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Romance Reunion: Aftermath - Chapter Five

Author: medea10
Fandom: Pokemon
Chapter Shipping: Ash/Misty (Pokeshipping)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Character Recap: Since last time, Ash and Misty get married. But the haunting fact that Ash had sex with the stripper from his bachelor party caused problems within the first month of the marriage. But with a paternity test, they learned Ash was not the father of Anabel's baby, so they were able to return to life of normality. Eventually conceiving their only daughter Anya, life was going swell for them. Until a terrible diagnosis that is...
Chapter Summary: While their friends were having some of the most interesting things happen during these last six months, Ash and Misty go through an unbelievable hell. A terrible diagnosis for Misty and her story of trying to survive.
New Character Introduced: Aurora Waterflower (Misty's mother)

Chapter Five

Misty: I love you Ash. (End of flashback)


Ash: (Sighs) Long day, long day, long day, long day! Huh? Hi Daisy, what are you doing here?
Daisy: Welcome home Ash! I’m just watching after Anya today.
Ash: Okay and how’s Blake?
Daisy: He’s sleeping in the other room. (The door opens) Misty? (She holds onto the door) Whoa, are you okay?
Misty: Yeah…just tired right now. (Ash holds onto her)
Ash: Come on, I’ll help you into the room. (He carries her into the bedroom)
Daisy: How the heck did she get home if she’s falling over like this? (Winona runs in) Oh it’s you! (In the bedroom)
Ash: What the heck happened to you?
Misty: A routine…check-up. That’s all honey. (Outside the room)

Daisy: So where did you two end up going?
Winona: I took Misty to a doctor’s appointment. In this procedure, they had to sedate her so she’s going to be extra loopy for the next few hours.
Daisy: (Sighs) I wish she told me. (The door opens)
Ash: Hey Winona, thanks for bringing Misty home. Are you feeling okay after what happened with that Tyson guy?
Winona: Oh absolutely. Thanks for asking.
Ash: And Daisy, thanks for looking after Anya for us. I can take over from here. (He walks away)
Daisy: What procedure did she go through?
Winona: I can’t really say since she refused to say what it was. I do have a theory that it was to check if she has an ulcer. The other day when I visited her, she vomited up blood. I’m sure whatever it is, the doctors will take care of it. (A little later at another house)

Daisy: Mom, you have to tell me what procedure Misty had done.
Aurora: This is a first Daisy. You never ask about your baby sister before.
Daisy: Oh come on, what kind of sister never sheds concern over her baby sibling?
Aurora: Well whatever the case is, it was probably to either test her on something inside her body or it was small surgery.
Daisy: So she didn’t say anything?
Aurora: Not to me. I would guess the only one she told would be Ash. So my advice is to speak to him if you want to know more.
Daisy: I’ve tried and he’s not saying a word. (Sighs) Mom, I’m just concerned is all. You see…in the last few weeks, she’s been looking kind of sick. And just last week I was at her house and she started getting sick to her stomach. And one of her friends said she’s been vomiting up blood.
Aurora: Blood? That’s not good. Well the tests she got should determine what the problem is. Usually that just means she’s got an ulcer. (Later in Ash’s house)

Ash: Hey honey, how are you feeling?
Misty: (Quietly) Just nauseous.
Ash: Need me to get you anything Mist?
Misty: Not right now. (Sighs) I really hope it’s just an ulcer or something minor.
Ash: Well it’s good that you’re getting everything checked out. (Phone ringing) I’ll get that. Hello?
Aurora: Hello Ash, it’s me Aurora. How are you?

Ash: Oh hey, so you’ve returned from your trip through the Amazon? How was that?
Aurora: It was great dear, thank you for asking. Listen, I was wondering how my daughter was doing. I mean, I’ve been away for the last couple of months and Daisy’s worried after she apparently got some tests done.
Ash: Oh that…Yeah, she’s getting things checked out. Unfortunately I’m nervous because the last few weeks, I’ve noticed Misty’s health decline. She’s losing weight when she doesn’t need to and losing her appetite.
Aurora: When is she getting her results back?
Ash: Should be in a couple of days. (Misty retching) Oh crap, I’ve gotta go, Misty is throwing up again. (Hangs up) Misty, wait a sec! (Back at the house)
Aurora: This…is serious. (A couple of days later in the doctor’s office)

Ash: Please doctor… (Misty sobbing) …Is there something we can do? This is sudden! She’s only 25! There’s no way in hell she should have this!
Doctor: I’m sorry Mr. Ketchum, but that’s what the tests came up with.
Ash: How did this happen?
Doctor: Well Ash, Cervical Cancer is something that women have to test for, especially those who are sexually active.
Ash: But how do you get it?
Doctor: Well usually, this cancer isn’t really much of a threat until the women are sexually active. And depending on how many partners she’s had in the past…
Ash: Hold on a second, Misty’s only had one partner in life. Me!

Doctor: Well in another case, the other partners you’ve slept with could have transferred to Misty. And it’s grade school health Ash, every person you sleep with, she might as well be sleeping with all of them as well.
Ash: But I never…Oh…Oh no…this can’t be…no, no, no, no, no!
Doctor: Now next week we’ll start her on chemotherapy and radiation. Here’s all the paper work you need to read up on. This is what to expect when you’re under this treatment. I’ll be in the other room if you need some time by yourselves. (The doctor leaves)
Misty: (Crying) Ash…Why is this happening? (Ash embraces her)
Ash: (Sobbing) I’m so sorry Misty…I’m so sorry! (A little later outside Ash’s house)

Brock: Ash, what’s going on?
Ash: I couldn’t sleep. Brock, I need to talk to someone about this. I…just don’t know what to do. What we’re going to do! (Starts tearing up)
Brock: Oh man, this sounds serious if you’re crying. What’s going on? Is it Misty or Anya or your mother?
Ash: It’s Misty. (Sighs) She has cancer.
Brock: (Gasps) Oh no! Ash, I’m so sorry you have to go through with this.
Ash: There’s more. It’s my fault that she has it. You see…apparently she got HPV and over time it turned into Cervical Cancer. It’s my fault that I got her HPV. I slept with Anabel that one time…and God only knows how many men Anabel slept with.
Brock: Do not blame yourself Ash! It was on accident and not out of spite. Plus, it could be anything that caused the cancer, not necessarily you.

Ash: But this is beating me down. It’s all my fault Brock.
Brock: Oh Ash…
Ash: (Sniffling) Listen Brock, I’d appreciate it if you kept this news to yourself. I don’t want to scare any of our friends.
Brock: Yeah, it’s no problem. (Ash falls to the ground and cries) Ash, it’s going to be okay. Misty’s going to be okay!
Misty: Ash?
Ash: What are you doing out of bed Misty?
Misty: I came to check on you Ash. Please don’t cry Ash, I hate seeing you like this.
Ash: I can’t help it! You wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for me.
Misty: You’re not to blame Ash. Please stop blaming yourself! (She embraces him)
Brock: So you’re obviously going to start chemo right?
Misty: Yeah…I’m just afraid of starting that. But if it’ll help…I’m willing to give this a shot. Otherwise… (Ash cries harder) …I don’t even want to think of that outcome. (The next day)

Aurora: Oh my God…This…can’t be happening. (Lily walks in the room)
Lily: Hi, got a big date, see you tomorrow morning. (Soft sobbing) Mom? Hey, what’s the matter?
Aurora: It’s…your sister.
Lily: Oh God what did Daisy do with Mondo? I swear that guy has been bad news from day one!
Aurora: Not Daisy!
Lily: Well if it’s Violet, I should have known Dorian left her.
Aurora: Oh for God’s sake Lily, it’s Misty! She’s sick! She’s…very, very, sick.
Lily: How sick are we talking? (One week later)

Ash: So she has to do this once a week and you guarantee that this method can put her cancer in remission?
Doctor: I never said it was a guarantee, but we’re hoping for a full recovery for your wife.
Ash: (Sarcastic) Gee, that’s reassuring.
Doctor: Now when she comes home today, she’ll be very weak and tired for the entire day. As for the upcoming days, she will experience difficulties when it comes to eating. If you pick these up from the drug store, it could lessen the pain. (At the police station)
Joel: Okay Lunick, you’re on patrol with…Ben!
Lunick: Wait a minute, where the heck is Ash?
Joel: He has a half day today. There’s some family business he has to take care of.
Lunick: It’s been like this for the last couple of weeks. What’s the deal?
Joel: Classified Lunick! Now get to your squad car. (A little later at Ash’s house)

Misty: Don’t worry Ash, I feel okay right now.
Ash: Are you sure? Okay, I’m going to be on the computer in the other room and send an email to Joel. Just holler if you need anything. (He leaves the room)
Misty: (Sighs) I need a little more information. (Dials the phone)
Marisa: Hello?
Misty: Hi Marisa.
Marisa: Misty! I’m so happy to hear from you. You know I haven’t spoken to you over the phone in like forever and same goes for online.
Misty: Well I’m not really active on all those sites really. How’s the pregnancy treating you?
Marisa: Kind of crazy at the moment, but I don’t have to tell you that.

Misty: Listen Marisa, I know this isn’t the best subject to bring up in front of you, especially in your condition…
Marisa: Humor me.
Misty: I wanted to ask you about your father. (Marisa gasps) Well, what I wanted to ask is about his bout with cancer.
Marisa: Huh?
Misty: Well I…I…have an aunt who was just diagnosed with cancer.
Marisa: I’m sorry to hear that Misty. Well what I remember is that he was really sick. I guess it mostly depends on what kind of cancer your aunt has. Now what kind does she have?

Misty: Cervical.
Marisa: Well that’s definitely the one my dad didn’t have. Well with all cancer treatments, the person would have to go in for chemotherapy and radiation. From what I remember, it made him really sick to his stomach and he did lose his hair. Of course, there’s a big difference between what your aunt has and what my dad had. I mean the doctors detected the cancer in the advanced stage so that was unfortunate. What about your aunt?
Misty: Well it’s not in the advanced stage.
Marisa: That’s a positive at least.
Misty: Yeah…I’ll let you go. Take care of yourself…and the baby.
Marisa: Hey, back at you.


Aurora: It’s a very pretty one dear.
Misty: I don’t like it. (Sighs) Couldn’t you find something remotely similar to what I used to have as hair?
Daisy: Maybe no one will notice. They’ll just assume you dyed your hair. It’s a lot more common now than it was 20 years ago.
Misty: Daisy, look at this picture and tell me what you see!
Daisy: It’s a picture of…
Misty: I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a picture of me before cancer and with red hair. RED! Now get it right you dumb bimbo!
Aurora: Misty, please! Daisy was only trying her best. (Misty sighs) I know you’re frustrated at everything, but please don’t snap at your sister. (Daisy picks up the wig and leaves)
Misty: Good maybe she’ll get it right this time. (That night at Daisy’s apartment)

Daisy: Here comes the airplane Blake!
Mondo: Hey Daisy, I need the car to pick up something up from the drug store.
Daisy: The keys are in my purse. (In the other room)
Mondo: Let’s see if I remember everything. Milk, lotto scratchers, allergy medicine and…huh?! What are these receipts? (He walks out of the room) Hey Daisy, what’s with these receipts to these wig stores? I didn’t see any here?
Daisy: Oh those are for…my sister Lily. Apparently for some show that she’s in!
Mondo: Oh, okay! I’ll be back in a little bit. (He leaves)
Daisy: (Sighs) The less he knows, the less likely he’s to tell Tracey and Marisa about Misty. (Later that night)

Mondo: (Yawns) Daisy, I’m gonna hit the sack. Are you coming in?
Daisy: No, I’ve got a few more things to upload on the computer.
Mondo: Okay then. (He walks away)
Daisy: Hmm…Nope, no, ew, not even close…Who would even design a wig this hideous?! (Double clicks) Perfect! I can pick this up and Misty will…what the…?! It’s a 4 hour drive to this place?! (Sighs) You’ve got to be kidding me! (Sighs) I’m doing this for Misty. I’m doing this for Misty. I’m doing this for Misty. Okay, I’ll leave first thing in the morning. (A couple of hours later in the bedroom)
Mondo: (Yawns) Daisy…where’s the remote? (Opens his eyes) Daisy? She must have gone to feed the kid. (Walks to the other room) Huh? Blake? Daisy, where’d you go? Hello! (Walks outside) The car is gone… (Yawns) I’m going back to… (Looks at the clock) What the hell? It’s 4 in the morning! This is…odd! No one should be leaving with their kid at 4 in the morning unless…she’s going to leave me. Wait calm down, maybe it’s a family emergency. Yeah, maybe it’s…oh who am I kidding! (A little later)

Aurora: Daisy? (Knocks on the door) Daisy, come out, I want to speak to you. (The door opens) Oh Mondo!
Mondo: You have to tell me where she is!
Aurora: Huh? I was going to ask you the same thing.
Mondo: No! She and Blake are gone! They’ve been gone since 4 this morning! What if someone kidnapped them? What if they got into an accident? What if that ex of hers broke out of prison and…?
Aurora: Take a few steps back! Did she say anything about leaving?
Mondo: Well no. We just went to sleep last night with nothing said. She wouldn’t leave all of a sudden, would she? (Phone ringing)

Aurora: Oh that’s my cell. Hello? Daisy! Where are you? I’m over at your apartment right now and Mondo is really panicking.
Daisy: I found it!
Aurora: Pardon me?
Daisy: I just had to drive 4 hours to get it but I got it.
Aurora: Have you lost your mind?
Daisy: But Mom, it’s the perfect wig for Misty! Blake and I will be home in a couple of hours after we eat some breakfast. (Hangs up)
Aurora: Four hours to get some wig? My daughter is seriously something else.
Mondo: That’s another thing. I came across receipts for wigs. Is it really for her sister?
Aurora: Yes, yes it is. (Phone ringing) My phone again! Hello? Ash… (Gasps) I’ll be there in a second. (Hangs up) Excuse me Mondo, I have an emergency. (She runs to her car and drives away)
Mondo: Man, I need some coffee. (At the hospital)

Aurora: I got here as soon as I could. Where is she?
Ash: She’s being seen. I panicked. She was throwing up and then stopped and then her eyes just rolled to the back of her skull and she just passed out!
Aurora: Oh my God, please let her be okay. Please just…
Ash: The doctors are doing what they can. (A door opens)
Doctor: Ash Ketchum?
Ash: How is she?
Doctor: Well it was a piece of vomit that got caught and we had to remove it. She’s resting now. But to be wise, we’ll keep her overnight for observation. We do have to take her other condition in consideration. (Later at Daisy’s apartment)

Daisy: We’re home! (Mondo runs up and hugs her) What the…?
Mondo: Oh thank God you’re safe! I was so worried you left me, or you got kidnapped, or…
Daisy: We’re fine Mondo. I just had to pick up something.
Mondo: Yeah, about that! Your mother came over and I overheard her conversation on the phone. You drove 4 hours to get a wig? I know Lily’s your sister but for God’s sake…
Daisy: It’s…an important wig. Speaking of which, I gotta call my mom back. (Dials the phone) Hi Mom! Yes, I know. Yes…Look, I got something for her and I just got back to town so…What? She’s where? Oh my God! (Hangs up) I’ll be back Mondo!
Mondo: Wait, you just got back! (She runs to the car and drives away) What the hell is going on?! (Later at the hospital)

Misty: (Groans) Where…am I?
Ash: Misty? Oh my God, you’re okay! (He hugs her)
Misty: Where am I?
Ash: You’re at the hospital. You blacked out for several hours after you got sick this morning.
Misty: (Sighs) Oh man…I’m sorry for putting you through this hell. Where’s Anya?
Ash: She’s spending the night at my mother’s. I’m going to tell the doctor’s you woke up. I’ll be right back. (He leaves the room)
Misty: (Sighs) What’s this box? (Picks it up and opens it) Oh…Daisy shouldn’t have done that! Hmm…thanks sis. (Back at Mondo’s apartment)

Mondo: (Yawns) Wonder if there’s some chili left. (The door opens) Huh? I see they finally got home.
Aurora: That was a nice thing you did for Misty.
Daisy: Well…she’s worth it. (Sighs)
Aurora: Stop worrying, she’s under supervision at the hospital now. She’s in good hands.
Daisy: I know she is. It’s just…this whole thing has got me really uneasy.
Aurora: If Misty has to defeat this cancer, it certainly isn’t alone. I’ll call you in the morning to check on you. (She walks out the door)
Daisy: (Sighs) What a night. (Mondo walks out)

Mondo: Misty has cancer?
Daisy: (Gasps) Mondo…You cannot tell anyone what you just heard!
Mondo: Why not?
Daisy: I swore my sister and Ash I wouldn’t tell anyone. Please Mondo, I don’t want you to tell Tracey or Marisa or anyone else. I don’t want to worry them with this. Especially Marisa, I don’t want to upset her when she’s so close to giving birth.
Mondo: (Sighs) Okay Daisy, if it means that much to you, I’ll stay silent.
Daisy: That’s all I ask.
Mondo: But how is Misty?
Daisy: Well…she’s in the hospital right now. They tell us it’s nothing serious but I still worry about her. (Tears up) I know for years I gave her a lot of crap. I would tease her, make sarcastic remarks in her direction, and criticized her. But I don’t want her to die.
Mondo: Hey, she’ll be okay…right? (She hugs him) There, there…


Announcer: Please keep your luggage with you at all times.
May: Come on Sara!
Sara: Where’s Grandma?
May: We’ll see her just as soon as we pass the security check point, so just keep walking. It’s been almost a whole year since we’ve been home, so it’s important to see as many people as possible.
Sara: I see her! Grandma!
Caroline: You guys made it! (In a car) I’m so glad to see you guys. It feels weird with all of the babies out of the nest.
May: So Max moved out?
Caroline: A couple of weeks ago he moved into a one-room apartment.

May: I’ll have to stop by to check on him. (Gasps) There’s the old high school! Look Sara, this is where your mom went to school.
Caroline: And Sara also went to the school…if you get my meaning.
May: I most certainly get your meaning and stop saying things like that in front of Sara.
Caroline: Okay, I’ll lay off. (May stares out the window) Well when we get home, you can put your stuff in your old room and then I’ll fix you some lunch.
May: Huh? That looks like…Misty? Is that…her? (Inside a building)
Doctor: Ready Misty?
Misty: Not really. (Sighs) Let’s get this over with. (Later at Ash’s house)

Winona: Thanks for the hot tea Ash. So how is she doing?
Ash: (Sighs) I wish I could say something positive, but it almost feels like this treatment is doing more harm than good.
Winona: That’s what cancer treatments are supposed to do. I remember my grandma went through the same trials as Misty.
Ash: She’s shunning all communications. I mean other than me, Anya, and her family that’s it!
Winona: That’s unfortunately understandable. She’s afraid of what her friends would say if they saw her. They once saw her as a strong leader type and now she’s weak.
Ash: And don’t forget the hair loss! (Misty coughing) Oh no…excuse me a sec. (He goes into another room)
Winona: Poor Misty. (Doorbell ringing) I’ll get that. (Door opens) What the…?

May: Hi Winona, fancy running into you here!
Winona: Oh May, I didn’t know you were coming down.
May: Well Sara’s school was having a 4 day weekend, so I put together a small trip for us to visit the old stomping grounds. So where’s Misty?
Winona: Oh…Misty’s kind of…occupied with other affairs.
May: Aw man! How about Ash?
Winona: Him too.
May: Okay…I’ll try them again tomorrow. (Ash walks up)
Ash: May?
May: Ash, it’s so good to see you. How are you?
Ash: Oh…I’m just fine. Everything’s fine. Sorry Misty isn’t feeling well to see you right now, but I’ll tell her you stopped by.
May: She’s not feeling well?
Winona: She caught a cold, best to give her a day or so.
May: Well alright. I’ll stop by on Saturday. (That night in the bedroom)

Misty: I promise I’m feeling better now.
Ash: Okay.
Misty: By the way, I could have sworn I heard another voice in the house a couple of hours ago.
Ash: Oh that was May, she stopped by for a visit and said she wanted to see you. (She sighs) I know you don’t want to see anyone…but May’s come all the way from L.A. and she really wants to see you. Maybe she won’t notice anything…abnormal. (Phone ringing) I’ll get that. (Picks up) Hello?
Brock: (Drunken) ASH! Buddy, big, big, freakin’ huge news!

Ash: Are you drinking again?
Brock: What are you, my mother? Hey buddy, clear your calendar tomorrow to Sunday! We my friend are going to… (Hiccups) Vegas!
Ash: You are drinking! Brock, stop saying stupid things!
Brock: No man, I’m serious! I proposed, Marina said yes, we’re eloping in Vegas tomorrow!
Ash: You’ve got to be kidding me! Brock, in case this fact bypassed your brain, I’m taking care of Misty! Remember her, my wife?
Brock: It’s only for one weekend! You won’t regret it! Come on, you’re my best man!
Ash: (Sighs) I’ll call you back. (Hangs up) Can’t he ever grow up?

Misty: What’s wrong?
Ash: Brock and Marina are eloping this weekend and he wants me to be his best man.
Misty: So, go!
Ash: But you…
Misty: It’s okay Ash, if something happens I’ll call my mom. I promise I’m going to be okay. You go and support your friend on his…wedding.
Ash: (Sighs) Fine. I’m going to call your mother so she gets a heads up. (The next day in front of the house) Now if you end up in the hospital, call me on my cell phone. I’ll make sure to keep it on vibrate during the ceremony so I can at least…
Misty: Would you relax? I’ll be fine. Go on and do whatever best men do in this situation.
Ash: Why couldn’t he just get married in town like the rest of us? See you in a few days. (A few hours later outside Misty’s house)

May: Okay, time to see what’s been going on! (Winona walks out of the house) I see Winona leaving. Okay, so that could mean one of two things. She could just be coming over for a casual visit…or Ash is having an affair with Winona. But that can’t be. Ash and Misty have been rock-solid ever since high school. (Winona drives away) Here’s my chance. (Walks out of the car and knocks on the door)
Misty: What is it Wino… (Opens the door) May?
May: It’s you Mist… (Misty shuts the door) Huh? Hey Misty, the door’s shut. Misty? (She opens the door)
Misty: Hi May, great seeing you.

May: Um…yeah. Same here. Are you feeling okay Misty? You seem kind of nervous. I can sense it in your voice.
Misty: Not at all. I’m fine. Won’t you…come in?
May: Thanks! So Misty, that’s an interesting new hairdo. Usually you like to have your hair up.
Misty: (Angrily) And you usually wouldn’t ask so many personal questions!
May: Oh…sorry. Didn’t know your hair was a sensitive subject.
Misty: (Sighs) Sorry for snapping May. I’ve been stressed out lately.
May: So how have things been between you and Ash? You know I haven’t really heard much from the two of you in a while so I wonder sometimes.

Misty: We’re doing just fine. He’s just away for the weekend. Apparently Brock is eloping in the desert.
May: What the hell? Nice of him to let the rest of us know!
Misty: Ash didn’t know until late last night. I don’t think Brock wanted anyone else to know about it. How about I fix us something to drink? (She walks away)
May: (Thinking) So far everything seems normal. Although…Misty seems a little bit tense about something. Not to mention, she’s definitely lost weight when she was skinny to begin with. (Banging) Huh? (Aloud) What was that? Misty, are you okay in there? (She runs to the kitchen) Oh my God! Misty, did you trip?
Misty: Sorry about that May…I just got really light-headed.
May: Here, let me feel your forehead. Hmm…You’re a little warm…but definitely not a fever. (Misty gags) What the…?
Misty: Bathroom. Take me now! (Moments later in the bathroom)

May: What the hell is going on Misty? I can definitely sense something is the matter. (She coughs) You have something…don’t you? (She nods) Tell me…I want to know everything.
Misty: (Sighs) It’s cancer. (May gasps) I’m sorry…I didn’t want to tell you. Hell, I didn’t want to tell anyone. I wanted to shut myself from the world until I got this thing in remission. (Tears up) I didn’t want to worry anyone about this. I didn’t want people to see me like this. (May hugs her)
May: (Crying) Misty…you don’t have to hide anymore with me. I know this is a very tough battle Misty, but don’t think you have to go at this alone. You have so many friends who would be there by your side at a moment’s notice. And you have me!
Misty: Yeah…thanks May. (A little later in Misty’s bedroom)

May: That does sound rough.
Misty: It’s been 4 months since my treatments began and every day it almost feels like I’m getting worse. It’s gotten so bad I didn’t want Anya seeing me like this, so she’s staying with Delia.
May: Any hopes of a remission?
Misty: I’m afraid not. At least not right now. The doctors are doing all they can to keep this at bay so I can avoid surgery.
May: This is terrible. I can’t believe this is happening to you. (Sighs) I hate this and I hate seeing you have to suffer.
Misty: I know May… (Sighs) Listen, my mom will be by in a little bit. Why don’t you head on home? You don’t want to worry your mom and Sara. (May sighs and stands up) You promise…you promise not to tell anyone else…right?
May: Okay Misty…I promise.


Drew: There we go, all packed.
Sara: Are you going to take pictures?
Drew: Of course, it is a wedding after all.
May: (Shouting) Breakfast! (At the table)
Drew: Looks great like always! Thanks again hon!
May: Now Drew, I packed you some extra batteries for your camera. And be sure to watch after Marcus and make sure he doesn’t do something to screw something up.
Drew: Not my job, that’s Marisa’s.
May: Also Drew…I want you…to visit Ash and Misty.
Drew: Of course! I intend to see everyone. Why did you single those two out?
May: Oh…no reason. Now eat up, you don’t want to get hungry on the flight. (Later at the vet)

Brock: Lyra, I’m going to go on my lunch, so man the desk. (The door opens) Huh?
Lyra: (Squeals) It’s you!
Brock: Drew, what a surprise! I’m so happy to see… (Drew punches him in the stomach) You prick, what the hell was that for?
Drew: That was for not inviting me to your wedding.
Brock: (Coughs) Okay, okay, I get it. I should have at least told you before we went to the desert to get hitched. (Lyra runs up)
Lyra: Hi there, I’m not sure if you remember me but…
Brock: He’s still married Lyra.
Lyra: (Giggling) No, I was just being hospitable to your friend.
Brock: Alright Drew, I’m on my lunch so why don’t you and I get something to eat?
Drew: Sounds good to me! (A little later at a restaurant)

Brock: (Sighs) Marcus is making this week long and mind-numbing. That moron thought that Duplica was having an affair with her long-time friend. Because of his retarded behavior, one of my employees has a sprained ankle and I got stuck changing diapers on Marisa’s babies.
Drew: Sounds rough! Say Brock, after this do you mind after we eat we swing by Ash and Misty’s place?
Brock: Why?
Drew: Because they’re friends. Plus I promised May that I would.
Brock: (Sighs) I’m surprised May’s gone this whole time without telling you. I gotta hand it to her.
Drew: What? Brock, what are you talking about?
Brock: It’s nothing. Just drop it.

Drew: No, I will not drop it. If it concerns my wife, I have a right to know. What the hell does she know that I don’t?
Brock: (Sighs) Not a word to anyone about this. (Whispers in Drew’s ear)
Drew: (Gasps) Wha…Huh? Oh man! No wonder. How long has May known?
Brock: Well when she came for a visit two months ago, that’s when she learned from Misty. Now don’t get angry at her for keeping something like this away from you. Misty told her not to say anything to anyone. And unfortunately only a select few know. At this point it’s me, Winona, May, and you. You can’t blame her for wanting to keep it under wraps despite the size of the news.
Drew: Is she going to survive at least?
Brock: I don’t know.
Drew: So now that I know…could you take me to see Misty? (That night in another house)

May: Glad you made it to your mother’s place alright.
Drew: Yeah. Listen May…I know everything…about Misty. (She gasps and starts crying) Oh no, please May, don’t cry. I know you didn’t want me or anyone else burdened by the news, but it’s okay.
May: How is she?
Drew: Not too good. She looks absolutely frail, it’s almost spooky. As for her condition, she wouldn’t say to me.
May: Okay then! Drew, thank you for doing that little errand for me! (A few days later at June’s house)

Tracey: Okay, here’s what I took from the wedding.
Mondo: Yeah, I’m sure that whole wedding was absolutely nuts. (Beeping) Oh man, you got video on this thing too? (Laughing) Marcus doing the chicken dance is the best! I remember when he was doing that at your wedding.
Tracey: I’m surprised you remember anything from that wedding considering how much you actually drank.
Mondo: I remembered a few things. Hey, if you want that ride to the airport you better tell your woman to get a move on.
Tracey: She’s in the bathroom. She sure is taking her sweet time!
Mondo: Hey you never know, she might have morning sickness again.
Tracey: Don’t you start that again! We’ve got our hands full with the twins as it is. Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have another… (Runs to the bathroom) Oh dear God Marisa, please tell me you’re not having morning sickness! (Banging)
Marisa: GO AWAY! (Tracey screaming)

June: What’s with the screaming?
Mondo: I think you’re going to have a third grandchild! (The door opens)
Marisa: You have about 5 seconds before I drop kick your coconut head Mondo. (He runs away) Man, I hate periods.
Tracey: (Sighs) Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God!
Marisa: What exactly are you thanking God for? (Tracey gives a nervous chuckle) Stop day dreaming and go get Mark. (Sighs and walks away)
Mondo: Well it’s no wonder she’s cranky and moody. She’s on her period!
Tracey: Oh shut up. Although…she did do a lot of crying last night when she was talking to Misty. (Mondo gasps) What is it? What’s wrong?
Mondo: Oh…it’s nothing Tracey. Nothing you need to worry about.
Tracey: Fine. (In another room)

Marisa: Here you go Eva, let’s take these weirdo Christmas clothes off. And if your Grandma asks, I’ll just say we lost it. (Mondo walks in) What do you want, dummy?
Mondo: You found out about Misty…didn’t you? (She gasps)
Marisa: Oh…right, why am I acting so surprised? You’re dating Daisy so she’s probably told you lots of things by now.
Mondo: Well not at first but I do hear what’s going on in this process. Well since you do know, if anything happens I’ll be sure to call you.
Marisa: Thank you. (Sighs) I don’t want to tell Tracey yet about this. Same goes for Marcus.
Mondo: And you shouldn’t, I mean when you’re ready.
Marisa: No, Misty told me not to tell anyone else about this. Though I might end up letting Tracey know.
Mondo: Hey, I know we usually don’t get along, but if you need someone to speak to, I’m always available over the phone.
Marisa: Thank you Mondo. (Hours later in Tracey’s apartment)

Tracey: So good to be home. You did good this time Mark.
Marisa: Both of them are asleep. Let’s put them in their cribs and then I need to tell you something. (Moments later on the couch) Okay…I know I promised I wouldn’t tell anybody else…but you’re my husband and I…Oh man, there’s no easy way of saying this type of news.
Tracey: Oh God the period was a lie, you really are pregnant!
Marisa: NO I’M NOT! Ugh…Look, I just…I just found out some awful news at the wedding. One of our friends is sick.
Tracey: Wait…that’s gotta be it! The reason you and Misty were alone outside. It’s her isn’t it? (Marisa starts to cry) Oh no.
Marisa: She has cancer! She has cancer! She’s had it for well over six months now and there’s been no good progress yet. Tracey, she’s my best friend. If I lost her, I don’t know what I would do. (He embraces her)
Tracey: It’ll be okay. She’ll get through this…I hope.

End of January

Mondo: Alright, birthday boy! 1st birthday and how about a high five!
Daisy: Let me take a picture of the two of you. (Knock at the door) Oh could you get that, I want to cut the cake. Okay sweetie, let’s put this hat on and smile for the camera. (He opens the door)
Mondo: Aurora?
Daisy: Mom, you made it!
Aurora: Daisy…something…happened. (A little later at the hospital)
Ash: She has to have surgery. (Sighs) Unfortunately, survival rate is decreased. The doctor wants to keep her in the hospital from now on.
Mondo: But…she’ll get better right? Right? (Aurora cries)
Ash: Like I said, they’re going to operate on her in a few days. When the procedure is done, they monitor her…and we…hope for the best. (Later outside the hospital room)

Daisy: Fifty-fifty. I can’t believe this is happening. I thought the radiation and the chemo was supposed to help her. (Mondo hugs her) I don’t want to lose her. (The door opens) How is she?
Aurora: She’s asleep in the bed so don’t disturb her Daisy. I think it’s best we go home for the night and we’ll deal with what we need to in the morning.
Mondo: Yeah, Blake is sleeping so I think we should come back in the morning. (In the hospital room)
Misty: (Groans) Huh? Ash? (Soft snoring) Poor guy, he’s losing sleep left and right over me. (Opens the laptop) Well Misty…you’ve seen better days. (Sighs) I guess it’s time to face reality. To all of my dear friends…

Marcus: Hey, I got a message from Misty! (Clicks) Huh?
Misty: (Voice over) For some it’s been a while since we last spoke. For some it may have just been the other day.
Harley: (Reading) The following news I have to say isn’t easy for me to say.
Nando: Huh?
Misty: (Voice over) In the middle of last year, I was diagnosed with cancer.
Zoey: Cancer?!
Dawn: Oh dear God, please let this be a joke.
Misty: (Voice over) I’m afraid it’s no joke. I’m dead serious. Ever since that time, I’ve been going in for treatments to help. Unfortunately, it’s been little effort and all of the treatments have made me horribly ill.
Sakura: Oh Misty…

Misty: (Voice over) And now I must go in for surgery in a few days. And this part is even sadder to say. Chances of survival are fifty-fifty.
May: What?! This is nuts!
Misty: (Voice over) I know it’s never good to think about the negative part. I have so much in life that I want to do. I have a wonderful husband who I love dearly and a darling daughter. And I have all of you, my friends. I don’t want to think about leaving this world.
Marisa: There’s gotta be something they can do!
Misty: (Voice over) I know there isn’t anything any of us can do. All that I can ask for is to…
Winona: Pray. (Tears up)
Misty: (Voice over) I love you all…Your friend, Misty. (A few days later)

Doctor: Are you ready Misty?
Misty: Yeah. (She turns to Ash) Please Ash…please try to stay positive for me.
Ash: I’ll try.
Delia: Misty? Good luck.
Misty: (Gasps) Anya. (Waves) Don’t worry Anya…Mommy’s coming home soon.
Doctor: Now Misty, I want you to count back from 100 and breathe deeply. (She inhales)
Misty: 100…99…98…
Ash: Please Doctor, you have to save her. Save my wife.
Doctor: We’ll do what we can. (Later in the waiting room)

Delia: I brought some coffee if anyone wants any.
Aurora: Oh thank you Delia. (She walks to Ash)
Delia: Honey, did you want some coffee? (Silence) Ash?
Oak: Delia, I think we should just leave him with his thoughts. (Anya walks up) Anya?
Ash: Huh? (She lifts up a book) You want me to read to you? Okay then. (He picks her up) Okay Anya.
Delia: (Sighs) For a second I thought he was going to be a lost cause. (A few hours later)
Doctor: Ash? (They all stand up)
Ash: What happened? How’s Misty? How was the surgery?
Doctor: She’s in the ICU. Listen, I think it’s best for you to come back later and…

Delia: Ash, don’t shout, this is a hospital.
Ash: I can’t help it. I don’t care. I need to see her. I need to say all that I can while I can.
Delia: You don’t mean that…
Ash: Please let me in.
Doctor: (Sighs) I honestly don’t think that…
Ash: Please…Please, she’s my wife! If these are her last moments, I want to be there. (Inside another room) MISTY! (He runs to her) Misty… (Sighs) I know you can’t hear me right now. (Rapid heartbeat beeping) Oh no! Misty, please…You have to… (She opens her eyes) MISTY!
Misty: (Weakly) Oh…Ash…it’s so…bright.

Ash: Bright?
Misty: (Weakly) I can…hear you…but…where…
Ash: I’m right here! (He grabs her hand) I’m right next to you! (Tears up) Misty! You can do it! Just hold on!
Misty: (Sighs) There you are…you…and Anya…in front of our…home. I see you.
Ash: Wha…what?
Misty: I love…you both…so…much. I’m so glad…I got to…meet you…like you…love…you, marry…you…and share so…much…together. We…made Anya…and became…a family…
Ash: What are you saying? Misty, we can still have a future. You’ve just got to keep fighting! DON’T DIE ON ME! YOU CAN’T!
Misty: That’s why I… (Rapid beeping) …love…you… (Flatline)
Ash: (Gasps) No…Misty! No…It…Can’t happen now! We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. This can’t happen! (Screaming) MIIIIIISSSSSSTTTYYYY!

The next day

Drew: May! (She turns around) There’s…something…I have to tell you. (She gasps)
Marcus: (Sighs) Too soon. If only I’d have known.
Duplica: There was nothing you could have done. Nothing anyone else could have done.
Harley: Oh man…I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. (Grabs a book) I’m gonna miss you.
Sakura: You were the first friend in high school.
Marisa: I’ll always remember the times she was there for me.
Brock: I’ll never forget… (Feels his ears) …all the times… (Chuckled) …you held me back.
Winona: How helpful you were to me…and my family!
Dawn: Always so kind…
Daisy: I’ll miss you baby sis. (A few days later at a cemetery)

Ash: I’ve known Misty for…roughly 12 years. We met in high school. We dated and our romance continued straight into the college years. She told me years ago that the day she met me, her mind was made up. She wanted to be with me always. I’m very fortunate to have been with Misty all this time. We got married, had a beautiful baby, and spent every wonderful day together. She meant a lot to me. She meant a lot to everyone here. I’m sure everyone here has a special story about Misty. How she changed your life, how she helped you out, how she was able to make your day just a little more special…That’s just the kind of person she was. A friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, a wife…I’ll miss her dearly. But…I know…every time I look into my daughter Anya’s eyes, I’ll see Misty. So in a way, she’ll always be with me.

Epilogue ~ Two years later

Anya: Daddy! Daddy! You forgot this!
Ash: Huh? Hey thanks kiddo! I’ll see you in a couple of hours! (Delia picks up Anya)
Delia: Okay, time for you to go to bed!
Anya: Aw. Can’t I go with you?
Ash: Sorry Anya, it’s a high school reunion. You might get a little bored. I’ll see you later. (At Pallet High) The old stomping grounds! Feels like only yesterday…And that’s where I met…
Sakura: ASH!
Ash: Hey, you made it!

Sakura: Yeah, I saw a lot of the old crew already. (Back at Ash’s house)
Anya: So he went back to his old school?
Delia: That’s right. Here, let me show you one of your father’s yearbooks.
Anya: Will I get to go there?
Delia: Sure thing dear. This is where your mother and father met. Here’s a picture of your mother here.
Anya: She’s pretty!
Delia: Misty was always a pretty girl. (In the cafeteria)

Marisa: (Sighs) It feels like forever and a day since I’ve seen you all together.
Marcus: Hey, I come out and visit you all the time. When was the last time you came to the Big Apple?
Marisa: Not going to respond to that one. (Tracey laughs)
Tracey: Same as always Marcus.
Marcus: Man, it’s been forever since we were in this place.
Brock: Lot of memories in this place!
Marcus: So how’s the wife, Brock?
Brock: Oh she’s doing just fine. What about you? Last I heard, you and Duplica got into a huge fight and she locked you out of your condo.
Marcus: Whoever told you that is a dirty, rotten liar.

Tracey: That’s my wife you’re calling a dirty, rotten liar!
Marisa: Well I’m on Duplica’s side for this fight. You need to be more sensitive to her especially when she’s extra hormonal during this part of the pregnancy.
Marcus: Duly noted. Once I come back, I’ll give her one of those heart-shaped boxes of candy. She likes those. (Ash and Sakura walk up) Hey guys!
Ash: I guess everyone did make it. How are you all doing?
Harley: Pretty good buddy!
Sakura: I was thinking Ash, when we get done here…we were all thinking that we should pay a visit to Misty.
Ash: Oh…sure thing. (Back at Ash’s house)

Anya: What’s this? (Delia picks up a picture)
Delia: It’s a group photo. These were your parents close friends. I’m actually surprised that they all kept in touch even 10 years after they graduated high school.
Anya: There’s Uncle Brock.
Delia: That’s right. And there’s Daddy and Mommy! (Later in the cemetery)
Ash: Well…here she is.
Sakura: When was the last time you visited her grave?
Ash: Last month for her birthday. (May places flowers on the grave)
Marcus: (Weeping) Hey Mist, we came out to visit you. We love you…and miss you a whole lot. You were my first high school crush...but then turned into one hell of a friend.
Sakura: You were my first friend I met here in Pallet.
Brock: You were the first person to hold me back when I was feeling too…risky.
Marisa: You were there for me through good and bad. You even once saved my life.
Harley: You were smart, charming…everything I looked up to in life.
May: You helped me in my hour of need.

Drew: We’re sorry we couldn’t be there for you in your final days.
Tracey: But despite all of that, I’m sure you’ve found peace.
Ash: Misty… (Places a rose on the grave) I miss you Mist. Anya’s growing up before my very eyes. Every time I tuck her in at night, she reminds me so much of you. I love you.
Brock: I’m watching after this guy Mist!
Marisa: We all love you Mist. (Sniffling)
Ash: How about a picture?
Marcus: How are we going to get everybody in this?
Drew: Guess you’re going to have to take it Marcus.
Ash: Nah, I’ll just get Gary to do it.
Sakura: When did you get here Gary?
Gary: I’ve been here the whole time.
Ash: Okay, not your moment Gary, so just take the picture.
Gary: Fine, fine. Everybody squeeze in. Smile! (Camera flashes) Great! (Back at Ash’s house)

Delia: Fast asleep. (Picks up a photo) So much has happened in these many years. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve watched all of them mature during high school…and onto their college years…starting families and learning all there is about love… (Strokes Anya’s hair) Well…onto the next generation.

To my loyal readers,

It has been a blast writing every one of these chapters. From the first moment Ash, Misty, Brock, Marisa, and the rest of them entered the halls of Pallet High, to their graduation, to their college years, and even a peak into their married adult lives. Ever since it’s creation back in 2006, I’ve wanted to recapture what made the high school friendship I’ve witnessed in my personal life into this story. We’ve had some fun these last couple of years. Making you laugh. Making you cry. Making you so shocked. And even making you think. Love is very complicated as I’ve shown in these 100+ chapters. But life is even more complex. And that’s kind of what I wanted to share with you all. Thank you all for the kind thoughts about this work.

-Medea the creator & the Narrator
Tags: ash, misty, romance reunion
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