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Unova Christmas

Author: medea10
Fandom: Pokemon
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: G
Characters: Ash, Iris, Cilan, Professor Oak, Tracey, Delia, Trip, Georgia, Charles (BW57), and Linda (BW57)
Summary: In a Pokemon Center outside of Driftveil, Ash and crew make it to a Pokemon Center to find a surprise visit from Pallet. Meanwhile, a huge blizzard surrounding the area has knocked out power and made an airplane crash, with Delia inside.

Unova Christmas

Narrator: Our heroes are in a small town outside Driftveil City and… (Ash sneezes)
Iris: Would it kill you to cover your mouth when you sneeze?
Ash: Sorry about that Iris.
Cilan: It is getting pretty cold right now.
Iris: Cilan, is there a Pokemon Center near here?
Cilan: According to the map, there should be one nearby.
Iris: Then let’s hurry up. The quicker the better!
Ash: What’s the hurry Iris? (Axew shivers)
Iris: I hate this kind of weather and so does Axew. And if it starts to snow, I don’t want to be caught dead out here.

Georgia: Oh yeah, you dragon trainers are all the same. Once the temperature starts to drop, you start going crazy.
Ash: Georgia?
Iris: Just my luck.
Cilan: Are you heading for the Pokemon Center?
Georgia: Yeah, me and Beartic were in this big battle today and we’re pretty tired.
Iris: Which means you must have lost! Such a kid!
Georgia: WHAT WAS THAT?!
Cilan: Now, now ladies. Let’s not fight.

Georgia: For your information, Beartic and I won our battle. As you know, Beartic only gets stronger when in this climate. Unlike you and your little Axew who can’t even handle a little temperature drop.
Iris: We can so handle this kind of… (Shivers) Did it just get colder all of a sudden?
Ash: Um Iris, I think you better turn around.
Iris: Why? (She turns around and screams) IT’S TOO COLD! GET IT AWAY!
Ash: It’s just a Vanillish.
Cilan: Wonder who it belongs to.
Trip: Come on Vanillish. Huh? What are you doing here?
Ash: Hey Trip, we’re heading to the Pokemon Center. Do you want to go with us?
Trip: Sorry but Vanillish and I have some more training to do. Later! (He walks away)
Iris: Let’s hurry up before that thing comes back. (Moments later inside the Pokemon Center)

Nurse Joy: Welcome to the Pokemon Center.
Ash: Hi Nurse Joy!
Nurse Joy: You wouldn’t happen to be Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, would you?
Ash: Yeah, that’s me.
Nurse Joy: Well you have some visitors in the visitor center.
Cilan: I wonder who that could be. (They walk into another room)
Oak: There he is.
Tracey: Hey Ash!

Ash: Professor Oak and Tracey! What are you two doing here?
Oak: Well your mother insisted on making a surprise visit to the Unova region and she wanted to visit you on Christmas.
Ash: Oh yeah, that’s in two days.
Oak: So we thought we should make a group appearance. Plus Tracey deserved a little time away from the lab.
Ash: Long time no see Tracey. How are things going at the lab?
Tracey: Things are going great Ash. And are these your traveling buddies?
Iris: Hi there! My name is Iris. And this is Axew!
Cilan: And I’m Cilan, Pokemon Connoisseur.
Tracey: Nice to meet both of you. My name is Tracey and I’m Professor Oak’s assistant. I used to travel with Ash.

Ash: So where’s my mom?
Oak: Well…you see Ash… (Flashback to hours ago at the airport)
Security: Please step forward ma’am. (Machine beeping) Ma’am, please empty out your pockets.
Oak: Delia, we’ll be at the gate. Be sure to meet us at Gate 25 when you get through here. (A little later at the gate)
Announcer: Pidgeotto Flight 614 to Driftveil City, Unova is now boarding. Please have your tickets out in order to board.
Tracey: Professor Oak, she isn’t here yet. Should I go after her?
Oak: I’m sure she’ll make it at the last minute. (Moments later on the airplane)

Tracey: She still isn’t here and the flight’s about to take off soon.
Oak: I’ll have a word with one of the stewardesses. (He stands up)
Stewardess: Sir, you’ll have to take your seat, we’re about to depart.
Oak: But I have someone I need to…
Stewardess: I’m only going to ask you one more time, before I have Machoke handle you.
Oak: (Gulps) I’ll sit back down. Man, who knew those stewardesses could be so rough with kindly old men.
Pilot: Crew, please prepare the cabin for take-off. (End of flashback)

Tracey: When we landed, we got in contact with her.
Oak: Apparently the security got scared when the x-rays scanned Delia’s bag. I told her to pack light when coming, but she said she wanted to pack all of her accessories to make you a home cooked dinner.
Ash: So where is she now?
Tracey: We talked to her about an hour ago and she told us that she managed to get the next flight over here.
Oak: So she should arrive late tonight.
Ash: Oh man, and I just got myself excited to eat her home cooking again.

Cilan: Don’t worry Ash, I could always fix us up a nice dinner for tonight.
Iris: You guys will love Cilan’s cooking.
Tracey: Well I’m game! And I can make the pokemon food. I have a few recipes I’ve been working on back at the lab that I think Pikachu and the others might enjoy.
Cilan: Now that’s what I love to hear! Come on Tracey, it’s tasting time!
Tracey: It’s tasting time?
Iris: It’s Cilan’s thing. Pay him no mind. (A little later)

Georgia: It’s starting to snow. And judging by those clouds, we’re in for a pretty big storm. I guess it’s a good thing we made it inside before it started. (Iris walks by) Only I wish I wasn’t here with that dragon lover. (Nearby)
Oak: Misty told me to bring you this.
Ash: Oh wow, it’s a brand new Misty lure!
Oak: She told me she wanted to make you a brand new lure for good luck when catching water type pokemon in the Unova region. (The front door opens)
Ash: Hey Trip! Done with training for the day?
Trip: No use in staying out in that mess outside. (Ash looks out the window)
Ash: I really hope my mom’s plane will land safely.
Oak: Don’t worry my boy, I’m sure everything will run smoothly. (In another room)

Cilan: Okay Pansage, hand me that rosemary. (Tracey starts sketching) Now hand me the…Huh? What are you doing Tracey?
Tracey: Just making a few observations. It is my first time in the Unova region and I want to make as many observations as possible. The pokemon here are only found in Unova and so I’ve never seen pokemon like Pansage before. (Cilan looks over Tracey’s shoulder)
Cilan: And you drew that within a matter of seconds? Ah, the grace of a true and talented artist such as yourself!
Tracey: Well that’s kinda what a Pokemon Watcher does.
Cilan: I wonder if I should give that a shot. IT’S DRAWING TIME! (Iris walks by)

Iris: What are you boys doing?
Tracey: Well Cilan wanted to do a drawing. (Iris’s hair begins to move) Um…there’s something um, moving in your hair. (Axew pops his head out) Ah!
Iris: Sorry but Axew’s cold. (The boys look out the window)
Cilan: Wow, look at all the snow piling up!
Tracey: I sure hope Mrs. Ketchum will be able to arrive safely.
Cilan: Oh that’s right. I’ll be back. I have to make an important call back home. (Moments later on the video phone)

Chili: Look what the Purrloin dragged in!
Cilan: I wish you wouldn’t use that phrase. I just called to check on you guys for Christmas.
Chili: Why now? It’s two days before the holiday. You could have waited until the actual day to call us.
Cilan: Well I thought you and Cress were going to be busy that day.
Chili: Hmm…not really! The gym’s closed that day and we have nothing planned. So what’s new with you and your crew?
Cilan: Well we’re near Driftveil, but it looks like we might be here for a while. This snow is piling up outside and you know how harsh it can be during the winter here.
Chili: Well be careful. I’ll talk to you later. (Hangs up)
Cilan: Same old Chili. Well back to work. (A little later in front of a table)

Ash: Wow, look at all this food!
Iris: You’ve outdone yourself Cilan!
Cilan: Well it wasn’t just me. Tracey was a big help in the kitchen too! (Tracey giggles) It’s dinner time!
Tracey: There’s certainly a time for everything with Cilan!
Cilan: Well let’s dig in! (Soft chewing) Huh? Well I guess you have a pretty healthy appetite Georgia.
Iris: (Groans) You know it’s rude to dig in on other people’s food!
Georgia: Well I was hungry.
Cilan: Now, now, there’s enough for everyone.
Ash: (Shouting) Hey Trip! There’s plenty of food over here if you want some!

Trip: No thanks. (Stomach growling)
Iris: I think his stomach can do the talking. (Trip walks to the table and sits down) You know, a thank you should be in order.
Ash: It’s okay Iris. Trip’s probably too hungry to say anything.
Oak: Mmm, I think your food might be as good as Mrs. Ketchum’s. (Ash groans) Huh? Hey Ash, stop worrying. Your mother will be here in a couple of hours.
Ash: I know…it’s just… (He looks out the window) Hmm… (Pikachu tugs on his shirt) Huh? Don’t worry Pikachu, I’m fine. Let’s eat! (Later that night)

Iris: So…this is a drawing?
Cilan: Well I’m not really an artist.
Iris: You can say that again!
Tracey: With a little bit of practice, I’m sure you’ll improve.
Cilan: Thanks Tracey, but perhaps I’m more suited to the lines of connoisseur work. (In another area)
Weatherman: The main area will expect a couple of more inches of snow throughout the night.
Georgia: Guess we’re going to have a white Christmas after all.
News Anchor: Breaking news in the newsroom. We have a plane down. (Ash gasps)
Ash: Georgia, turn up the volume.

News Anchor: Moments ago, people around the Cold Storage unit near Driftveil saw a big plane falling from the sky. It’s unknown if there are any fatalities or how many people were aboard this plane.
Iris: Do you think that’s the plane your mother was on? (Lights go off and television goes off)
Ash: MOM!
Iris: It must have been a power outage.
Cilan: (Shouting) Is everyone okay out there?
Iris: Yeah, it’s just so dark we can’t see anything because of the outage.
Trip: Lampent, come out. That should give us some light for now.
Oak: Is everyone okay?
Ash: I want to know if my mom’s alright.
Oak: We won’t know more until the power comes back.

Nurse Joy: I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do until the power comes back. I’m just glad that there aren’t any pokemon in the intensive care unit. Audino and I will go outside and check on things. (She leaves)
Ash: Well I’m not going to sit by and wonder if she was on that plane or not. Come on Pikachu.
Iris: HOLD IT! What do you think you’re doing?
Ash: Don’t try to stop me Iris.
Tracey: She’s right Ash, don’t go on this crazy mission of yours.
Trip: Listen boonie, I don’t know what winter is like where you’re from, but around here, that season is no joke.
Georgia: He’s right. When the snow stops falling, we can go out there. But for now, it’s best to conserve our energy here. (Ash growls)
Oak: Let’s all get a good night sleep. In the morning when it’s easy to see outside, we’ll plan what to do next. (Later in one of the bedrooms)

Cilan: (Mumbling) It’s…eval…ua…ting…time! (Snoring)
Ash: (Thinking) Mom, please be okay. I can’t sleep knowing that she might’ve been on that plane. (He gets up and walks out of the room) Okay. (Whispering) Pikachu, if they don’t want to do this, then we’ll just have to go out there ourselves. Now we’re going to need a team to get through all that snow. Tepig is probably the only one that’ll be useful in this weather. (Groans) This does me no good then. But wait, Trip has a Lampent and then Georgia has Beartic. With those two, I can get down to that plane site. Oh, but they won’t let me borrow them. (A little later outside) Okay guys, I’m gonna need your help to get to the Cold Storage. There’s a plane down with innocent people. (Beartic and Lampent look confused) Oh man. (Pikachu jumps down and talks to them) Way to go Pikachu! (Beartic picks up Ash and Pikachu and puts them on his back) Let’s go guys! (Hours later outside a room)

Georgia: HEY DRAGON-GIRL! (Banging on the door) COME OUT HERE NOW! (Continues banging) I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU! (Iris opens the door)
Iris: Do you have any idea what time it is?
Georgia: Alright you, I want my Beartic back! Where’d you put him?
Iris: Have you gone crazy? I don’t have your Beartic!
Cilan: Georgia, what’s wrong?
Georgia: This little cheat stole my Beartic. I know she came into my room while I was sleeping and took my Beartic!
Iris: You have no proof that I took your Beartic! (Professor Oak walks inside)
Oak: Look kids, it’s too early to be fighting so loudly. Whatever it is, can’t you handle it in the morning?
Tracey: (Yawns) What time is it?
Cilan: It’s…
Tracey: Not you!

Iris: Man, Ash must be really tired if he’s still asleep through all of this noise. (She pats his blanket) Huh? (Pulls away the blanket) He’s gone!
Cilan: I guess that explains what happened to your Beartic.
Georgia: When I get my hands on that Ash Ketchum, he’s gonna regret the day he was born!
Oak: Now hold on, there’s no proof that Ash took your Beartic. Guys, he’s probably in the bathroom. And as for your Beartic, did you search the entire room for it’s pokeball?
Georgia: I did! I still say he took it. I mean, he wanted to leave last night to search for his mother and…
Cilan: Oh… (A little later near the Cold Storage)

Ash: We’re almost there guys! (Pikachu exclaims) What is it? Ah, there it is! (Screaming) Mom, we’re on the way to rescue you! (Outside the Pokemon Center)
Iris: Look, they made a path.
Cilan: But we don’t have any pokemon strong enough to withstand this blizzard. Unless Tracey might have at least one!
Tracey: Sorry Cilan, I really don’t have anything like an ice or fire type on me.
Iris: Maybe we can ask Trip. I know he has a Vanillish and a Lampent. (Back near the Cold Storage)

Ash: (Shouting) Mom, where are you? (Pikachu shouts) Mom, are you okay? (A tree falls down and Ash falls down on impact) Mo…uhhh… (Outside Trip’s room)
Trip: What do you guys want?
Cilan: We were wondering if you were willing to help us find Ash.
Georgia: That jerk stole my Beartic to go find his mother.
Iris: We just need you to command your Lampent and Vanillish through the blizzard outside.
Trip: I guess you guys seem to be desperate. (Walks towards his backpack) Okay let’s…Huh?
Tracey: Something wrong?
Trip: I can’t seem to find my Lampent’s pokeball.
Iris: Lampent’s gone? That kid has no self-control!
Georgia: First he steals my Beartic and now he’s going after Trip’s Lampent.
Trip: Ash stole my Lampent? (They all sigh)
Cilan: Now we’re never going to catch up with Ash. (A little later in another Pokemon Center)

Linda: It looks like he’s coming to! (Ash’s eyes open) Thank goodness you’re alright!
Ash: MOM!
Linda: Mom?
Charles: Is there something you’re not telling me Linda?
Ash: Hey wait, I know you guys! But…how did I end up here?
Charles: Well I found you passed out outside. You were inches away from a downed tree so consider yourself lucky I came by.
Linda: That was me who found you.
Charles: Well I was the one who carried him here.
Linda: No, that was Timburr.

Ash: Well thanks for helping me out you guys. Hey, where are Pikachu and the others?
Linda: They’re being checked out by Nurse Joy so no need to worry.
Ash: Thank goodness.
Charles: On another subject, why did you call Linda your mother?
Ash: Sorry about that. It’s just that I’m on a mission to try and find my mother. I have reason to believe that she was one of the passengers on that downed plane.
Linda: Well she might be one of the passengers we saved.
Charles: Luckily the captain was able to get everyone out of the plane before things became crazier.
Ash: So that means my mom is alright. (Tries to get up and groans)

Nurse Joy: I wouldn’t try moving if I were you. When we found you, you had an injury on your left arm. (Beeping sounds) Oh if you’ll excuse me, it looks like Audino has your pokemon ready. I’ll bring them to you so sit still please. (At the front desk) Thank you Audino. (Pikachu’s ears go up and it starts to run) Ah, wait Pikachu! (Pikachu runs to another area)
Delia: Huh? It’s a Pikachu! (Pikachu hops on her lap) Wait, are you…? (Nurse Joy runs up)
Nurse Joy: I’m sorry ma’am. Come on Pikachu, your trainer is waiting for you.
Delia: Actually, I think I know who this Pikachu belongs to. If you don’t mind, I’d like to return it to him. (In another area)
Ash: Any idea if this blizzard is going to end soon?
Linda: The storm seems to be dying down, but it’s best to stay here until the morning when it’s easier to see. (Pikachu exclaims)

Ash: Pikachu? AH!
Delia: Oh Ash, are you okay?
Ash: Mom, you’re okay! You were able to get out of the plane alright?
Delia: Of course dear, otherwise I wouldn’t be here talking to you. It’s thanks to you Linda.
Linda: It’s no problem.
Charles: I helped too.
Delia: What happened to your arm?
Charles: He was coming to help you because he heard of a plane crash here and thought the worst happened to you. We found him unconscious in the snow. I’m amazed you were able to make it down here with only a Beartic and a Lampent in the middle of a blizzard.

Delia: Are you crazy? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was Ash?
Ash: But I was coming to rescue you.
Delia: I know dear and I’m grateful for that. But something terrible could have happened to you. I think you should call Professor Oak and let him know you’re okay.
Ash: You’re right! Oh but we can’t! When I was there, the power was knocked out. But I can try them over the phone to see if I can get through. (Moments later)
Delia: I guess they’re still without power. I hope Professor Oak and the others are okay.
Charles: So what are you going to do now?
Ash: When the sun rises, we’ll head out.

Delia: Oh no you don’t, young man! You got lucky getting through that blizzard tonight, but I don’t want you to do anything else dangerous.
Ash: Hear me out Mom. I’ll have Lampent make a path with its flame, Beartic will carry me and Pikachu, and…um…
Charles: …And you can ride on the back of my motorcycle!
Ash: Really?
Charles: Hey, I owe you one after capturing those bad guys a while back!
Ash: Thanks Charles! So what do you say Mom?
Delia: Well, alright! (Later at the other Pokemon Center)

Tracey: The sun is rising and there’s still no sign of Ash.
Cilan: Then we’re going to have to go out there.
Iris: You’re just as crazy as he is.
Cilan: It’ll be alright Iris. It stopped snowing so it won’t be so hard to travel through that. Besides, we could use your Emolga to search the skies around for any sign of him.
Iris: I guess so.
Cilan: Tracey, don’t let the professor know where we’re going. I don’t want him to worry.
Tracey: I’ll do my best. Just be careful out there.
Cilan: Come on Iris, it’s…
Tracey: Rescue time?
Cilan: Hey, how’d you know I was going to say that?
Tracey: Lucky guess. (Outside the center)
Iris: Alright Emolga! (Comes out of the pokeball) Emolga, I want you to search around if you can find Ash. (Emolga flies and hops away) Let’s go Cilan! (Outside the other Pokemon Center)

Linda: Now you be careful out there.
Charles: Oh stop worrying, I’ll be fine. (Motorcycle revs up) You ready Mrs. Ketchum?
Delia: Ready!
Ash: Lampent and Beartic, are you guys ready? (They exclaim) LET’S GO! (A little later in the woods)
Iris: Emolga? Where did you go?
Cilan: Maybe it got lost. (Apple core falls down and hits Iris’s head)
Iris: What the…? (Looks up) Well there’s Emolga. You’re supposed to be looking for Ash!
Cilan: I guess you can’t search on an empty stomach! (Iris sighs)
Iris: Come on Emolga, Ash is out here in this mess! Stop messing around and help us, will ya! (Back at the Pokemon Center)

Oak: Hmm, I see the power is still out.
Tracey: I guess it’s a good thing that not too many people were here at this center.
Oak: (Sighs) I suppose. Say where are Cilan and Iris?
Tracey: Huh? Oh…I really don’t know. They could still be sleeping. (Professor Oak walks to a door) Wait, what are you doing?
Oak: I was going to ask them a question.
Tracey: Wait, you don’t want to wake them up, do you? I mean, Ash told me that Iris has bad morning breath and Cilan told me he gets angry if woken up prematurely.
Oak: You seem nervous. Are you hiding something from me Tracey? (Georgia walks up)
Georgia: It stopped snowing and I’m going out there to find Ash and take back my Beartic! (Bangs on the door) HEY DRAGON GIRL! (Opens the door)
Tracey: Wait, don’t!
Georgia: They’re not here!
Oak: Tracey, where did Cilan and Iris go? (A little later outside)

Iris: Emolga? If you’re up in the trees eating again then I’ll… (Slips on ice and falls down)
Cilan: Careful, this part is very slippery. (Groaning) Ah, it’s a Cubchoo!
Iris: Oh no! Did I hurt you little Cubchoo? (Cubchoo starts crying) Oh please don’t cry! I’m sorry I fell on top of you. (Distant roaring) Huh? (A wild Beartic comes from the bushes) Ah!
Cilan: You’re not…Georgia’s Beartic…are you? (Beartic launches Hyper Beam) RUN FOR IT! (They start to run)
Iris: I’m sorry Beartic! I didn’t mean to hurt your Cubchoo! (Emolga flies by and uses Volt Switch on Beartic) Emolga, you came back! (It returns to it’s pokeball) Huh?
Cilan: Looks like Emolga used Volt Switch and switched places with Axew. (Axew whimpers)
Iris: Emolga, how many times have I told you not to… (Beartic growls and shakes it’s head) Uh-oh, it looks really mad now. (Back at the Pokemon Center)

Oak: Iris and Cilan are gone?
Tracey: I’m sorry I kept this from you Professor.
Oak: (Sighs) Kids today. (Lights come on) Ah, the power is back on!
Nurse Joy: (Sighs) That was an ordeal! Thankfully we got this place up and running again.
Tracey: Hmm…I have an idea. Nurse Joy, could you get in contact with the Pokemon Center in Driftveil City? (Moments later) Ash and Mrs. Ketchum were there?
Nurse Joy: Yes, but they left early this morning so I guess they’re on their way back to you guys. (Georgia pushes Tracey)
Georgia: Did he happen to have a Beartic with him?
Nurse Joy: Why yes he did. I treated a Beartic, a Lampent, and a Pikachu with Ash.
Georgia: Thank you for the information Nurse Joy. (Hangs up) At least we know that Ash was there and that his mother is safe. But that little thief has my pokemon and I’m going to find him and give him a piece of my mind.
Oak: Now take it easy Georgia. I think it’s best we wait for him to return. It won’t be long until he comes back so try waiting until then. (Back in the woods)

Cilan: (Panting) I think we lost Beartic. Uh-oh! I lost Iris! (Nearby)
Iris: (Whimpering) Please Beartic, have mercy on me! (Beartic launches another Hyper Beam)
Ash: SNIVY, USE YOUR VINE WHIP TO GRAB IRIS! (Vine Whip comes, grabs Iris, and escapes the Hyper Beam)
Iris: Ash, it’s you! (Angrily) You are such a kid! You had us all worried sick about you! (Beartic growls) But I’ll forgive you for everything if you just take care of that thing.
Ash: You’ve got it! Alright Beartic, use your Slash attack on that other Beartic! (Georgia’s Beartic strikes the wild Beartic) Now Lampent use Flamethrower! (The attack hits and the wild Beartic faints)
Iris: (Sighs) It stopped it’s rampage. What a relief! (Cilan walks by)
Cilan: Iris, where’d you go? There you are! (Gasps) Ash, you’re okay!
Delia: Ash, are these your friends?
Ash: Yeah, this is Iris and that’s Cilan.
Charles: I think we should can the formalities in case that thing wakes up and goes on a rampage again. Let’s get you folks back to the center. (A little later outside the Pokemon Center)

Iris: It feels so good to be back here.
Cilan: I sure hope Tracey was able to keep Professor Oak from finding out about where we were this whole time.
Charles: Well I’m gonna head back to Driftveil.
Iris: Got a big date with Linda?
Charles: (Blushing) Don’t be silly!
Delia: Thank you for all of your help Charles.
Charles: Not a problem ma’am. Merry Christmas folks! (He drives away)
Ash: Beartic, Lampent, thank you guys for all of your help. (They return to their pokeballs)
Delia: You’ve raised your pokemon very well dear.
Ash: Actually, these two aren’t even mine.
Delia: Huh?

Georgia: (Shouting) IS THAT YOU ASH KETCHUM?! (She runs out the door) ASH KETCHUM, YOU ARE MINE! (She jumps and pins Ash to the ground) Where’s my Beartic?! You thief, you creep, you poke-napper!
Ash: Right here! Right here! Just get off me!
Georgia: (Gasps) My Beartic! Don’t worry sweetie, I’ve got you now!
Tracey: You guys are okay!
Oak: Ash, you had us all worried about you! Going off in the middle of a blizzard was a very foolish move!

Ash: You’re right Professor, I’m sorry everybody. I didn’t mean to scare all of you. It’s just that when I heard the news of the plane crash last night, I feared the worst of what might have happened to my mom.
Delia: It was very sweet of you to worry honey.
Ash: Well now that I’m back, I better return Lampent to Trip. Hopefully he didn’t notice it was missing. (Gurdurr runs up and does a Dynamic Punch attack on Ash)
Delia: Ash! (Trip walks up)
Trip: Yep, this is my pokeball alright. Let’s go back to our room guys. (He walks away)
Iris: I guess he was storing in his anger. (Later that night in the kitchen)

Delia: Just about done!
Cilan: Smells good in here. Mind if I take a taste-test? (He takes a sip)
Delia: What do you think?
Cilan: Delicious! This taste definitely compliments the pallet!
Delia: I’m so glad to hear you say that. (Tracey walks by)
Tracey: He sure has a time for everything. (He walks into another area) Hey guys, I have more popcorn string for the tree. This time Ash, try not to eat it!
Georgia: Perfect, I could use that for my side of the tree.
Iris: Oh please, your side looks completely crowded and junky! You need to learn how to space out the ornaments. Such a kid!
Tracey: Come on guys, try not to fight!
Delia: It’s time for dinner everyone! (A little later at the table)

Ash: Yum! I forgot how much I love your cooking Mom!
Iris: Yeah, I haven’t had a meal this good since I left home. Looks like Cilan’s got some real competition for the best chef category.
Cilan: Now, now Iris, it’s not a contest. Besides I recognize excellent culinary skills when I see it and this definitely surpasses my expectations and then some.
Delia: Well thank you dear.
Georgia: Thank you Mrs. Ketchum.
Delia: I hope you can forgive my son for stealing your Beartic.
Georgia: Oh your cooking more than makes up for Ash’s little misdemeanor.
Iris: Sure didn’t look like it when you threw a book at Ash’s head five minutes ago.
Georgia: (Silently) Can it! (Trip stands up)
Delia: Something wrong Trip?
Trip: I’m going to take care of some business in the other room. Excuse me. (He walks away)
Tracey: I wonder if he’s feeling okay. I hope you apologized to him for stealing his Lampent.
Ash: I did. I’m going to go check on him. (In another area)

Trip: I’m glad you’re having a great holiday over there. I just got my 5th gym badge and I’m on my way to the next gym.
Mother: That’s great honey. You know I’m very proud of you. Keep up the good work.
Trip: Thanks Mom. I’ll talk to you later. (He hangs up) Huh?
Ash: I just came to check on you. Sounds like you miss your home during the holiday.
Trip: Well we all can’t be fortunate enough to have mothers visit during the holiday. (Ash growls) Thank your mother for the dinner for me. (He starts to walk away)
Ash: Hey, don’t you want to stay with us another night? Mom and I are going to leave cookies out for Santa and Professor Oak is going to sing some karaoke.
Trip: (Laughing) Leaving cookies out for Santa, boy you really are a kid. Nah, I’m going to head out of here. Now that the blizzard has died down, I’m going to continue my journey. Next time we see each other, we’ll battle. And then I’ll repay you for stealing my Lampent! (He walks out the door) Merry Christmas Ash.
Cilan: There you are! Hey, where’d Trip go?
Ash: He left. He’s going back on his journey. (A little later)

Iris: You know it’s not healthy to eat cookies at this time of night!
Ash: These aren’t for me, I’m leaving these out for Santa.
Iris: Leaving cookies for Santa? What a kid!
Ash: Where’s my mom? She usually does this with me.
Delia: I have presents for all of you!
Iris: Don’t you want to wait until tomorrow morning?
Delia: I know, but I wanted to surprise everyone now with the little trinkets I found. Here you go Ash! And I have one for you too Iris! And one for Cilan and Tracey! I also bought an extra item just in case, so here you go Georgia.
Georgia: Oh, thank you.
Tracey: Thank you Mrs. Ketchum! (He opens the box) It’s a pokedoll!
Iris: I got one too!

Delia: Ash told me that you’re a dragon trainer so I got you a doll of a dragon pokemon that’s in the Kanto region. It’s called a Dratini.
Iris: It’s so cute! (Cilan screams) What’s the matter? It’s a Purrloin doll!
Delia: Well I was in the gift shop in Nuvema’s airport and came across this. I thought it was cute so I decided to give it to you.
Cilan: Of all the pokemon in the world to be made into a doll…
Tracey: What’s wrong with Cilan?
Iris: Something about Purrloin makes him uneasy.
Delia: You don’t like your present Cilan?
Cilan: (Nervous laugh) I love it Mrs. Ketchum! Thank you, it is the thought that counts!
Ash: Thanks for the present Mom. Sorry I don’t have a present for you.
Delia: I already got my present from you. (She kisses Ash on the forehead) You’re my present! (He hugs her)
Iris: How sweet! (Professor Oak rolls out a machine)

Oak: Who’s ready for some karaoke?
Tracey: (Nervous laugh) I guess it’s Karaoke Time! (Cilan giggles)
Delia: What song do you want to start with?
Oak: One that I know Ash will love. I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu! Would you like to join me Ash?
Ash: Sure thing Professor!
Narrator: And so our heroes enjoy their holiday with their friends. Good tidings to they bring, to you and your kin. From all of us we wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes on the new year!
Tags: ash, cilan, delia, iris, pokemon
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