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Hello and welcome to 3m10_write! This is a community that'll have nothing but stories written by three wonderful ladies.
medea10 (Marisa) - The scriptwriter. Fics that contain random multiships (with a twist). Random fics with Pokemon and even Azumanga Daioh.

taitofan (Alicia) - Fics that contain YAOI and YURI and all things squeal worthy. Enjoy some romance from Final Fantasy, Black Butler, Bleach, and even some Pokemon.

mel_girl (Melissa) - Fics that contain multishipping of all sorts (especially when it comes to Hikari of Pokemon).
01. If you plagiarize any of our works we will rip off your testicles and feed them to my dog. We are so not playing around with this subject. We take our business very seriously. We will find you and we will make you suffer if you do this.

02. Typos happen here and there. Everyone makes mistakes (and some of the writers do suffer from dyslexia). Do be kind to point out any mistakes to the writers and we shall fix it up.

03. We welcome all reviewers and comments here. Just please be polite and try not to bash any characters or shippings (if you could help it).

04. Be aware that some of the stories on this community are written in script form. Do not bash scripts please and thank you.

05. Do follow the ratings on each of my posts. We write anything from G-Rated material to Rated-R material. If you are not comfortable with Rated-R material, well don't read it then.

06. Do not rush the writers to post more material. We have a life away from the computer. Melissa has high school, Alicia has college, and Marisa has college and work. Do not rush us.

07. Oh enjoy the stories.