the news?
Doctor: I’m ordering mandatory bed-rest. Her due date is in 3 weeks and it would do her much good if she went on maternity leave at her job and rest up before the delivery.

Laura: Try telling her that. She wants to work on scripts and whatnot.
Marcus: What else?
Doctor: Well I’m a little concerned about the weight gain. She did gain quite a bit during the pregnancy and more than normal these last few weeks. So while you’re around, just watch what she intakes and when her husband comes back to town just let him know. Other than that, all is going well.
Marcus: Well that’s a bit of a relief. There is one thing I wanted to ask you doctor? Could you tell me what the sex of the baby is?
Doctor: Oh yeah, Marisa told me to watch out for that question. No can do! If you want to know, you’ll have to ask Marisa herself.
Marcus: Sneaky little…
Doctor: Oh it’ll be out before you know it. Here’s my card, if anything happens while in your care, you know who to call. (A little later in Marisa’s bedroom)

Marisa: I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this…
Laura: I know you do, but it’s good to rest up now.
Marisa: And then that doctor, the nerve of that quack saying I’m too fat!
Laura: She didn’t exactly say that, she was just concerned. Although it is shocking that you gained…
Marisa: Shut up, even hearing that number makes me uneasy!
Laura: Okay relax! Just breathe in and out. If you stress out too much, it could cause something to happen in there. You don’t want the baby to be caused any harm. (She sighs) Here’s the cat and here’s the remote. If you need anything just let me know. (Walks out of the room)
Marcus: Is she still bitchy?
Laura: The worst! (The door opens) Auntie?

Michelle: Marcus, I got your message. Where is she now?
Marcus: In bed.
June: Oh poor thing. I’m sure she’s upset about being on bed-rest.
Laura: Oh you came?
Michelle: June wanted to come and see the birth of her first grandchild. (Marcus gasps) So naturally I invited her to stay at my place.
Marcus: Listen, my dear doting mothers! I just have one question to ask of you. What is Marisa having, a boy or a girl?
Both: Can’t tell you.
Marcus: Ugh, she’s always two steps ahead of me.
June: Mind if I go in to see her?
Marcus: Better wear a helmet, she’s armed. (In the room)

June: Hi Marisa, I see you’re upset about this news.
Marisa: June, you came! Yeah, I am a little. It’s just that I wanted to get some more work done. But I guess it’s unavoidable. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.
June: I’ll tell you this, I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with Tracey.
Marisa: Really?
June: Yeah. Luckily everything worked out and a couple of weeks later, Tracey was born.
Marisa: Good to know.
June: Need me to bring you anything?
Marisa: Not right now, I’m probably just going to nap for a while. (A little later in the living room)

June: So what time is Tracey coming back?
Marcus: Don’t know. Sometime this evening I guess. I don’t know how he’s coming home since I have his car.
Michelle: He told me he’s taking a bus home.
Laura: She’s been awfully quiet in there. I’m almost tempted to go in and check. (Knock on the door)
Michelle: I’ll get that. (Opens the door) Oh Ada!
Ada: Sorry to bother you. The director told us about Marisa being put on bed-rest so I wanted to come and visit.
Michelle: How sweet, please come in.
Marcus: Who’s the kid?
Michelle: This is Ada, she’s the star of the show Marisa writes for.

Marcus: Pleased to meet you Ada, I’m Marcus.
Ada: Oh cool, I never thought I would meet you before. She always tells me funny stories about you. Is it true that you were on a Girls Gone Wild infomercial?
Marcus: Huh? Oh that Marisa! You should never take anything she says seriously. Um anyways Ada, did she by any chance mention to you what the gender of her baby was?
Ada: No, she never mentioned it to me.
Laura: Nice try Marcus.
Ada: Well I have to work on my lines.
Marcus: I could help you with the script.
Ada: You’d do that?
Marcus: Are you kidding? You’re looking at an acting legend!
Laura: You work off, off, off-Broadway! (Later that night)

Ada: It’s not like we’re out knocking boots!
Marcus: Don’t use that phrase, you’re too young to know what that means.
Ada: It was just a kiss on the cheek. (The door opens)
Michelle: Tracey, you’re back!
Tracey: Um…hi everyone. Looks like a party!
June: Oh…TRACEY! (She hugs him) Oh I missed my boy!
Tracey: Mom, Mom, Mom, please stop, I missed you too! So where’s Marisa?
Laura: She’s sleeping. We tried calling you earlier. Did you get any of our messages?
Tracey: Messages? (Gasps) Is she okay? Did anything happen?
Marcus: Whoa, relax yourself father-to-be! You’ve got a good 3 weeks before anything happens! She had her appointment today and she’s gonna be on bed-rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Now I know she was really upset… (He runs in the room and shuts the door) …Oh, he’s gone! (In the bedroom)

Tracey: Marisa? (Walks over to her) Marisa? (He strokes her face)
Marisa: Huh? (Opens her eyes) Tracey…you’re back! (She hugs him) I missed you so much.
Tracey: I was only gone for a couple of days.
Marisa: Too long for my liking. (Outside the room)
Laura: Well I don’t hear much of anything. She must still be sleeping and he’s watching over her.
Marcus: Smooth Tracey. That guy is a smooth operator. (Knock on the door)
June: I’ll get that. Must be a crazy night! (Opens the door)
Michelle: And it just got crazier!
Herb: Hi June, long time no see! (Slams the door)
June: Well I’m ready to eat. Anybody else? (Tracey walks out)
Tracey: What was that?
Michelle: What’s your father doing out there?
Tracey: Oh geez…I forgot to mention, he came back with me.

Herb: (Shouting) Um…Tracey? June? Somebody wanna let me in?
June: Oh fine. (Opens the door) Get in before I change my mind.
Herb: Sorry this was completely last minute but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t do this.
Tracey: He came to visit with Marisa.
June: Mm-hmm? And possibly say something that will hurt her emotionally when she’s already in a fragile state to begin with? I don’t trust you.
Tracey: Please Mom, give him a chance.
Herb: Would you mind if I go see her?
Tracey: Go ahead. (Knocks on the door)

Marisa: Come in. (He walks in) Oh my…
Herb: Hey, haven’t seen you in a while.
Marisa: You can say that again.
Herb: Yeah…well…look at you. You…look like you’re…
Marisa: You seem nervous, take a seat. (He sits down)
Herb: Um…thank you. How are you feeling?
Marisa: Just very tired, but other than that I’m good.
Herb: How long until your due date?
Marisa: I’m about 3 weeks away. Ooh!
Herb: What is it? What’s wrong?
Marisa: Oh just kicking. There’s been a lot of activity going on in there. Would you like to feel? (He puts his hand on her stomach)
Herb: Wow…You know, I haven’t…um, done this since Tracey was back in the womb. I almost forgot how it felt. Um, I should get out of your hair. I’ll see you later. (Outside the room)

Ada: Tense situation going on here.
Laura: You can say that again.
Marcus: Yeah, maybe you should get out of here Ada. A little kid like you shouldn’t hear things that will emotionally wreck you for life.
Ada: I’m 18.
Marcus: HUH?! Well now I’ve heard everything. (Herb walks out)
June: What did you say to her? What did she say? What happened? (He walks out the door) Ugh, that man! (Tracey runs out the door) Tracey! (Outside the apartment)
Tracey: What’s wrong Dad?
Herb: (Sighs) Hand me a cigarette.
Tracey: Dad, it’s bad for your health.

Herb: Sorry, I just do that when I’m nervous. I was just at a complete loss of words. I didn’t know what to say to her. And then the baby kicked and I felt it and…it’s all coming back to me.
Tracey: What is?
Herb: When your mother was pregnant…and looking at Marisa now…I just kept having that same reel in my head play over and over. There she was in bed stroking her stomach and there I was in awe of the fact that I was about to be a father. And now, I’m about to be a grandfather! (Tracey smiles) Well…I’m gonna head to the hotel. I’ll…see you tomorrow Tracey. (Later in the bedroom)

Marisa: And that’s pretty much what you missed while you were gone!
Tracey: Sounds hectic. So my parents, your mother, Marcus, and Laura are all here.
Marisa: If my dad comes back from the dead, I quit.
Tracey: Thank God that’s not possible.
Marisa: Ooh. (Holds her stomach) Sorry, lots of kicking.
Tracey: Keeping your mother up already? (He puts his hand on her stomach) Just a few more weeks and we’ll finally see you.
Marisa: And then you can have a regular sized wife again!
Tracey: You’re fine, so stop obsessing. Wow, lots of kicking tonight. Maybe a future soccer player?!
Marisa: Tracey…your father felt very nervous being around me tonight.
Tracey: You saw it too? Well…he’s just anxious about being a grandpa. Try not to over-think it, he’s really happy for you.
Marisa: (Thinking) Despite not wanting to be in the same room with me for more than five minutes. (The next morning)

Marcus: 1, 2, 3. And 1, 2, 3. (Marisa heavy breathing) Now continue with that motion. (Continues heavy breathing) Good, good, keep it up little buddy.
Tracey: Oh good, are you going to be a back-up coach in case I pass out in the delivery room?
Marcus: You better stay conscious, it’s your kid being brought out.
Tracey: Either way, I wouldn’t trust you in there. You’d probably go down before me.
Marcus: Bite me Sketchit! (Marisa groans)
Tracey: Are you okay?
Marisa: Fine. (Groaning) Just that my back is really sore!
Tracey: I’m on it. (Starts rubbing)
Marcus: You really know what you’re doing?
Tracey: Yeah, in the class they told us around this time Marisa’s gonna be extra tender and so we learned a few ways to make her feel more comfortable. It’s amazing and scary what girls go through with this process.

Marisa: Hmm, oh yeah, almost forgot. Marcus, could you bring that heavy bag from yesterday out?
Marcus: Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask you what that was.
Marisa: Something for Tracey to wear. Go on and try it on. (Moments later)
Tracey: A pregnancy pouch…of course.
Marcus: Looking good Trace! At least now you can feel how Marisa feels!
Marisa: Only to an extent!
Tracey: Well at least it’s only the three of us watching. (Camera flash) Never mind!
Laura: Sorry, you guys can’t have all the fun!
Marcus: Nice work Laura, save me a copy. (Tracey sits down) Oh come on, it hasn’t even been 5 minutes and you’re already sitting down!
Tracey: Cut me some slack, my back’s starting to hurt. (Marcus sighs) Okay fine big-shot, why don’t you wear it?

Marcus: Alright I will.
Marisa: Take plenty of pictures of this Laura. (Tracey takes it off and Marcus puts it on)
Tracey: So tell me, how do you feel?
Marcus: Ha, piece of cake.
Marisa: Not for long!
Laura: Oh you look like you’re in pain Marcus.
Marcus: Nope…Fine and dandy. No pain here. (He sits down) Christ, my back!
Marisa: Knew it! Well you two are both wussies! But I still love you wussies! This is why we women go through this. Laura, would you like a go with the pregnancy pouch?
Laura: I’ll pass. What do you want to eat for breakfast?
Marisa: Great, I’m starved! Pancakes to start off with…

Marcus: Ahem, come on little buddy, you heard the doctor yesterday. Why do you think she put you on bed-rest?
Marisa: (Growls) Fine, fine. I’ll just have some eggs.
Tracey: Come on hon, you should eat more than that!
Marcus: Would you like to know how much weight she’s gained? (Laura hits him)
Laura: And you are shutting up now! Yeesh, talk about saying the wrong thing.
Marcus: Sorry, my bad. Oh, what about music?
Marisa: Come again?

Marcus: You know the baby will respond to music while in the womb.
Marisa: We’ve been doing that for months now. It responds if you actually sing.
Laura: Really? Hmm… (Singing) Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere.
Marisa: Yep, right on cue. Feel it kicking Laura?
Laura: Wow, you’re right!
Marcus: I GOT ONE! (Singing) Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you… (Marisa hits him)
Marisa: The baby didn’t kick and if my legs weren’t so swollen I’d actually kick you.
Marcus: Sorry. Ooh, how about I sing Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen?
Marisa: You’re dead!

Tracey: Now take it easy.
Marisa: Okay Trace. (Blushing) It’s cute when Tracey starts singing.
Laura: I thought you complained about him having a crappy singing voice.
Marisa: Regardless it’s still cute when he tries!
Marcus: Hmm…So, what does he sing? Give me an example. Like, does he go for certain songs like, My Girl? Like if to say you’re having a girl?
Tracey: Nice try Marcus but I’m not telling you what we’re having. And I’ve been singing Stevie Wonder.
Marisa: And Lady GaGa!
Marcus: Fine, fine, I’ll wait the stupid 3 weeks to find out what you’re having.
Laura: Not necessarily, it could be longer. Since she’s a first time mother she could go as far as two weeks late. It’d be poetic justice since that’s what you did with your mom.
Marisa: (Groans) Why did you have to say that? Now I’m definitely going to be late!
Laura: Didn’t mean to…sorry about that. (Tracey looks out the window)

Marcus: What are you looking at?
Tracey: (Thinking) Dad? (Herb looks down on the ground and walks away) Hmm…
Marcus: What’s going on down there? Nothing there!
Tracey: I just…thought I saw someone.
Laura: Another visitor? Man, everyone wants to see you give birth!
Marisa: Hey, I don’t want an audience when I’m giving birth. Just Tracey…and when he passes out then my mother!
Tracey: What do you mean when I pass out?
Marisa: I seem to recall when they showed the birth clip in Baby Care Class, you passed out. (Tracey groans) No shame in it, Marcus passed out when Winona was…
Marcus: Again with that story! (Outside the apartment)
Herb: (Sighs) Maybe tomorrow… (A little later)

Marcus: Got a surprise for you little buddy!
Marisa: What now?
Marcus: Through the magic of technology, my laptop, enter Skype, and here’s the special guest for the afternoon.
Marisa: (Gasps) MISTY!
Misty: Marisa, I’m so happy to see you…even though it’s through a computer screen.
Marisa: Well I can’t really travel over there so this is the best I can do. Nice hairstyle Mist.
Misty: Oh…um, thanks. Just wanted to try something new! Oh yeah, I got a few folks who want to say hi to you.
Winona: Hello Marisa!
Lanette: Hi there!

Marisa: Oh you guys!
Lanette: Alright, gotta see the coming attraction!
Marisa: Well, here it is for now. Just three more weeks to go!
Lanette: Oh man, never thought I’d see the day!
Winona: We heard you’ve been put on bed-rest.
Marisa: Yeah, but somehow I knew it was going to happen.
Misty: Well don’t get discouraged. You deserve as much time off from the stress in your life as you possibly can. So just try to relax and whatever it is, get Marcus to do it for you. That’s why he’s there. (One week later)

Michelle: Huh? What are you doing out of bed?
Marisa: Just walking a little bit.
Michelle: Need anything?
Marisa: No…Where’s Tracey?
Michelle: He left a couple of hours ago. He said something about selling a piece to a customer. But he should be back soon. Marcus and Laura are walking around the town. (Marisa stares out the window) Something wrong?
Marisa: I could have sworn I saw Herb standing outside just a moment ago.
Michelle: Odd. He hasn’t even been by once since last week. And for a second, it felt like he was coming around.
Marisa: (Sighs) I’m not holding my breath with him.
June: I made some soup, would you like some?
Marisa: Sure thing. (Phone ringing) I’ll get that. Hello? Yes, this is she… (Gasps)
Michelle: Marisa? (She drops the phone)

June: Marisa…what’s wrong? (Grabs the phone) Hello?
Marisa: He…He… (Starts crying) Tracey…He…
Michelle: What happened?
Marisa: He…Car…Crash…
June: WHAT?! Hello, this is his mother. Tell me, what’s going on?
Michelle: It’s going to be okay, sweetie stop crying. I’m sure everything is going to be fine. June, please tell me everything is fine!
June: Well thank you for the information. (Hangs up) They told us he’s in the hospital right now but that’s all I know. No information if anything is broken or not.
Marisa: I need to go. I need to see him. Take me to see him.
Michelle: Now don’t get hysterical and…
Marisa: (Shouting) I need to see my husband. I need to see him. I need to make sure he’s alright! (A little later in the hospital)

June: Thank you so much.
Doctor: Luckily it’s nothing serious. He’s just a little sore, but we’ll get some results back tomorrow.
June: Can you tell me what room he’s in?
Doctor: He’s in room 112. Is it just you?
June: I wish it was but Marisa forced me to bring her. (In the waiting room) Well nothing appears to be broken. Marisa, when you have the energy to stand he’s in room 112.
Marisa: Let’s go.
Michelle: Don’t overexert yourself! (She walks to the room and opens the door)
Tracey: Huh? Marisa, what are you doing out of bed? (She walks towards him and starts crying) Marisa…I’m okay. (She hugs him) I’m sorry I scared you. (That night back at the house)

Marcus: So you end up in a car crash? Man, stop scaring your wife!
Laura: At least he’s okay. That’s all that matters.
Tracey: Yeah…and I know I put you through hell. (He kisses Marisa)
Laura: She’s really sleeping. Not surprising though after the day she’s had. How are you feeling Tracey?
Tracey: My neck’s a little sore, but I’ll live. (Later that night) Huh? Marisa?
Marisa: (Softly) No…please don’t…don’t… (She starts panting)
Tracey: Hey Marisa… (She opens her eyes) Are you okay?
Marisa: (Gasps) Oh…man…
Tracey: Were you having a crazy dream again?
Marisa: Yeah…I had a bad dream…that I lost you. (He embraces her) I’m so glad you’re safe. (The next morning)

Michelle: We’ll be back in a while. We have to make sure Tracey’s going to be okay after the accident.
Tracey: Don’t worry her, I promise I’ll be fine.
Marisa: Okay, drive safely. (A bike pulls up) Huh? Oh, Ada. No rehearsals today?
Ada: Nope, so I came by to check on you.
Marisa: Thanks Ada, I’m doing okay. Why don’t you come in?
Marcus: Need someone to shoot lines with?
Ada: Sure thing Marcus. (Later in the day)

Laura: Looks like Ada tired herself out. (Marcus stretches) Looks like we both could use a break. Let’s take a little walk Marcus.
Marcus: Good plan, I could definitely stretch my legs. (Moments later)
Ada: (Yawns) Oh man, I nodded off. Hey Marcus? Oh, I guess I’m the only one left. (Knock on the door) Hello?
Herb: Oh hi there.
Ada: Oh, you’re the guy from the other night.
Herb: Yeah, I’m Tracey’s father. Where is everybody?
Ada: Well I know Tracey left a while ago with his mother. But I think Marisa’s still napping in her room if you’d like to see her. (They walk to the door) Marisa? (Small groaning) Huh? (Opens the door) Marisa?
Marisa: It…hurts. It hurts.
Ada: (Gasps) Are you…?
Marisa: I think it’s time! (Heavy breathing) I’m having contractions now!
Ada: Oh my God! Oh my God! I’ll call an ambulance right now! (She runs out of the room)

Marisa: (Panting) Where’s Marcus…and Laura?
Herb: I didn’t see them when I got here so they must have stepped out. M-Maybe, I should stand by the front door and meet them… (She grabs onto his arm)
Marisa: Please…I need someone here. Please don’t leave me!
Herb: Okay Marisa, now just keep breathing. (Heavy breathing) Good, good. (Ada runs in) What’d they say?
Ada: One will be here shortly! Hang in there Marisa! (Marisa screams) I’m going to see if I can find Marcus or Laura. (She runs out)
Marisa: Oh man…That must have been a contraction.
Herb: I’ll start timing. If the next one comes in 10, we’ll know for sure if it’s false or not.
Marisa: Thank you so much. (Moments later near the apartment)

Laura: Yum, I love this Gelato!
Marcus: It’s not quite ice cream, but it gets the job done. You sure it was a wise idea to get her the peanut butter one?
Laura: Hey, let her live a little. (Ambulance blares and rides past them) Huh? Did that ambulance go down our street? (Gasps) Oh no! (Starts running)
Marcus: Hey, hey! WAIT FOR ME! (In front of the apartment) What the hell?
Paramedic: Stand back folks. (Marisa screaming)
Laura: (Gasps) Marisa! What’s going on?
Paramedic: She’s about to have a baby. Get her in the truck. (Herb and Ada jump in the truck and drive away)
Marcus: Wow, fast response.
Laura: Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have left! Now she’s having the baby and we’re not with her.
Marcus: I got a plan. (Walks to the other paramedic van) Excuse me, I’m…Marisa’s brother and this is our cousin. Could you possibly take us to the hospital so we can see her? (A little later at the hospital)

Doctor: Well Tracey looks like all of your x-rays came back and you should be just fine.
June: Thank goodness!
Doctor: Now if the pain in your neck continues, just call and I’ll put you in touch with a physical therapist.
Tracey: Thanks Doctor!
Doctor: Now why don’t you go home and check on your wife! I’m sure she’s been worried sick about you. (The door opens)
Nurse: Doctor, we have a woman in labor checking in.
Doctor: Duty calls. We’ll see you later Tracey. (He leaves the room)
Michelle: Let’s hurry back. I’m sure they’re wondering where we went. (At the reception)

Doctor: Glad you made it here. Now let’s prep you in. It’s a good thing you came because I just got through visiting your husband.
Marisa: Tracey’s here? Where is he? (A door opens)
Michelle: Isn’t that Marisa over there?
June: Oh my God, you don’t think she’s… (Tracey runs to her)
Tracey: Honey, what’s going on?
Marisa: I started having contractions!
Tracey: I’m glad you were able to make it in time. But who took you to the hospital?
Marisa: Ada called the ambulance to pick me up and then your father helped me through the first round of contractions.
Tracey: And where’s that idiot who calls himself your brother? (Marcus and Laura run in) Speak of the devil!

Marcus: You wouldn’t believe the traffic in this city!
Laura: Oh Marisa, I’m sorry we left. But when they loaded you in the back of the ambulance, Marcus lied to the nice paramedic and we came over as quickly as possible.
Marcus: I didn’t lie…I might have embellished a little. Besides, she wasn’t supposed to do this for another two weeks!
Marisa: It’s not up to you to decide when I go into labor! (Screaming) Oh God, here comes another one!
Tracey: Breathe, just like in class. Just keep breathing. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3…
Doctor: Come on you two, time to go to the maternity ward. (They go into the elevator)
Michelle: Herb, you looked after my daughter. I can’t thank you enough.
Herb: It’s no problem. (A little later in the room)

Laura: Mind if I come in?
Tracey: Go right ahead. Poor thing passed out. I hate seeing her in so much pain.
Laura: Any idea on how much longer it’s going to be?
Tracey: Unknown. She’s only dilated 2 centimeters. Doctor says it could be a while before anything happens. (The door opens) Oh for the love of…
Marcus: Hey I had to get the camera out for this special occasion.
Laura: She’s passed out from the pain, couldn’t this wait?
Marcus: Oh…I suppose you’re right. (Takes picture) Right on Facebook you go!
Tracey: Okay, get out! (Marcus runs out of the room) The nerve! (Marisa groans) Ah, are you okay? (Tears fall down her cheek) Laura, hand me a tissue. There, there, I’m here now, no more tears. (She opens her eyes) Marisa?
Marisa: (Panting) I’m okay, I’m okay. (Sighs) Okay, that’s over. Tracey, are you okay? What did the doctor say?

Tracey: Hey, don’t worry about me. The doctor said I was fine.
Marisa: Good, I’m glad. (Gasps) Oh no, your hand.
Tracey: Don’t worry about it. It’s only red, no harm done really. You know you can squeeze as tight as you’d like. (Marcus walks in) What now Marcus?
Marisa: It’s okay Tracey, he can come in if he wants.
Marcus: Oh great. So then little buddy, say something to the camera.
Marisa: You’ve gotta be kidding me. Oh my God! Hello to whoever is watching this tape, I’m in the middle of child birth. Yeah, it’s the most painful experience of my life. And now I would like to say, get the hell out of my room.
Marcus: Loving words from the mother!
Tracey: Oh just get out! (That night in the waiting room)

Laura: (Yawns) Has there been any change in her condition?
Tracey: Not by much. At this rate it looks like she might not go further until tomorrow morning. So why don’t you guys head on back to my place?
Laura: No thanks. I’d like to stay.
Marcus: That goes double for me.
Tracey: What about you Ada?
Ada: I’m going to go with the unanimous decision with everyone else and stay. It’s no problem, I don’t have rehearsal tomorrow either so I can stay up as late as I’d like.
Marcus: Trace, would you like it if you got some sleep while I watch after Marisa?
Tracey: It’s okay Marcus. I’m too anxious to get any sleep tonight. (In the room)
Michelle: Here you go, some ice chips for you.
Marisa: Thanks…Mom. Sorry…it’s taking…so long.
Michelle: No need to apologize, we don’t mind the wait. Just try to get some more rest.
Marisa: (Softly) Okay. (Later in the night)

Laura: So Tracey, I’m surprised you convinced Marisa into having a baby.
Tracey: Well I didn’t really do much convincing. It’s just around late last year she decided it was the right time to have one. And I felt the same way.
Marcus: Still amazing that she came to that decision. I do remember the days how she was against having any children.
Tracey: Trust me Marcus, I know all too well. But sometimes people change their minds. I saw her make a dramatic change for the good these last nine months. When we went for the first ultra sound, she actually cried. She shed tears of happiness. I’m so proud of her.
Marcus: Well, well little buddy. Your wait is almost over.

Herb: (Thinking) Any minute now. (Sighs) It’ll come any minute now. (Flashback to last week)
Marisa: There’s been a lot of activity going on in there. Would you like to feel? (Flashback to 25 years ago)
June: That’s your son in there. (Herb blushes)
Herb: A son? I’m actually…going to have a son? (Flashback to a hospital)
Doctor: Here he is Mr. Sketchit. (Tracey crying)
Herb: Hi there little fella, I’m your daddy. June, he’s so beautiful. (End of flashbacks)
Laura: Here, I thought you could use some water.
Herb: Huh? Oh thank you. (Gets up) If you’ll excuse me… (Walks away)
Laura: He is one tough cookie to break.

Michelle: Here Tracey, I got you some tea, it’ll help you stay awake.
Tracey: Thanks a lot. (Walks to the room) Huh, Dad? What’s he up to? (Herb walks in)
Marisa: Huh? Oh hi.
Herb: How are you feeling?
Marisa: I’m okay. They gave me some medicine a couple of hours ago so I would be able to get some sleep. Is there something you’d like to say? (He smiles) Hmm? (June cracks the door)
Herb: It’s just that…I’m very proud of you. I just wanted you to know that. I know our relationship was never the best…but I want you to know how much you mean to me. You and Tracey were able to do this amazing feat by bringing another life into this world. When I saw you the other night, you reminded me so much of June right before she gave birth to my son. And now you… (She tears up) Oh God, I said the wrong thing…

Marisa: Not at all, I’m just touched. That’s all. I appreciate all that you did for me today. Staying by my side until the paramedics came, holding my hand during the rough parts, and showing a caring side I never saw before. I’m glad my babies are going have a wonderful grandfather like you.
Herb: (Gasps) Did you just say…babies? You mean you’re going to…? (Marisa groans) Uh, Marisa! (She screams) Oh no! TRACEY! (He runs inside) Something’s happening! (The doctor runs in)
Tracey: Come on Marisa, stay strong for me!
Doctor: She’s dilated to 10! Let’s get her to the delivery room, pronto! (They wheel her out of the room)
Tracey: It’s time, it’s time! (They all gasp)
Marcus: Marisa, give it all you’ve got! I believe in you!
Laura: You can do it! (They wheel her in another room)

Herb: (Panting) Oh man, my heart is racing a mile a minute!
June: Herb…that was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard you say. I’m proud of you for saying what you said.
Herb: Come on June, let’s go cheer them on. (In the delivery room)
Doctor: Okay Marisa, on the count of three, I want you to start pushing. No matter what I want you to hold it. Three, two, one…PUSH! (Marisa grunts and screams) Keep going, keep going!
Tracey: You can do it! Keep breathing, we’re almost there! (She gasps)
Marisa: (Sobbing) Tracey, don’t you dare let go! Don’t you dare let go!
Tracey: I’m holding, I’m holding!

Doctor: Get ready to push again! Three, two, one…PUSH! (She grunts) Come on Marisa, keep going, keep going… (Gasps) …I SEE A HEAD!
Nurse: Would you like to see Tracey?
Tracey: Once in a life…Oh dear God!
Marisa: Shut up! (Outside the delivery room)
Michelle: Stay strong for me.
Marcus: It’s amazing now that I think about it. I mean look at where we are! My little buddy is becoming a little mommy before my eyes.
Michelle: You’re right Marcus. I’m sure she’s always wanted to have a baby…but was waiting for the perfect man to come along. Glad it’s Tracey she can share this with. (Moments later)

Laura: (Gasps) The light’s off. That must mean…she had it?
Marcus: Moment of truth! (The door opens)
June: Tracey?
Tracey: (Smiles) It was a success!
Marcus: Dude, I’m dying of anticipation! So what did you have? Boy or girl? Male or female? Nino or nina? You have no choice but to tell me. It’s either one or the other!
Tracey: Why don’t you come in and see for yourselves? (They all walk in) Marisa…
Marisa: Say hello to the world…you two.
All: TWINS?!
Marcus: Holy…you…twins…had…my God!
Tracey: Yep, one boy and one girl. So we had both!
Marisa: Hi darlings, I’m so happy I get to see you here. (Crying) I’m so happy you’re here in my arms. My babies!

Michelle: Okay, how about some names?
Ada: Yeah, what are you two going to name them?
Tracey: Well naturally we knew what we were having months ahead of time so that gave us time to figure out what to name them. Now I got to pick our daughter’s name and she will be named Evelyn-Marie, or Eva for short.
June: How’d you come up with that one?
Tracey: I always thought Evelyn was a pretty name and Marie just seems to flow nicely with it.
Marisa: And I got to name our son. His first name is Marcus… (Marcus gasps) Of course to save on confusion, I’ll be calling him Mark. Marcus Herbert Sketchit. (Herb gasps)
Marcus: I am truly touched you named your son after me…oh and of course your father-in-law too. (Tracey kisses Marisa’s forehead)
Tracey: You were great today. (She blushes) Welcome to the family…Eva and Mark.
Marcus: Picture time! (Scenes from the distant future)

Marisa: Okay Tracey, you close the diaper down…like this.
Tracey: Um…a little help!
Marisa: Ugh…What the heck were you doing in those child care classes, sleeping? (Later in the kitchen)
Tracey: Ah, perfect. Ready to eat Eva? (Marisa groans) Huh?
Marisa: A quick taste before I give you this Mark. Ugh…maybe I added a wrong ingredient. Let me try again. (At night)
Tracey: I think I hear Eva crying. (Marisa gets up)
Marisa: Eva…It’s okay, Mommy’s here. (Pulls down her top) There, there…
Marcus: (Yawns) Little buddy, do you need help feeding the…Whoa, you have the other twins out, I’ll come back. (In the morning)

Laura: They fell asleep to the lullaby tape pretty fast. (Tracey and Marisa snoring) I guess just like their parents too. (A little later)
June: Eva has her father’s eyes and definitely Marisa’s smile.
Michelle: Marky looks like… (Sniffs) …Smells like you need a diaper change pal!
Marisa: Got that covered. (Cat meows)
Michelle: Oh? Somebody jealous? (Pets the cat) Good, good. (Eva’s hand reaches for the cat) Oh Eva.
June: Got it. You pet the kitty like this. (Purring) Good girl. (In the afternoon)

Marcus: Nice, we got three generations of the Sketchit men.
Tracey: Dad, would you like to hold Mark?
Herb: Sure thing. Hey there, buddy. (Smiles)
Tracey: Marcus, we’re ready to take the picture.
Marcus: Smile and say underpants! (Camera flashes) Wow, you three take a good picture.
Tracey: Let me see. Huh? (Thinking) Dad’s crying? Hmm…
Marisa: Here Herb, have a tissue. (He sniffles)
Herb: Thanks dear. (Days later)

Marcus: Well you two, I think it’s about time we get out of your hair. It’s been fun hanging with you guys these last few weeks.
Laura: I’m going to miss you Marky.
June: Good luck to you both.
Both: Thanks.
Marcus: And I’ll hopefully see you this Christmas?
Marisa: Sure thing Marcus.
Herb: I know you’ll both be great parents. I have faith in you guys.
Michelle: Okay guys, I got everything packed in the car. (June hugs Tracey)
Tracey: Okay Mom, okay, I love you too.
Laura: Until we meet again you guys. (They get in the car and drive away)

Marisa: (Sighs) Longest couple of weeks of my life.
Tracey: You’ll miss them when they’re gone.
Marisa: You think we can do this Tracey?
Tracey: No turning back now. We’re in this for the long haul. And I’m glad it’s with you I’m with for this.
Marisa: I think we can do this. As long as you’re by my side…we’ll definitely be the greatest parents ever. So how about some lunch? (Tracey groans) I’m slowly improving wise guy!
Tracey: (Giggles) Just kidding! I’ll help you out!
Marisa: Thanks babe!


Harley: A past love. A gateway to what could have been…and what might be if it continues. A young man must choose between his past and his future. Next time, on Aftermath!

Song(s) used:
*Baby by Justin Bieber
*All This Love by DeBarge
*Don't Stop Believing by Journey
*My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Tags: marisa, romance reunion, tracey
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