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Romance Reunion: Aftermath - Chapter Four

Author: medea10
Fandom: Pokemon
Chapter Shipping: Marcus/Duplica, Khoury/Lyra, Marisa/Tracey (ArtStudentshipping), and Ash/Misty (Pokeshipping)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Character Recap: Since last time, Marcus moves to New York City with his girlfriend Duplica and ever since then, they get work around the Broadway area with different shows. And during the reunion among friends in the Thanksgiving special, Marcus tries to work up the courage to ask Duplica for his hand in marriage. But it was Duplica to beat him to the punch.
Chapter Summary: It is the Christmas/New Years holiday time and all of our usual friends gather for another special event as Marcus marries his girlfriend of 4 years. But trouble follows as Marcus fears that Duplica and her old friend Tobias have a thing going on. Plus, a shock from one of the friends that's a complete bomb dropper.
New Character Introduced: Tobias

Chapter Four

Narrator: Two chapters left. Thinking of any more sequels?
Medea: For the umpteenth time, no. When this thing ends, it ends.
Narrator: The only way you’ll end it is if someone important…Oh my God, you’re not gonna…
Medea: And now for today’s chapter! And if the narrator knows what’s good for him, he won’t release any spoilers in the show or his blog.

Mother: MARCUS!!! (She hugs him) Oh my big boy, you’re finally doing it! You’re finally doing it! You’re finally here! I can’t believe this day is here! I’m so happy this is happening! Oh Duplica, I’m so happy you’ve accepted his proposal. I’M JUST SO HAPPY!
Marcus: Still happy we didn’t go to Vegas like Brock?
Duplica: I think it’s quite sweet.
Marcus: Mom, my shoulder’s getting damp over here. (A little later at the vet)

Brock: Well looks like you’re ready to jump the broom.
Marcus: Its days like these I wish we were holding the damn ceremony in Vegas like you guys.
Brock: Don’t follow by my lead. It was in the heat of the moment actually.
Marcus: Yeah, way to catch us all off guard. Man, I swear I’ve only been here less than a day and I’ve had more ladies cry on my shoulder than an Oprah episode. My mom, my nana, Miss Vivian for some reason…Just so much to take in!
Brock: I know one girl who won’t cry on your shoulder. Maybe punch you there, but definitely won’t cry.
Marcus: Oh yeah, little buddy.

Brock: So is she going to bring the twins?
Marcus: Yeah, she wants them to spend their first Christmas with the other grandma. She should be coming down tomorrow.
Brock: Where’s Duplica now?
Marcus: She said something about going to the church for a rehearsal, but no one else of the wedding is even here yet. I’m wondering if she’s got a big surprise for me. Maybe during the ceremony she’ll do a little… (Creepy laugh)
Brock: You are deeply disturbed. And that’s the most perverted laugh I’ve ever heard! (Later in Ash’s apartment)

Ash: Need something to eat?
Misty: Not a chance.
Ash: Mist, you’ve gotta eat something. (Doorbell ring) Coming! (Opens the door) Whoa, guys!
Marcus: Hey buddy!
Brock: I thought since Marcus is back, we could treat him to a couple rounds of beer.
Marcus: What do you say?
Ash: No can do guys. Misty’s sick and I’m gonna have to bail tonight.
Marcus: That’s too bad. I hope she gets better in time for the wedding.
Ash: You and me both. I’ll see you guys later.
Marcus: Man, that’s a shame. I was hoping to see Misty today too. (Brock groans) Is there something wrong Brock?
Brock: Oh nothing, it’s nothing! Come on groom-to-be, let’s get something in you! (Back inside)
Misty: Who was that?
Ash: It was Brock and Marcus. They wanted me to go out with them tonight but I declined the offer. (Misty panting) Misty, MISTY! Hang in there! (Later at the bar)

Brock: Cheers!
Marcus: Man in a few days I am going to be married. That scares me just to think about it. But exciting as long as I don’t get abducted by aliens the night before!
Brock: So do you know who’s coming to the wedding? I mean from our old crew?
Marcus: Marisa and Tracey for sure, Ash, Misty, Zoey, Dawn, Winona, Grace, and Drew.
Brock: No May?
Marcus: Not this time. Drew said something about her being on an important film project and she was needed that day and couldn’t reschedule. It’s all good though.
Brock: Hey you never told me who you picked for best man.
Marcus: Little buddy!

Brock: Huh? You mean, her husband right?
Marcus: Nope, I mean little buddy.
Brock: Not following you.
Marcus: Well we didn’t want the big performance everyone else did with their wedding. When we walk down the aisle, it’s going to be my parents, Duplica’s parents, then both of our choices for maid of honor and best man, and then my darling bride. However both of those roles are kinda switched. So in short, I have a Best Maid and Duplica has a Man of Honor.
Brock: Yeah, I knew this wedding was going to be weird from the get-go. So who’s Duplica picking for this so called Man of Honor?
Marcus: Don’t know. She said it was a close friend but I’ve never met him. He’s been in Europe for the last few years and is flying out for this special occasion. (The next morning at June’s house)

June: Look who’s here!
Tracey: Hello everyone!
Cheryl: TRACEY! Oh my God, I have to see them. I have to see them!
Marisa: Well, here they are. Meet Eva and Mark.
Tad: I can’t believe you two ended up with twins. That’s gotta be a whole lot of work.
Cheryl: And I bet the pregnancy was hard on you!
Marisa: Well, a few complications here and there.
June: But you were able to have both babies safely and that’s what’s important.
Marisa: Yeah, that’s true.
Cheryl: Any trouble on the airplane? You know how babies can be when they’re flying for the first time.
Tracey: Well Eva was fine, but Mark started getting fussy when his ears started to pop. And then a guy in front of us said a little too much than he should have.
Tad: You didn’t punch him, did you Trace?
Tracey: She cussed him out.
Marisa: No one talks bad about my baby! (A little later at the church)

Marcus: Perfect, just the way I remember it.
Duplica: You picked a great church sweetie.
Marcus: Of course, I was baptized here. That’s the spot where I threw up on my dad’s shirt and that’s the part of the church where…
Marisa: Geez Marcus, don’t scare her.
Marcus: There you are! I was getting worried for a sec. Now where’s the rest of your entourage?
Marisa: Back with June.
Marcus: (Sighs) Now where’s this mystery man?
Duplica: He’ll be here soon. He must have gotten lost. This is his first time in this town and it can be confusing if you’ve never been here.

Marcus: Well in that case he should have called. (The door opens) Huh?
Duplica: Tobias!
Marcus: What’s his name? (She runs to him and hugs him)
Duplica: I missed you so much. I missed you so much.
Marcus: (Thinking) Why couldn’t it have been a flaming gay guy? This guy’s a hunk from a female’s point of view.
Duplica: You’re looking well!
Tobias: Oh you’re just as beautiful as ever.
Marisa: (Gasps) Oh my God, his voice is so beautiful!
Marcus: What the hell is the matter with you? Yeesh, little buddy! (Marisa giggles) Honey, how about a few introductions here!
Duplica: Oh right, sorry about that. Tobias, this is Marisa. And this is my fiancé, Marcus. Guys, this is my closest friend Tobias. We’ve known each other for many years. He’s doing plays in London. Can you believe he got the role of Tony in West Side Story?

Marcus: (Thinking) Please, anybody can get that role?
Tobias: It’s very nice to meet you all.
Marisa: I have to say that you have the coolest voice ever.
Tobias: Wow, that’s a…unique compliment.
Marisa: Could you possibly say, “Yes, my Lord”?
Tobias: Sure thing. (He kneels down) Yes…my Lord. (Marisa squeals)
Marcus: Why the hell did you ask him to say that?
Marisa: Oh, I have my reasons. (A little later at June’s house)

Mondo: Hey kiddies, I’m your Uncle Mondo.
Tracey: Don’t ever loan Uncle Mondo anything kids.
Mondo: Hey, don’t teach them that at a young age.
Tracey: Oh yeah, I brought the pictures we took when everyone came out for the birth.
Mondo: Ooh, let me see! Sorry I couldn’t hang with you guys. I had my hands full with Daisy and the baby.
Tracey: How is she doing by the way?
Mondo: Couldn’t be happier. (Door opens) That friend of yours looks dorky in almost every snapshot. Eh, whoa…Marisa looks huge in this one.
Tracey: She was nine months, cut her some slack.

Marisa: I’m sorry, who looks huge?
Mondo: Marisa! Hey, I was just…um, browsing through this old photo deck. But hey, you definitely look great now. And you even lost all of that baby weight too!
Tracey: Please shut up!
Marisa: Don’t make me kill you in front of the babies.
Tracey: How did the rehearsal go?
Marcus: (Annoyed) Fine!
Marisa: Stop sulking, there’s nothing between her and Tobias.
Marcus: Easy for you to say. I wasn’t the one going, “Could you say yes my Lord”?
Marisa: Would you put a cork in it?
Tracey: I’m sorry, but who’s Tobias?
Marisa: Duplica’s old friend. He’s going to be in the wedding and the big dummy over here is suspicious.

Marcus: I don’t trust him little buddy. I have a feeling that they used to date and that he’s not over her. Mr. Perfect! Mr. Tony-from-West-Side-Story Perfect! Stupid Toblerone!
Marisa: It’s Tobias! And I’m sure if you ask Duplica about Tobias, she’d tell you all about him. (Eva crying) Uh-oh, duty calls. Are you hungry dear? Oh you must be. (Pulls down her blouse)
Mondo: Ay! Gods woman, take that outside!
Marisa: If you don’t like the view, just get out. (Mark grabs Tracey’s shirt)
Tracey: Sorry pal, mine don’t work like Mommy’s.
Marisa: Tracey, what the heck are our kids wearing?
Tracey: Mom bought them matching Christmas suits. She wants to take lots of pictures.
Marisa: (Sighs) I wouldn’t mind it so much if they weren’t so tacky.
Tracey: We’ll take care of them when we get back home. (A little later at Marcus’s house)

Duplica: There you are, I was wondering where you ran off to.
Marcus: Seeing the Godchildren. Have to make appearances often with the twins otherwise they’ll forget all about me.
Duplica: So what’d you think of Tobias?
Marcus: Eh, he’s okay. Did Mom, make anything for dinner?
Duplica: That’s all you can say? Come on, the man is acting in London for God’s sake!
Marcus: (Thinking) Why don’t you just pull down his pants and give him a blow-job right in front of me? (Walks away)
Duplica: Where are you going?
Marcus: Had a long day and I want to take a nap. (A little later)

Mother: Marcus, there you are. You can help me decorate the cookies.
Marcus: Well I do love your Christmas cookies. Say Mom, where’s Duplica?
Mother: She said something about rehearsing something at the church. I don’t know why she has to rehearse something without you. (A car pulls up) That might be her.
Marcus: Didn’t she take your car?
Mother: No, someone picked her up. (He goes to the window)
Marcus: What the hell? She was with that Toblerone by herself? Mom, how could you allow this to happen?

Mother: I’m sorry Marcus, I didn’t know this was going to upset you.
Marcus: She’s spending her time with that long-haired, pretty boy, fake-ass English accent, perfect actor, perfect singer, flake! (The door opens)
Duplica: Oh hey, did you enjoy your nap?
Marcus: Did you enjoy your gallivanting with that pretty boy?
Duplica: Where are you getting that?
Marcus: Don’t play stupid with me, I know you were with that Toblerone guy. The whole neighborhood saw you leaving his rental car.

Duplica: Listen you paranoid idiot, we were rehearsing something for the wedding. For God’s sake Marcus, I would have thought you would trust me with an old friend. It’s the least you could do since I always put the best face on with your ‘little buddy’.
Marcus: You keep her out of this fight. Besides, she’s been married for almost as long as you’ve known her so there’s nothing between us. You and pretty boy on the other hand, I know nothing about. And worse of all, I don’t even see him around another girl.
Duplica: You are being such an idiot, he’s a friend and that’s all.
Marcus: Then what was with that kiss he gave you?
Duplica: A kiss on the cheek? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Narrator: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Sketchit house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. As the newborn twins snuggle in their bed… (Banging on the door) …Marisa wakes up and is about to kill the banger dead.

June: (Whispering) Do you really need that baseball bat?
Marisa: (Whispering) Necessary in case it’s a drunk creeper! Or Mondo! (Banging continues) Who the hell is doing this? (Looks in the peephole) What the…?
June: Who is it? (She opens the door)
Marisa: You have no idea how dead you are. (Moments later) Marcus, you better have a good reason why you’re banging on the door at one in the morning on Christmas, waking the babies, scaring June, and making me lose even an ounce of sleep!
Marcus: I got thrown out of the house.
Tracey: Your parents? What’d you do?
Marcus: It was a fight between me and Duplica that got…out of hand.

Marisa: Wait, stop! Does this have something to do with Tobias? (He nods) So what happened now?
Marcus: She was with him earlier and when she came back, I saw him kiss her.
Marisa: (Sighs) It’s too late to deal with this stupid crap. Okay Marcus, I will talk to her tomorrow and I’ll let you sleep here.
Marcus: Little buddy, I love you for this. (She throws diapers at him) What’s this?
Marisa: In exchange, you’re to watch over the twins tonight. Tracey and I need some extra sleep and since you screwed up royally, you can stay up with them. Good night! (The next morning)

June: Merry Christmas everyone! (Doorbell ring) Come on in you guys!
Mondo: Don’t mind if we do!
Cheryl: Thanks Auntie, oh we have company?
Marisa: My pest of a brother.
Mondo: What’d you do to him?
Tracey: He woke us up at 1am, so we made him stay up with the twins.
Mondo: Brutal. (Marcus walks outside)
Marisa: Excuse me you guys. (She goes outside) Want to talk about it?

Marcus: I think I might…have overreacted. I have a feeling about Toblerone and Duplica, but…I don’t know what to think about the subject anymore.
Marisa: Marcus, you’ve come so far with her and you’re only days away from getting married. If you don’t settle this now you might lose the one girl who might make your dreams come true.
Marcus: You’re right. I’ll handle things myself little buddy. Thanks again for sticking your foot in my ass. I hate it but I guess I need it sometimes. (They walk back inside)
Mondo: See Daisy, I told you. Bigger than yours!
Daisy: Wow, you were right.
Mondo: Got anymore pictures of your wife like that? (Marisa punches Mondo’s head) Ow!
Tracey: You’re still an idiot. (Marcus walks to the bathroom)

Marcus: Hello? Brock, hey I need your help!
Brock: Marcus, it’s Christmas. What could you possibly want?
Marcus: I need you to spy on my so called fiancé for me.
Brock: What?
Marcus: I don’t want to go into full detail, but I need you to go to my house and find out any information.
Brock: Marcus, I have an engagement already. I’m having dinner with my family and my wife. (Marcus sobbing) Don’t cry! God damn you, don’t cry. It’s not fair that you’re crying. Fine, I’ll help.
Marcus: Call me back with full details. (Hangs up)
Brock: Ugh…I’m going to kill him! (A little later outside Marcus’s house)

Khoury: Now why am I here?
Brock: Well Khoury, one of my friends got me tangled in his own mess and now I’m on a spy mission. Plus I needed a second person for this mission and you don’t celebrate Christmas.
Khoury: I may be Jewish, but I still would like to enjoy my day off in peace.
Brock: I’ll make it up to you later. Now be quiet, I think I see Duplica.
Khoury: Who? (Tobias comes out of a car)
Brock: Who the hell is this guy? (They get in the car and drive) Okay, maybe Marcus has a right to be freaked. Let’s roll! (A little later outside a church) Now Khoury, I want you to go and sneak around and hear whatever they’re saying. They don’t know you so they won’t connect you to Marcus or me. (Khoury leaves the car) Now to bring this up with Marcus! (Dials the phone) Yo, Marcus! I found your fiancé going into some church with some mystery weirdo. I sent someone in to spy on him.

Marisa: Oh really? I’ll be sure to tell him what you just said.
Brock: MARISA! Wait, I mean… (Spanish accent) Me sorry senorita, I’m just looking for my partner Pedro! Adios! (Hangs up) Crap! (Back at June’s house)
Marisa: Taking care of things, huh?
Marcus: Little buddy, I’m going to head on home so…
Marisa: So you better tell me why you sent Brock to spy on Duplica and you better do it fast. (She clinches her fist)
Marcus: So you know? Sorry little buddy, but after that big fight we had last night, I had to get Brock to spy on her so I don’t do more damage.
Marisa: Nothing can be simple for you, can it? (Back at the church)

Khoury: Okay, some music is going on. (Cracks open the door) Looks like she’s at the piano! Where’s that guy though? (Trips and falls down)
Duplica: What was that? (Runs to the door) Are you okay?
Khoury: Sorry, I must have tripped. I didn’t mean to interrupt your song.
Tobias: You do seem distracted today Duplica.
Duplica: (Sighs) I guess I am after the fight Marcus and I had. The big dope!
Khoury: If you don’t mind me saying, that was a pretty song you were playing.
Duplica: Oh thank you. It’s just something I’m working on for my wedding in a couple of days. I’m surprising the groom with a song during the ceremony.

Tobias: And what man could say no to that?
Duplica: After last night, I’m not sure if we’re going to make it to the alter.
Tobias: Would you like it if I spoke to him to set the record straight?
Duplica: If you can get through to the big numb-skull, then be my guest. (Khoury limps out of church) Hey wait, are you going to be okay?
Khoury: Oh…just fine. Nothing to worry about! I really have to get…oww…going now.
Duplica: No, you’re limping. You must have sprained something when you fell inside.

Tobias: You better take caution of that when you walk inside on the wedding day.
Duplica: Noted. Come on, let’s help you out. (They walk out of the church)
Brock: There you are Khoury!
Duplica: Huh? I know you! Brock?
Brock: Duplica, you’re…looking lovely. Can’t wait for the wedding!
Duplica: I’m getting the feeling that I’m being spied on…
Khoury: Sorry Brock.
Duplica: Okay Brock, take me to my idiot fiancé if you will. I want a full explanation. (A little later at June’s house)

Daisy: Blake and Mark seem to be getting along well.
Marisa: Right. Daisy, I’ve been meaning to ask you about…Blake’s father.
Daisy: He has another trial coming up in January and they’ll decide if he’s going to be put in an institution. Sad to say his mental health got worse within the few months. And the fact that he put me and Blake in danger makes him more of a danger to society! Not to mention he almost went after you. But I’m not worried. Blake has a great father figure.
Marisa: So things with you and Mondo are going well?
Daisy: He’s a butt-head, but he tries. (Doorbell rings)
Marisa: I’ll get that. (Opens the door) Duplica? Brock! What’s going on?
Duplica: Exactly what I want to know. Now where is he?

Marisa: Let me take you to him. (In another room)
Marcus: Stay still Eva so Uncle Marcus can put this on you.
Marisa: Hey Uncle Moron, you have company. I think I made you suffer enough for your crimes. Now give me back my baby and get out!
Duplica: Okay, I want the whole story Marcus! Do you really not trust me with other men? Is that why you sent Brock and that guy with the glasses to spy on me and Tobias?
Marcus: Fine, I’m just going to say this, I don’t trust that Toblerone guy. I heard how you were praising him all yesterday and then when we got home it’s just how great he is. Geez, why don’t you marry the guy?!
Duplica: I don’t want to marry him, I want to marry you. That’s why I proposed to you! Look, the only way this marriage is ever going to work is if you learn to trust me.

Tobias: Could I speak to you Marcus?
Marcus: Might as well. (The door opens)
Tracey: What the hell is going on here?
June: More guests?
Marisa: No, Duplica’s here to get her fiancé back, Tobias is here to speak to Marcus, and Brock was hired to spy on Duplica and Tobias. And as for this guy, I have no idea who he is.
Khoury: Brock’s fall guy!
Brock: Put a sock in it Khoury!
Khoury: The next time you want me to lie to Marina, you’re on your own.
Duplica: Marisa, I apologize for all of this drama.
Marisa: It’s no problem. I found new creative ways to punish that idiot brother of mine.

Brock: She’s going to use it on us now. Brace yourself Khoury! Marisa’s a real witch when she’s in a bad mood. (Marisa glares at them)
Marisa: Brock? (He gulps) Relax, I’m not going to hurt you. I just want you to meet my little girl Eva. (He sighs) Yep, good! You can help me feed her!
Brock: Huh? Hey, you’re the mother that’s your job!
Marisa: Consider this as punishment for disturbing me and the rest of my family on Christmas. (Outside the house)
Tobias: No doubt Duplica told you that at one time we dated.
Marcus: Yeah.
Tobias: I don’t blame you for your suspicion. If I was in your position, I would have done the same thing.

Marcus: Really?
Tobias: Well not to great lengths as you did by dragging your friends in this. But I would be feeling the way you would.
Marcus: So you’re not still…you know…?
Tobias: Out of the question. Our relationship was less than a year and in high school. We decided to stay good friends after it ended and that’s the way I intend to keep it. I don’t regret it and I don’t look at you in jealousy. I’m very happy for my long-time friend and I wish you and Duplica nothing but happiness. (Marcus sighs and wipes his eyes) Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry.
Marcus: Not crying. (Sighs again) Love makes you do the stupidest things. But she’s worth it! Hey wait, what the heck has she been doing at these so called rehearsals?

Tobias: Oh that? She’s just practicing something for the ceremony. You’ll just have to wait until the day to find out.
Marcus: Fine, I’ll wait for the surprise. Just as long as I’m not the last one to know! (They walk back inside) Duplica! I’ve got something to say…in fact, I want to say it to everyone. To every male, female, baby, and…I don’t even know who the hell you are.
Khoury: I’m Khoury! I’m Brock’s assistant at the vet and…
Marcus: Yeah, nice to meet you guy! The point is that people do a bunch of dumb things in the name of love. I’ve pulled some boners, I’ve seen my friends pull boners, I see a lot of romantic comedies where something goes horribly wrong and sometimes comes out just right. But you know what? I’d do a lot of stupid things just to prove how much I love this girl right over here.

Duplica: I’d prefer a decrease in the stupid things category.
Marcus: After the mess I pulled yesterday I fear she might call off the ceremony. I mean I said things I shouldn’t have said, raised my voice, and I was a little drunk. Duplica, I want to say that I’m sorry for accusing you of doing something unthinkable with Toblerone over there.
All: Tobias.
Marcus: And I just want to ask you for your forgiveness.
Duplica: (Sighs) Marcus…you are a paranoid, silly, butt-head. But you’re my paranoid, silly, butt-head. (She kisses him on the lips)
Marcus: Okay folks, wedding is still on. Meet us at the church on New Years Eve.
Tracey: Great, now everything is settled…
Marisa: Beat it! (The next morning at the vet)

Lyra: What happened to your ankle?
Khoury: I sprained it. Plus I have to walk with this cane! (Brock walks downstairs) And there’s the bastard who’s responsible!
Lyra: Brock, I know Khoury is a lazy good-for-nothing, but that’s still no reason to injure him.
Brock: Khoury, I’m sorry for what happened. Hey think of it this way buddy, your interference helped my friend get back together with his fiancé. (Khoury glares at him) How about I invite you to the wedding? Weddings are a wonderful place to make hook-ups. You might get lucky.
Khoury: I want extra pay for my services yesterday.
Lyra: Huh? I want to go too! Weddings mean free liquor! And possibly hot suitors! Unlike your eloping!
Brock: I swear to God, you two. (Later at Misty’s apartment)

Misty: Oh they’re so cute! Thanks for coming by you guys!
Tracey: Well we haven’t seen you in a while so of course we had to stop by.
Marisa: Where’s Ash and Anya?
Misty: They’re out doing some shopping. (She holds her head)
Marisa: Mist, are you okay?
Misty: Oh yeah, I’m just a little light-headed.
Tracey: You do look very pale Misty. And Marcus told us you were sick the other day.
Misty: No, it’s okay guys. I’m feeling much better today.
Marisa: Well just to be on the safe side, I want you to get some more rest today. You want to be at the top of your game for Marcus’s wedding right?
Misty: I guess you’re right. Thanks for stopping by guys. (They leave) Oh man, I think I’m going to be sick. (A couple of days later at Marcus’s house)

Marcus: Hey guys, come in, come in, do you want some coffee? Cookies? Hot cocoa? A drink of beer? A pint of tequila?
Marisa: How about a chill pill for you?
Mother: He’s just overly excited for the ceremony.
Tracey: Clearly. (He breathes in and out)
Marcus: Okay, I’m good, I’m good. So where are the babies?
Tracey: With my mother today. Now let’s go to the church.
Marcus: Right after I throw up again. Be back in a second. (He walks away)
Marisa: It’s starting to snow. I hope your mother can keep the babies warm. I should call her to make sure she’s got that covered.

Mother: Oh dear, is she having separation anxiety?
Tracey: Marisa, it’s the wedding day, remember? I’ve prepared you for this day for weeks. We weren’t going to be with the twins. (Whispering) We haven’t been away from them for more than a couple of hours since their birth. (Marcus walks out)
Marcus: Okay, ready again!
Tracey: Where’s Duplica?
Mother: Duplica is in the hotel with her parents. To keep Marcus on his toes, they didn’t see each other for 24 hours.
Marcus: Oh God, the wedding. The wedding means there’s gonna be family there. Oh crap, the cousins, the cousins. THE MOONING!
Marisa: Whoa, hold your horses! Stop going crazy for a second to have a reality check! You didn’t invite the cousins that mooned your other cousin at her wedding. They’re all back in El Paso so no need to worry. (He breathes in and out) Yeesh. (A little later at the church)

Miss Vivian: OH MY GOD MARCUS! (Sobbing) I can’t believe you’re getting married!
Marcus: It’s…great to see you again…Miss V!
Drew: Yikes, I was afraid this was going to happen!
Miss Vivian: (Gasps) DREW ROSE! (She hugs him) I missed you so much. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. How’s your wife? And your daughter?
Drew: Oh they’re good. (She walks away) Big day Marcus, you made it!
Marcus: I…do. I…do? I do!
Drew: Yep, you’re ready for today!
Marcus: I’ve gotta throw up again! (He walks away)
Drew: Pre-wedding jitters, boy that takes me back! (Near the front entrance)

Lyra: Okay, time to bring on the hot guys!
Brock: Just behave yourself. You’re here as my guests. I’m already two guests over the limit as it is.
Lyra: Hey do you think Harley’s going to be here?
Brock: No, he couldn’t make it down. It’s New Years and he is doing some big New Years extravaganza in Vegas with Rupaul…or some other stuff.
Khoury: Thank the Gods!
Marina: Harley’s not so bad Khoury.
Khoury: He doesn’t make flirty faces or blow kisses at you! (Back inside)

Marisa: Welcome, welcome, come in. (Dawn and Zoey walk inside) Hi guys, welcome!
Dawn: Marisa! (Hugs her) I’m so happy to see you again!
Zoey: Where’s the groom?
Marisa: Puking his guts out in the bathroom again.
Zoey: That nervous, huh?
Dawn: Hey, do you think tomorrow we can come over and see the babies?
Marisa: Sure thing.
Zoey: Hey, it’s Misty and Ash.
Dawn: Is it just me or did Misty lose a lot of weight?
Zoey: No, it’s not just you. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and she looked skinnier than normal. I hope everything is alright at home. (A little later)

Lyra: That’s odd, the wedding should have started by now.
Khoury: I hope no one got cold feet.
Brock: Yeah, this is strange. (Near the door)
Tracey: Any sign of Duplica and her parents?
Marisa: They haven’t showed up yet. It’s snowing but they should still be able to get here no problem.
Tobias: Oh geez, this better not be a case of cold feet.
Marisa: Ssh! There’s Marcus, he’s nervous enough as it is, don’t go saying the C.F. word in front of him.
Marcus: Has she arrived yet?
Marisa: Um, no Marcus…she’s not here yet. But don’t worry, she’ll be here soon.
Marcus: Great…I think I’m going to be sick again. (Phone ringing)

Marisa: Hello? Duplica, where are…You’re where? Oh no! Okay, hang tight and I will find some kind of help. (Hangs up)
Tracey: What’s going on?
Marisa: The car that she and her parents are driving is stalled. They’re stuck and they need a tow-truck and I don’t know anyone here who drives a tow-truck and I just wanted this to go smoothly for Marcus!
Tracey: Okay, calm down. I know there’s gotta be a way to get some help.
Marisa: Wait, I got it! Marcus’s father, he has a truck and possibly material to help them out. Let’s get him! (Moments later)
Father: That’s what happened? Oh man, might take a while to hook it up, but what the heck, it’s an emergency. I’ll be back.

Marcus: WAIT UP! I just heard what you said! Dad, you have to take me with you! It’s my bride out there in that cold and snow, you have to take me.
Marisa: Oh Marcus, I didn’t want you to…
Marcus: I know, I know little buddy. You didn’t want me to worry. But not knowing is the worst part of it all, and I need to do this. Okay little buddy, it’s up to you to keep the audience here by the time we come back. (They leave)
Tracey: Wow.
Marisa: (Sighs) Okay, so we stalled Principal Oak’s wedding, we stalled May and Drew’s wedding, and now this?
Tracey: How about you do your stand-up?
Marisa: Use your brain Tracey! My stand-up is way too risqué especially for a church.
Tracey: It’s times like this I wish we still had Erika and Kelly. (They walk up to the front)

Marisa: Excuse us folks, the wedding…it’s going to be a little more time before it starts.
Tracey: So if you could all remain patient, we’ll start up soon. (All murmuring)
Marisa: (Sighs) Tough crowd. (A little later on another street)
Duplica: Late to my own wedding…man, this is a disaster. (Horn honking) Huh? It’s a truck! WE’RE SAVED! (Indistinct screaming) Huh?
Duplica: Aaah! Shit! He’s not supposed to see me in my wedding dress. Mom, unzip me!

Marcus: So dad, is it possible to get this hooked up to your truck?
Father: I’m going to need your help. Let’s get this started!
Duplica: Marcus! (Opens the door) You saved the day!
Marcus: All in the…Huh? (Looks at Duplica) HELL YEAH! I thought we were going to wait until the honeymoon night, but this is hot!
Duplica: No you moron, I didn’t want you to see me in my wedding dress!
Marcus: Oh right…tradition.
Father: Marcus, stop daydreaming and get your ass on the other side! (A little later at the church)

Can you meet me halfway?
Right at the borderline is where I will wait for you!

I’ve been looking out, night and day.
Took my heart to the limit and this is where I’ll stay!

Tracey: Nice of Dawn and Zoey to keep the audience entertained. What did you bribe them with?
Marisa: Twenty dollars each and an autograph picture of Ada.
Tracey: They drive a hard bargain. (Misty and Ash run out of the church) Huh? Wonder what that was about! (Marisa runs out of the church) Wait, Marisa! (Outside)
Ash: Misty, we should leave, you’re not well today. (She coughs) Come on Misty!
Misty: No…Please Ash, I want to stay.
Marisa: Misty!
Marisa: Huh? What’s going on?
Misty: Ash…Stop it. (Coughs) I want to tell her at the very least.
Marisa: Misty? (Back inside)

Dawn: Thanks you guys, you’re a wonderful audience!
Zoey: (Whispering) I think Tracey wants us to continue.
Dawn: What? Oh man!
Zoey: Born This Way in 3…2…1…Go!
Dawn: It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M-M-M-M!
Zoey: Just put your paws up, because you were born this way! (In the audience)
Lyra: (Squeals) They’re doing GaGa you guys!
Khoury: You and your love for GaGa!
Lyra: I almost wish Harley could be here for this.
Khoury: Please don’t mention that name again. (The door opens)
Tracey: There you are, they started singing GaGa. Marisa? (She tears up) Oh my God, you’re… (He embraces her) It’s okay sweetie, if you want to go home and see the twins we don’t have to stay for the entire ceremony.

Marisa: Huh? Oh…I’m sorry Tracey…I was just…
Tracey: Are you going to be alright?
Marisa: Yeah…I will. (Phone ringing) Hello? (Sniffling) Marcus! What’s that? I can’t hear you!
Marisa: That’s great!
Marcus: Hopefully within 20 minutes or so.
Marisa: Just get here safely please. (They hang up) He’s coming, we can start in another half hour.
Tracey: That’s great. Marisa, are you sure you’re okay?
Marisa: Huh? Oh…I…am okay. I am. I promise. (Back outside)
Ash: Why did you tell her? Why her?
Misty: She deserves to know Ash. I trust her not to tell. (A few minutes later)

Marcus: I’m here! We’re here! (The door opens)
Marisa: Thank God! (Runs to the car) Huh? Why is Duplica wearing nothing but a bra, panties, and the coat to your tux?
Marcus: Tradition. I can’t see her wedding dress.
Duplica: Get inside Marcus, I don’t want you peaking.
Marcus: Right-o darling! I’m getting married in a few min…oh crap, my poor stomach! (Runs inside)
Marisa: Here let me help you into the dress!
Duplica: Thanks Marisa, I hope not too many people left already. We were supposed to start over an hour ago.
Marisa: We got you guys covered. (Back inside)

Marcus: She got us covered, huh? (Tobias singing) That dang Toblerone!
Tracey: It’s Tobias.
Marcus: He even SINGS better than I do.
Tracey: Focus Marcus, who is Duplica marrying?
Marcus: Me. (Sighs) Fine, I’ll allow it. I’m still jealous of him.
Mother: Honey, there you are.
Marcus: Oh Mom, you didn’t have to worry about me.
Mother: You know you have a bad back and Marcus isn’t that strong. Were you able to get through the task and not injure yourself?
Father: It’s no big deal hon, we were both able to do it no sweat.
Marcus: (Sarcastic) Thanks for the support Mom. (Marisa runs inside) She’s ready? (She nods) Yahoo! (Runs up to the front) Okay, that’s enough from you. We’re ready to start folks, so just sit tight! (Tobias walks to the entrance)

Tobias: Is she ready?
Marisa: Yep. Tracey, cue the music! (Soft music comes on)
Tracey: (Whispering) You’re on! (Marcus’s parents walk down the aisle, Marisa and Tobias walk down the aisle, Tracey opens the door and Duplica walks down the aisle with her parents)
Marcus: (Gasps) You’re…beautiful.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bond this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Um, before I continue, I would like to remind you that the extra 75 minutes you kept us waiting will be humbly added onto your bill.
Marcus: On with the sermon…Father.
Priest: Right. Now before I continue… (Marcus groans) …the bride has a special gift she would like to give to the groom.
Marcus: Huh? (Duplica walks to the piano)

Duplica: (Singing)
Baby you don't know, what you do to me.
Between me and you, I feel a chemistry.
Won't let no one come and take your place.
Cause the love you give can't be replaced.

See no one else love me like you do.
That's why I don't mind to spend my life with you.
Wanna please you in anyway I can.
Wanna share my world don't you understand.

Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
you give me a really good feelin all day long.
Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
you give me a really good feelin all day long.

I'll give you anything you want from me anything you want anything you need
anything your soul desires
I'll give you anything you want from me anything you want anything you need
anything your soul desires
Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
You give me a really good feelin all day long.

Marcus: Duplica…That… (He hugs her) I love you so much… (Later in the ceremony)
Priest: Do you Marcus take Delilah to be your lawfully wedded wife to love, cherish, honor, for better or worse, for rich or poor, till death do you part? (In the audience)
Lyra: (Whispering) Who’s Delilah?
Brock: (Whispering) That’s Duplica’s real name.
Marcus: I do. (He puts the ring on Duplica)
Priest: Do you Delilah take Marcus to be your lawfully wedded husband to love, cherish, honor, for better or worse, for rich or poor, till death do you part?
Duplica: I do. (She puts the ring on Marcus)
Priest: By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. (Marcus and Duplica kiss on the lips) Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Mr. and Mrs. Mar… (Horn honking La Cucaracha) What in the world? (They run to the front doors)

Marcus: WHAT THE…?!
Marisa: Oh no!
Man: (Screaming) Yo Marky! Congrats ese! Sorry we’re late!
Marcus: Oh my God, who invited them?
Father: Hey, they’re your cousins! (Marcus groans) But I don’t think I invited them. I think it was your Nana.
Marcus: Curses Nana! Curses! (Duplica giggles) Honey, I’m sorry this had to happen.
Duplica: It’s okay Marcus.
Marcus: You are one hell of a woman to put up with me and my dysfunctional family.
Duplica: Yeah well…they’re my dysfunctional family too now. (Later at the reception)

Tobias: And now the newlyweds are going to share their first dance together as husband and wife. (Can You Feel The Love Tonight plays)
Marcus: (Sighs) What a day! What a week! What a day!
Duplica: You did well today! You saved the day.
Marcus: I wouldn’t say that. I just happened to be there with my father, plus he did most of the work. (Nearby)
Marina: Oh Duplica looks so cute with Marcus!
Brock: Yeah, I’m real happy for him.
Khoury: I guess this wedding wasn’t a total waste.
Brock: Would you stop sulking?

Khoury: I’m sorry Brock, maybe I should tell my ankle to stop being…
Brock: Fine, you’ve made your point. (Lyra walks up)
Lyra: Khoury…Come on, dance with me.
Khoury: Huh? You want to…?
Lyra: Come on before I change my mind! It’s a slow song so just hold onto me for balance. (They start slow dancing)
Brock: That was awfully nice of Lyra.
Marina: I saw her get shot down for a dance with a cute guy so Khoury’s her last resort.
Brock: Yeah well…we just won’t tell him that. (Tracey walks up) What’s up?
Tracey: Have you seen Marisa around? I would have thought she would be present when they do the first dance.
Brock: I don’t know where she ran off to. (Outside)

Marisa: So when did you find out?
Misty: It was a couple of months ago. Back in June.
Marisa: Has there been any success in trying to get rid of it?
Misty: Sad to say no. I’m sorry I can’t give you much good news. (Marisa sniffles) Please don’t cry Marisa.
Marisa: I can’t help it Mist…I can’t… (Sighs) But…there’s hope right? (Silence) Please tell me…there’s hope that…
Misty: I don’t know Marisa. I’m not responding that well to their so called treatments.
Marisa: (Crying) I wish you would have told me sooner. I can’t stand this distance Misty.
Misty: I’m sorry. (Tracey walks outside) Tracey?

Tracey: There you are! Marcus and Duplica are going to cut the wedding cake. Plus you missed their first dance.
Misty: Well it’s getting a little too chilly for me. (Misty walks inside)
Tracey: Are you okay? (Marisa wipes away a tear)
Marisa: I’ll be okay Tracey. I just need to get some air. If you don’t mind hon, I need some time alone. I’ll be okay, I promise.
Tracey: Okay. Just let me know if you need me to bring you anything. (A little later inside)
Todd: It’s about time you came inside! I’ve been looking all over for you!
Marisa: Todd? I haven’t seen you in ages! Where were you during the ceremony?
Todd: Oh, business calls! I had a job to do during the day time so I didn’t get to see the old boy make an ass out of himself during his own ceremony.

Marisa: I’ll have you know that Marcus was perfect the entire ceremony. (Microphone screech) Huh? AHH!
Man: (Drunken) Hey, hey, I would like to praise our baby cousin on landing such a hot babe!
Marisa: Oh dear God, please keep your pants on! (Marcus screams)
Man: (Drunken) So I would, would, just like to… (Belch) …say tonight! (A table cloth is thrown on him)
Tobias: Ladies and gentlemen, if I could direct your attention to the clock on the other side of the room… (Kicks Marcus’s cousin off the stage) …you’ll know that we’re approaching midnight.

Marcus: Toblerone to the rescue!
Marisa: It’s Tob…oh never mind!
Tobias: If you go to the table you’ll find party favors of all varieties to ring in the new year.
Todd: Let’s go guys! (Moments later)
All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…HAPPY NEW YEARS! (Hooting, hollering, whistles, and cheers)

Brock: (Thinking) This year, I want to become the great husband Marina wants.
Khoury: (Thinking) This year, I hope that Lyra will go out with me.
Lyra: (Thinking) This year, I hope to find a hot boyfriend.
Tracey: (Thinking) This year, I’m going to spend more time with my wife and new babies.
Marisa: (Thinking) This year, I want to stay close to those I’ve strayed away from over the years.
Todd: (Thinking) This year…we WILL get a Republican for a president!
Duplica: (Thinking) This year, I want to work on landing a lead role and to love my husband more and more every day.
Marcus: (Thinking) This year, I want to spend every possible moment with my darling bride…and together we can ride out the apocalypse!
Misty: (Thinking) This year…I want to defeat cancer.


Ash: All of these years…all of these memories…I don’t want this to come to an end! I want to continue! I want to create new memories! Just hold on Misty, you can do this. Next time, in our final chapter of Aftermath!

Song(s) list:
*Meet Me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas (performed by Dawn and Zoey)
*Born This Way by Lady GaGa (performed by Dawn and Zoey)
*One In A Million by Aaliyah (performed by Duplica)
Tags: ash, duplica, marcus, misty, romance reunion
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