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Romance Reunion: Aftermath - Chapter Three

Author: medea10</lj>
Fandom: Pokemon
Chapter Shipping: Brock/Marina and Breedershipping (Brock/Suzy)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Character Recap: Since last time, Brock was anticipating the birth of his first child when he gets slapped with the reality that he is NOT the father of that baby. After leaving Suzy, he meets an old crush from high school Marina and a relationship blooms from that. Brock now works with a kindly old man named Mr. Fuji caring for animals, all the while living upstairs of the vet with Marina.
Chapter Summary: A love note hits Brock, Lyra, and Khoury's attention. Who could it belong to? Knowing a certain lover boy, it was definitely meant for Brock. True. A skeleton from Brock's past comes back and screws things up in Brock's life.

Chapter Three

Narrator: And now, a Brock story. Hey, is that hot Professor Ivy coming back?
Medea: I’m afraid not. She was just a one-time character.
Narrator: Ah man, well on with the chapter!

Mr. Fuji: Good work everyone. Now let’s clean up and head out for the evening.
Lyra: Right boss! I’ll clean out the back room and Khoury, you clean the floors out front. (A little later out front)
Khoury: (Grunts) Of course she never wants to clean the floors, I’m always busting my hump doing this chore. Huh? What’s this? Looks like a letter! (Opens it) What the…? (He runs into another room) What’s the meaning of this?
Lyra: What’s the meaning of what?
Brock: What’s wrong Khoury?

Khoury: Oh, ha-ha Lyra! Why don’t you start acting like your actual age and stop sending me juvenile love letters?!
Lyra: I didn’t send you any love letter.
Brock: Yeah Khoury, she’s been with me since we closed up so she couldn’t have played any tricks on you.
Khoury: So this isn’t your handwriting?
Lyra: Let me see. Hmm…Oh simple, misguided Khoury! This is most likely a love letter for me.
Khoury: Hey, you never know. A customer could have fallen for me!
Lyra: I seriously doubt it. You have the appeal of a moldy loaf of bread.
Khoury: Oh yeah?! Well you have the appeal of a…
Brock: Come on you two, let’s get back to work. You can argue over that letter when we get this place all clean.

Lyra: Hey wait, it could be for you Brock. (Brock blushes) Ah-ha, that’s right! Marina told me all about your past. How you would hit on any pretty girl that walked by!
Brock: Hey, that was when I was young and immature.
Lyra: But what about that pretty blonde lady just yesterday with her rabbit. You were drooling more than a St. Bernard. (Brock turns red)
Khoury: (Laughing) Oh that’s nothing! You should have been here when…
Brock: BACK TO WORK, YOU SLACKERS! (Moments later at the front)
Khoury: That stupid Lyra. I have appeal! I can attract a woman’s attention! For all I know I could have a secret admirer. And she could stroll inside at any min… (Opens the front door) Huh? (Screams)
Lyra: That was Khoury! (Brock and Lyra run to the front) Huh? IT’S YOU!

Harley: Did you miss me?
Khoury: Hell no!
Brock: Would you stop traumatizing my assistant?
Harley: Oh Brocky, is that how you greet your dear friend?
Brock: (Groans) I wish you would call me when you plan these surprise visits of yours.
Harley: Well I hate to burst your bubble but that’s why they call them surprise visits. You don’t expect them hon! And don’t worry, I’m not going to stay with you and Marina this time.
Brock: Did something happen?
Harley: Well I’m helping my mother move into a smaller living quarters so it’s mostly a family visit this time around. But I still have time to visit my favorite vet!

Lyra: I guess that answers the question of this love letter.
Harley: Love letter?
Khoury: This one. I’m assuming you wrote this for Brock…or maybe me. (Shudders)
Harley: Don’t flatter yourself! (Reads the note) Not my handwriting. But whoever it is, this person wants one of you to meet them in some bar tonight. But I’m betting my money that it’s Romeo over there.
Brock: Oh shut up Harley.
Lyra: See, I told you!
Harley: Oh you should have seen this boy in his younger days.
Brock: I told you to shut up! And as for the both of you, get back to work! (A little later at a bar)

Khoury: Did you really have to go all out and dress in the world’s skimpiest dress?
Lyra: What about you? You drenched yourself in that cologne of yours. I think I saw an owl fall out of a tree when you passed by.
Khoury: Better than dressed like a slut puppy like you!
Lyra: This is a classy dress and a geek like you wouldn’t know style if it bit you in the ass.
Brock: Just keep your eyes peeled so we can put this ridiculousness behind us.
Harley: Well so far no one seems to be coming your way. It could be a false letter from someone who wanted to mess with your minds! (The door opens)
Lyra: Oh man, it’s a girl who walked in. Just my luck!
Khoury: She doesn’t look familiar to me. What about you Brock? Brock?
Harley: (Gasps) It’s…
Brock: Harley, take me to the bathroom now. (They run away)

Lyra: What was that all about?
Khoury: Judging by Brock’s expression I’m guessing an ex.
Lyra: Ah-ha, so she’s the culprit. I got an idea! You go fish some answers from Brock and I’ll spy on this mystery girl. (In the bathroom)
Harley: It could just be a coincidence. It could be that she’s here with friends.
Brock: I’m not taking any chances. I don’t ever want to see her again. (The door opens)
Khoury: Brock, what’s going on? You just blasted out of the room all of a sudden! Did you get sick?
Harley: You might say that! I’m afraid it’s a long story with that woman who just came in the bar. I don’t think Brock wants to open up that ugly wound again.
Brock: Oh Suzy…
Khoury: Suzy? (Back at the bar)

Lyra: (Thinking) Okay, the mystery girl seems to be looking around continuously. So maybe she and Brock have some sort of connection. What I need to do is find some way to get more information. Oh but how do I do that? Maybe I can get Khoury to hit on her so she can release more information. Oh but that dolt isn’t around! And he’d probably mess things up! I guess I’m going to have to do it myself. (Sits at the bar)
Bartender: What’ll you have?
Lyra: One Long Island! (Looks at Suzy)
Suzy: Huh?
Lyra: You look like you have a lot on your mind dear!
Suzy: Oh I don’t want to yak your ear off.
Lyra: It might make you feel better!

Suzy: Well it was silly for me to think it was going to work. I was trying to get in contact with someone from my past. But I guess he didn’t come. I understand…after all I’ve done.
Lyra: How about I buy you a drink?
Suzy: Oh I don’t want to take advantage of someone I hardly know.
Lyra: Well now you know me, I’m Ly… (Thinking) Don’t use your real name, you moron! (Aloud) ...Ly… (Chokes) Li-la! I’m Lila!
Suzy: Lila? Nice to meet you, I’m Suzy. (Back in the bathroom)
Brock: Come on you guys, we’re out of here! Khoury, go grab Lyra! Harley I want you to push me out of the window here. No way in hell I’m going to face her tonight! (Khoury leaves the bathroom)

Khoury: Lyra! (Shouting) Lyra!
Lyra: Ah, that moron!
Suzy: Something the matter Lila?
Lyra: Oh my phone is going off, I gotta go answer it and I’ll be right back! (Runs to Khoury) You dolt, I’m in the middle of an investigation! She’s actually pouring her guts out to me and I don’t need you here blowing my cover!
Khoury: But Brock said…
Lyra: I don’t care what Brock says! I’ll get home on my own and you guys go without me.
Khoury: Fine by me.
Lyra: And Khoury, not a word of this gets back to Brock or Harley!
Khoury: Fine then. (He walks out the front entrance)
Harley: Khoury, where’s Lyra?
Khoury: Oh she saw some of her girlfriends and told me to tell you guys she’ll be getting a ride from them.
Brock: Fine, let’s just get out of here. (The next morning at the vet)

Lyra: (Yawns) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…
Khoury: Stupid, why did you overdo it last night when you got work the next day?
Lyra: Stop shouting, I’m sitting right here, you dolt!
Khoury: So I take it you had a rough night with that girl?
Lyra: Not really. We spoke, we drank, we danced, we drank some more…
Khoury: Please tell me you didn’t sleep with her!
Lyra: Don’t be stupid, she’s not my type.
Khoury: So what’d you find out about her?
Lyra: I…don’t want to say. Not to you anyways. Look Khoury, I’d rather not say it.
Khoury: That nasty huh? Not surprising considering she might have dated Brock. (The door opens) Ugh…why is he here?

Lyra: Harley, just the person I wanted to speak to! Handle the front, would you Khoury? I need to speak to Harley outside. (Outside the vet)
Harley: What’s on your mind?
Lyra: Harley…I met her last night. That girl Brock was trying to avoid.
Harley: You mean Suzy? You actually talked to her? Lyra, spill it. What did that conniving witch say to you? What lies did she say?
Lyra: She told me all about what she did to Brock. How she slept with another man while she was still dating Brock. How for nine months, Brock anticipated the birth of a baby only to learn that it isn’t his. But…
Harley: No buts! There should be no buts in this! Listen to me Lyra, there’s no good to come from talking to Suzy and I would like it if Brock never sees her again. He’s finally happy. He’s been with Marina for over two years now and his life has improved greatly.

Lyra: Harley she said she was sorry. She sent Brock that note obviously to tell him that she’s seen the error of her ways…and I want to believe her.
Harley: You don’t understand! You will never understand! Damn it Lyra, get out of this subject and don’t ever bring up Suzy’s name again. There’s no need to bring this up in front of Brock so I’m just going to leave it as that for now.
Lyra: (Sadly) Okay Harley. (They walk back inside)
Brock: Lyra, are you feeling okay?
Lyra: Huh? Yeah Brock, couldn’t be better.
Brock: Good, I want you to man the desk for a while. (She walks away) What are you doing here Harley?
Harley: Huh? Oh…I wanted to check on you after last night.
Brock: Fine, just fine. I just want to forget anything happened.
Harley: Very good Brock. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for a date with my mom. (He leaves)
Lyra: (Thinking) Poor Brock. He’s obviously still in pain! (Later in the day)

Khoury: Hey Lyra, it’s time for your lunch.
Lyra: Huh? Oh, thanks Khoury.
Khoury: Are you still hung over?
Lyra: Not really, all of those symptoms came and went. I just have a lot on my mind. (Looks out the window) AH! Oh no! (Thinking) Crap! I didn’t think she’d come in here. GET DOWN KHOURY! (They hide under the table)
Khoury: Have you lost your…?
Lyra: Let me borrow your glasses for a sec. (Takes her hat off and puts on his glasses) Now stay down there until I tell you to get up. (The door opens)

Suzy: Hello? Anyone here? (Lyra pops up) Oh…hello?
Lyra: How can I help you today?
Suzy: I was wondering if Brock Harrison was in today.
Lyra: Oh…you want to see…Brock? That’s who you want to see today?
Suzy: Um, yeah.
Lyra: Brock, he’s…I think he’s on his lunch break. Why don’t you come back in an hour or so…maybe later! He’s swamped with sick animals today! Lots and lots of puppies!
Suzy: You look very familiar. Have we met?
Lyra: Who me? Familiar? You must have me confused with someone else. (Nervous laugh) I’m just a regular old receptionist! (The door opens) Ah!
Brock: Lyra, Khoury, I’m about to…Huh?
Suzy: Um, hi Brock. (Brock walks up) I was wondering if I could buy you some lunch.
Brock: Not hungry. I assume you wanted to talk to me about something. (They walk outside)

Lyra: Oh no! This is bad! This is very bad!
Khoury: Lyra, can I stand up again? And can I have my glasses back too?
Lyra: Fine, here, I can’t see out of those stupid things anyways! Come on Khoury, we have to hear what he’s going to say to her.
Khoury: Lyra, don’t be an eavesdropper. (Outside the building)
Suzy: I was wondering if you got the note I sent yesterday.
Brock: I did. Is that all?
Suzy: You know that this isn’t all. (Sighs) It took me a while to come to my senses and come find you. Brock, can’t you find it in your heart to forgive?
Brock: Nope.

Suzy: You know, the Brock I remember wasn’t this cruel!
Brock: And the Suzy I remember didn’t cheat on her boyfriend? But that’s what I thought until your son came out a different color!
Suzy: I’m sorry. How many times am I going to have to say that?
Brock: Suzy, you have no idea how much that upset me. You stabbed me in the back and for that I can never forgive you. I think you should leave. As you can see, this was a wasted effort to speak to me and a waste of my time. (Marina walks up)
Marina: Brock? (He turns around)
Brock: Marina, you’re home.
Marina: I got off early today. Oh, hello there.
Suzy: Good day.
Brock: Marina, why don’t you get upstairs and get dinner started! (She walks inside) And why don’t you leave instead of looking at past mistakes? (He turns around) The same as I’m doing. (Inside the building)

Marina: What’s going on you two? (They jump)
Lyra: What makes you think we know anything?
Marina: Well I caught you two looking out the window.
Khoury: We’re watching Brock with that girl.
Lyra: A skeleton from Brock’s past.
Marina: You mean she was an ex? No wonder Brock had a serious expression. I’ve never seen Brock look this mad before.
Lyra: I knew this was going to happen. Suzy’s probably going to ask him back and then… (Marina gasps)
Marina: Did you say Suzy? (She nods) The one that cheated on him? (The door opens) Brock, are you okay? (He walks upstairs and shuts the door) Oh Brock… (A little later)

Lyra: …And after she told Brock the truth, he left her.
Khoury: So that’s what happened?! What a heartless woman!
Marina: I had only started to date Brock around the time he left Suzy, but I heard the full story of what she did. It tore Brock up that he wasn’t the father to her baby and that Suzy was unfaithful.
Lyra: Yeah but…Suzy’s sorry now. I heard her words yesterday. You see, the father of her son left her and she didn’t realize what she had until it was all too late. Suzy admitted that she made a mistake for sleeping with another.
Khoury: And what if he forgave her? What do you think he’s going to do to Marina? I bet you hadn’t even thought about Marina in this whole story. You were focused on having Brock forgive Suzy that you didn’t stop to think it might screw up their whole relationship!
Lyra: I’m just as concerned you dolt! This story is complicated enough! I don’t need to explain myself to you. (Marina walks upstairs and shuts the door)
Khoury: See what you did Lyra, you upset her! (In the apartment)

Marina: Brock? Are you… (Soft sobbing) Oh Brock! (Runs to him and embraces him) Its going to be okay sweetie.
Brock: Why…WHY DID SHE HAVE TO COME BACK?! I was sure that I was rid of her…and then she had to come back!
Marina: (Sighs) I knew it…you still love her, don’t you?
Brock: Huh? No! Marina, never again! I could never go back to her. Not after what she did to me! Besides…it wouldn’t be fair to you…or me. I’ve had my fair share of bad luck in these last few years. I lost Jasmine to cancer, I lost Suzy because of infidelity, Holly came and ruined things…But out of all of those tragedies, your return into my life was my saving grace. I’m very thankful for you Marina. You make me very happy every day I’m with you. I don’t want that to end. Marina…would you marry me?
Marina: (Gasps) Are you…serious Brock? Marriage?
Brock: Yes Marina. I’m serious, I want you to be my wife.

Marina: Brock…I will! I will definitely be your wife. (They kiss on the lips)
Brock: I love you so much Marina. (Sobbing) I promise to love you always, be faithful to you, be with you forever!
Marina: I will too. (Downstairs)
Khoury: They’ve been up there for a long time.
Lyra: I’m going to check on… (Khoury grabs her shirt)
Khoury: Oh, no you don’t! (A door opens)
Mr. Fuji: There you two are! Lyra, would you mind helping me out in the other room?
Lyra: What? Oh man! Khoury, I want you to let me know if either one of them comes out of the room.
Khoury: I don’t know how I put up with her! (That night)

Brock: (Thinking) Oh Marina, we’ve come so far from back in our high school days. Where I would scare you and then you’d pummel me with a book. (Strokes her face) I promise I will be the loving husband you’ve always imagined. (He walks downstairs and out the door)
Suzy: Brock? (She walks up)
Brock: You just don’t know the meaning of get lost, do you?
Suzy: Brock, please hear me out. It was a stupid, stupid, stupid mistake I made. It was one night that I can never take back. But Nick deserves a father. His biological father isn’t his father in my opinion. I say his father is the one that was preparing for his arrival before he came.
Brock: Funny that it’s taken you over two years to notice. So let me get this straight, you want me back so that Nick can have a father figure, but what you really want is someone to take care of you and your kid since you don’t want to be alone. And then if I go back to you, you’ll probably turn around and do what you did again.

Suzy: I promise that wouldn’t happen!
Brock: Go back home to your son Suzy and leave me alone. You made your bed, now lie in it.
Suzy: Would you like to see him?
Brock: Why would I? He’s not my son. We’ve established that through that blood test. No need for me to…
Suzy: Just do me this one favor Brock.
Brock: Fine, just to humor you, I’ll see him. (A little later at Suzy’s house)
Mom: Oh you’re back? (Gasp) Well, I haven’t seen you in ages. How are you Brock?
Brock: I’ve been better.
Suzy: Thanks for watching him Mom, I’ll see you tomorrow. (She leaves the room) He’s in his room, you know the way. (Brock walks back)

Brock: (Sighs) Yep, there he is…and here I am…for one reason or another. (Thinking) This is nuts! What am I doing here? You now have a fiancé and Suzy is all in the past. She wants me to be the father to the baby I thought was going to be mine but… (Nick turns over) Huh? (He opens his eyes)
Nick: Huh?
Brock: Um…hi?
Nick: Hi!
Brock: Don’t let me disturb your sleep kid.
Nick: Da-da?
Brock: (Sighs) No Nick, I’m not your Da-da. I’m just a…fri…acquai…I just know your mother. You know, you’re becoming a very handsome kid. I remember seeing you for the first time. You were this bloody little thing and your eyes weren’t open yet. (Back at Brock’s apartment)
Marina: Brock? Brock? I guess he must have stepped out for some fresh air. (Goes to the window) I can’t believe I’m engaged to Brock Harrison! (Giggles) It’s kind of scary and exciting just thinking about it! (In Brock’s dreams)

Suzy: Look Nick, Daddy’s home!
Nick: Da-da!
Brock: Hi darling! (Kisses Suzy on the lips) Hey kiddo! (Picks up Nick) Oh you’re getting bigger every time I see you!
Suzy: I got your dinner ready in the kitchen.
Brock: Sounds great. (Walks in the kitchen) Hello Marina!
Marina: Hi honey! (Kisses Marina on the lips) I have dinner ready for you. (Knock on the door) Go get that dear!
Brock: Will do! (Opens the door) Huh?
Harley: Come with me! (He grabs Brock’s arm and they start running)
Brock: Where are you taking me?
Harley: You’ll find out in a second lover-boy! (Cheesy game show music plays)

Brock: What the hell is this?
Harley: Welcome to the Right Match Game! In this game, you choose which girl you are going to spend the rest of your life with. One of these lovely ladies will be the woman of your dreams. But you must choose wisely, my friend! So without further ado, assistants, show our Casanova the lovely ladies.
Both: With pleasure.
Lyra: This young lady is a well-known veterinarian of the whole Pallet district. She enjoys cooking, Patrick Swayze movies, and songs covered by Luther Vandross, meet Suzy.
Khoury: This young lady is a part-time pop radio deejay and part-time worker of Victoria’s Secret. Lover of all things cute and knows 1001 ways to harm a person with a single hardback book, meet Marina.

Harley: Okay, that’s enough of that. Our lovely Romeo will ask each lady a single question and they will answer as truthfully as possible.
Brock: But I don’t know what to ask…?
Harley: Just read off the cue cards.
Brock: Um…okay! Suzy, you just saw that I have been kicked out of my current residence and have nowhere to go and no money to my name. What would you do?
Suzy: Simple, I would put you to work at my vet and I would take you in.
Brock: (Thinking) That’s right, Suzy did do that for me. (Aloud) Okay Marina here’s yours! If you found me passed out in a puddle of my own filth and possibly on the brink of death, what would you do?
Marina: I would give you CPR and watch over you to make sure you make a full recovery.

Brock: (Thinking) I…think that’s what happened…I certainly remember waking up in her house, so maybe that’s what happened.
Harley: Okay so this first round has the ladies tied. Next, let’s show some footage from our history of these ladies. Let’s start off with Marina now! (Video plays)
Brock: Hello Marina my darling, you are looking very beautiful today.
Marina: PERVERT! (Hits him in the head with a book) PERVERT! PERVERT! PERVERT!
Harley: Ooh, that’s gotta hurt! (Stops video) Next clip will be Suzy’s! (Video plays)
Guy: Stop…ooh, stop.
Suzy: No…please, stay!
Guy: What if your boyfriend returns?
Suzy: He won’t be back until tomorrow. (They kiss)
Brock: (Thinking) That’s when it happened! I was away visiting family for a weekend…and that’s when she… (Video stops)

Harley: Ooh, that’s gotta hurt as well! The choice is between physical abuse and emotional abuse! So Brock, any words?
Brock: So that’s why Nick came out a different color. You cheating whore!
Suzy: I didn’t mean to do it Brock.
Brock: I saw the clip Suzy, you told that guy that I wasn’t coming back. And now, I’m definitely not coming back to you…EVER! Harley, stop the show, my answer is already picked. I want to be with Marina, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.
Harley: Aw, but we haven’t even reached the final round! At the end, I wear a pink tube top and sing Somebody to Love by Queen.
Brock: I don’t need to go further. (Silently) Thank God!
Harley: Fine, spoiled sport! You’re about to wake up in 5 seconds anyways. (Brock opens his eyes)

Brock: (Sighs) It was just a dream. But…a dream I shouldn’t take lightly. (Stands up) So long Nick…tell your mother I said that. (He leaves the room and walks out the door)
Suzy: So that’s it?
Brock: Huh? What were you expecting? Were you expecting for me to spend the night with you and your son and then do a complete 180 and come back to you?
Suzy: No…I suppose not.
Brock: Suzy, I’ve come to this conclusion. I want to first of all thank you for what you’ve done for me in the past. You took me in and gave me a job all those years ago. And it’s because of you, I have a great career and I’m happy you introduced me to the world of pet-care. I’m glad we got the chance to start a relationship. It was a memorable three years. But what you did was unforgivable, so you can understand my position on leaving you. Plus…I’m madly in love with my fiancé Marina.

Suzy: (Gasps) Well…I guess…I can’t stop you then. I just wanted you to know how much you meant to me…and still mean to me. And I wanted you to know how sorry I am for the grief I caused you.
Brock: Goodbye Suzy.
Suzy: Good…bye. (A little later at the vet)
Lyra: Good morning.
Marina: Lyra, have you seen Brock at all? I just know he left in the middle of last night and hasn’t returned yet.
Lyra: No, I haven’t seen him since yesterday.
Marina: I’m worried Lyra, after his encounter with Suzy, I’m fearful of the worse.
Khoury: Do you think he went after Suzy?
Marina: (Thinking) Then the words that Brock spoke of last night…were they all a lie? I knew it was too good to be true. (The door opens)

Harley: (Singsong) Good morning!
Khoury: Just when the morning couldn’t get worse!
Harley: Oh don’t be so pouty doll-face!
Khoury: Don’t call me doll-face.
Harley: So where’s Brock?
Lyra: We don’t know. Suzy came here yesterday, Brock yelled at her, and then he ran upstairs.
Marina: And when I woke up in the middle of the night, he left and he hasn’t been back since.
Harley: If that witch has done anything to him… (The door opens) Holy crap!
Lyra: Brock, you’re back!
Marina: Where did you go?
Brock: Honey… (He kisses her) Marina, I’ve had a life-changing night and I’ve come to the conclusion that life is too short to be living in the past! I want to live life in the here and now! And I don’t want to waste another moment thinking about or contemplating about past mistakes. I proposed to Marina last night and I mean every word of what I said. That’s why I want to get married right away…if that’s alright with you Marina!

Marina: Right away? (Gasps) You mean you want to elope?
Brock: Dead serious! What do you say?
Marina: I say…
Narrator: A few days later in…
Harley: (Singsong) Viva Las Vegas!
Narrator: What he just said!
Ash: What the heck was Brock thinking? Dragging us to this desert to get eloped?!
Harley: It was cheaper.
Flint: Oh I don’t mind it so much. (Blushing) These cocktail waitresses are the best. Hey, how’d you like to come up to my room later?
Lyra: I thought you were married Mr. Harrison!
Flint: I won’t tell if you don’t!

Brock: How do I look, you guys? (All agreeing) Okay guys, I picked you five to be my witnesses today. Dad, Ash, Lyra, Khoury, and you Harley! This means so much that you guys are here for me and Marina today.
Khoury: It was awfully nice of Mr. Fuji to let all three of us go for the weekend.
Lyra: Thank God for those part-timers!
Flint: Now boy, when do you plan on telling your sweet mother about this plan?
Brock: After all is said and done. I didn’t want the wedding with the big bells and clicks and whistles! Marina agreed that she didn’t want a big wedding either. That’s why she only invited her mother at the very least.
Flint: She’s going to cry and then blame me!
Brock: That’s just a risk I’m willing to take.
Flint: She’s going to yell at me and cut me off from sex until I get dentures.
Brock: Now you’re just exaggerating. (Bell dinging) Okay guys, it’s almost our turn. Go find a seat inside.

Ash: Congratulations Brock, I’m very happy for you.
Harley: You found yourself a great lady. Just keep her away from books.
Lyra: Congrats Boss!
Khoury: Go get her! (Later in the chapel)
Admin: Do you Brock take Marina to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish always, till death awaits you?
Brock: I do.
Admin: Do you Marina take Brock to be your lawfully wedded husband, to cherish always, till death awaits you?
Marina: I do.
Admin: By the power invested in me by the state of Nevada and the state gaming commission, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride! (Brock and Marina kiss on the lips) I now present Mr. and Mrs. Brock Harrison! (A little later in the lobby)

Marina: I can’t believe this… (Blushes) We’re actually married! I’m just so overwhelmed.
Khoury: Need to sit down?
Lyra: I don’t think that’s what she needs you dolt!
Khoury: Would you stop calling me a dolt! (Brock picks Marina up)
Marina: (Gasps) Brock!
Brock: Relax hon, you’re in good hands now! (She kisses him)
Harley: Hold it lover boy, I need to get a shot of this! (Camera flashes)
Brock: (Voice over) Yep, that’s right. Brock Harrison is married! 10 years ago you might have thought this scene was impossible. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong! I finally found the right girl for me!


Tobias: They met by fate and soon blossomed into a relationship. Three years later these lovers are ready to take the next step. And who am I, you may ask? Merely, I’m just one hell of an actor. Next time on Aftermath!
Tags: brock, harley, marina, romance reunion
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